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  1. I can't get into a lot of internet sites today: Amazon Mx, (and Amazon US) Mercardo Libre, weather sites, and others. No trouble with Costco Mx, Email, Facebook. Is anyone else having this problem, or is it my computer? Never had this problem before.
  2. It's usually not the delivery service (iShop, Sol y Luna, etc.) but it's getting the product thru Customs. If it looks suspicious they will turn it back. I once ordered powdered makeup from Amazon US and Customs sent it back to Amazon. I think they didn't know what it was and looked suspicious.
  3. Was not aware of a 'delivery service'. If you order online, it will tell you on the order the approximate date of delivery. On the day of delivery, you will get an email advising you that it will be delivered that day. They use several delivery services; FedEx, Estafata(?), etc.
  4. There is a great little nursery on Jesus Garcia in SAT, just down from Panino (about 6 houses down). They replenish fresh flowers, soil and pots twice a week. Take a look....and great prices!!!!
  5. Thanks Bisbee Gal, but I vote from California. Am still waiting for my ballot, but as I remember, it took awhile for them to send it last time
  6. All Day....I did use it and they still would not accept my credit cards (3).
  7. I tried using my Mx issued card, and two other US cards......Nada. They hate me!
  8. I never was able to pay online, so had to go to Oxxo to pay. This is Mexico!!!
  9. Thank you all for your suggestions. I walked to iShop and found out that they have a General Mailbox to which you can have mail/packages sent and pay a nominal fee when you pick it up. All you have to do is give them your name and phone number, and they give you the address in Loredo. Problem solved!!!!!!
  10. Janis, you can go to iShop and fax it back - that's what I do every year!!!!!
  11. I have been trying to pay my CFE bill online as I usually do, but it will not accept any of my credit/ATM cards this time. Is anyone else having that problem?? I have been trying for 3 days now. And, yes I do know I can pay at an Oxxo and other places.
  12. I FAXED my Registration and Request for Ballot a few days ago. Just wondering if anyone else faxed theirs, and how long it took to receive their ballot by email?
  13. Zeb, do they have any issues getting the mail/packages across the border from US? Who do they use as a carrier in Mexico? Hopefully, they don't use the Mx Mail at any point! I am thinking of using them, despite the cost of the "box", to get my US credit cards, new checks, etc. I only get about 5 pieces of mail a YEAR. Thanks!
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