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  1. Yes, my friends who travel with the ice chest are road warriors who do 16 our days and have a permanent home in CA.....maybe the friends you are leaving could get together to create a two or three day potluck?
  2. Consider taking an ice chest full of home cooked food...grilled chicken, pasta salads, tuna, whatever you like. Saves time rather than stopping and eliminates the dreaded thought of three days a prisoner of the loo in your motel.
  3. Can't do better than Felipe! Fluent English.....
  4. Spanish word is "angu" but that don't mean they know how to cook it!
  5. Well, I'm on the coast in Nayarit and I know from experience okra LOVES it here! I will bring all I can. Seeds too.
  6. Nice guy at the Tuesday market has it in the summer, maybe now. Walk in, take an immediate right, and he is on your right almost all the way down. I will be there housesitting in August, and I have enough fresh Burgundy Okra seed to share, some of it with him. Shoot, by then, I may have okra too. The burgundy is sooo much more tender than the normal. Unfortunately it turns green when cooked or pickled. Sometimes I dream of my grandmother's stewed okra, onions, and home grown tomatoes with fresh dill! So many people think they don't like okra, but the truth is they've never had it properly cooked. That's OK, more for us!
  7. Sorry, I don't get what your question is......

  8. There's always USTV now. You can get USA networks free, plus PBS, and other channels at cost. I am a Jeopardy! junkie too....
  9. Gordo got me twice...he was a piece of something, all right, but NOT work! Good riddance to bad rubbish!
  10. Well, I see I can't buy raw meat for my Bebo while I am there petsitting! Does Costco sell ground chicken? Soriana is OUT of the question since the manager kicked and broke a dog's jaw while the dog was only looking for a bit of shade. I try to alternate chicken, pork, and beef with Purina Pro Plan kibbles every day.
  11. Can't wait to go to the Chapala mercado and stock up, maybe three days worht at a time, per RV's suggestion!
  12. Does anyone at the Lake make/sell fresh grapefruit juice? I am debating whether to bring my huge antique Sunkist juicer, but it weighs close to 60 lbs! I'll just be there a couple of months housesitting, but can't do without my juice! TIA.
  13. Bless you, Rony, for all you do! I can't have a cat because of all the big dogs around me in the jungle. I did have an outdoor cat for 14 years, always knowing when I came back from housesitting at the Lake, that there would come a time when she didn't answer my call, and then it happened.....
  14. Having had a DREADFUL experience in Ajijic with NO anaesthesiologist, with an alleged "doctor" whose name I will not mention and only damn, take yourself to Guad for decent medical care!!!!!!! I am lucky, I survived!
  15. The gas guys are actually yelling, "You are a GOD!"
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