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  1. I FAXED my Registration and Request for Ballot a few days ago. Just wondering if anyone else faxed theirs, and how long it took to receive their ballot by email?
  2. Zeb, do they have any issues getting the mail/packages across the border from US? Who do they use as a carrier in Mexico? Hopefully, they don't use the Mx Mail at any point! I am thinking of using them, despite the cost of the "box", to get my US credit cards, new checks, etc. I only get about 5 pieces of mail a YEAR. Thanks!
  3. Forgive my ignorance, but because of unforeseen circumstances, I am about to lose my US address that I use for my US bank accounts. I only get a few pieces of mail a YEAR and am looking for a way to obtain a US address for receiving new credit cards, checks, etc. without having to pay for a box at iShop (my banks will not mail to Mexico). Someone told me there is a way to get mail at iShop without having to pay for a box. Thanks for your advice.
  4. Floradude: Could you possibly post the email address of the SS office at the USA Consulate in Guad? Thanks so much!
  5. How did this topic go from "Walmart" to "Texas"?????????
  6. Birds just wanna have fun!!!!
  7. It may take a long time for your merchandise to reach you because of this Virus. A few things I ordered from Amazon US or Mx (importation) were denied entry and returned to the shipper in the U.S.
  8. There seems to be a new motorcycle policeperson in SAT. She/he was giving a ticket to a person for driving the wrong way down Jesus Garcia yesterday. I have never seen a traffic person in SAT but he was new and is going to be policing the streets......wrong way drivers, parking on the wrong side of the street (on one-way streets parking is only on the left side), etc. I have been going the wrong way on La Bandera for years - not any more!!!!!
  9. Could you please tell me the process of how he did this. I've been told the termites live under my house and there is no way to get the poison under my house without drilling thru the foundation.
  10. I've been here and a member here for over 14 years.....still a Newbie!!!!!!!
  11. Why does it always rain more in Ajijic??? A couple of weeks ago it poured in Ajijic and we got nothing in SAT.
  12. I believe they lay their eggs in the dirt. I had many grubs coming out of holes in my back yard and looked them up on the internet. Quite facinating !!
  13. I believe they lay their eggs in the dirt. I had many grubs coming out of holes in my back yard and looked them up on the internet. Quite facinating !!
  14. Turkey Buzzards have red heads.
  15. I have auto pay with Telmex with my Mx debit card. Just got notice from my bank that it was paid yesterday. This is crazy, are Telmex offices close all over Mexico? BTW, I also pay CFE and Telcel with my Mx debit card.
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