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  1. GREAT we have choices!
  2. Maybe bus it and rent a car? I do the Mita-Ajijic route every summer to dogsit, and sometimes it's four hours, once it was eight hours of torture. But the Mascota route is nothing but torture.
  3. camillenparadise

    White Corn Grits - P.A.N.

    Have to deal with this one manana. I'm an absolute :() on the computer. Born too soon this way.....
  4. camillenparadise

    White Corn Grits - P.A.N.

    Oh LORD, hurt me!!!!!! Guess you don't deliver........
  5. camillenparadise

    Got Egrets...How do I get them gone!!!

    Oh PLEASE don't rob them of even more of their habitat! Try hanging old cds in the branches if you must, and hope real bird experts chime in....they will know much more than me!
  6. camillenparadise

    Honda CRV repair needed

    Felipe at Autochek next door to Telecable in SAT, lakeside. Fluent English, fast and efficient.
  7. camillenparadise

    Beach place

    San Pancho. Quiet, adult, good restaurants
  8. camillenparadise


    Please post any info. Sounds like a great excursion!
  9. camillenparadise

    The weather here makes me happy

    Most small annoying dogs I know have better taste.....
  10. camillenparadise

    Did you lose your dinnerware at Walmart?

    Most especially, BACK OFF Ferret!!! She is a treasure and YOU are not!
  11. camillenparadise

    Dr with best x-ray machine (chest/pneumonia)????

    Bless your heart, I can't offer anything but prayers and good vibes. I house sit dog sit there in the summer/fall, so if I can help you then, sign me up!
  12. camillenparadise

    Spago’s open

    Takes a while.....
  13. camillenparadise

    Brakes need replacing

    He is fluent in English as is his wife, Rosie. He does great work!
  14. camillenparadise

    Free Love Available!!!

    How big will they be? My gardener could provide a great home, fenced yard, but is hung on a big male. then getting the pup to Nayarit, Sayulita area, but I will halp any way I can.
  15. camillenparadise

    Product Of The Week

    Let's race for a verdict!