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  1. camillenparadise

    Lost Shih Tsu

    Merry Christmas! So happy for you all......
  2. camillenparadise

    Have books I need to get rid of.

    I always buy books at Todo Bueno. Maybe drop by and talk with them?
  3. camillenparadise

    Los Pinos - A First Look

    Wait til the Drumpfs leave the White House! No worries about the books.....they are not readers!
  4. camillenparadise

    Screw for glasses

    Dr. Pinto also accepts donations of old glasses. They are then repaired and donated to female prisoners in Mexican jails.
  5. Well, they are both beauties, and so glad to hear there is kittie-love~ my boy just loves kitties and chewing their cheeks, and having his chewed in return. Then the round-the-yard tail chases, and goes on until all are exhausted.....I have taken care of houses and dogs and cats and gardens for the last twelve years, many references.
  6. camillenparadise


    So very sorry for your loss!
  7. camillenparadise

    Chapala Cops Lead By Example

    If I had a peso for every time my handicapped sticker had been ignored by a healthy family, I would be a rich old woman! It's all first come first served here, your disabilities be damned!
  8. camillenparadise

    Now I've Seen it All...........

    God Bless you and Dori!!!!!!
  9. PLEASE don't use a shock collar! Or try it on yourself first......
  10. camillenparadise

    Francisco Mechanic

    That makes FOUR of us! Fluent English too.....
  11. camillenparadise

    Los 5 Potrillos under New Management!

    How good to hear! So much sadness in this lovely family, glad to hear some good news!
  12. camillenparadise

    Need budget beach rental

    Bring some warm clothes. This year is very different!
  13. camillenparadise


    You want rain? FIVE INCHES last night just south of Sayulita.....lots of lightning, thunder, high of 70F today! Twenty years here and NEVER rain in November! SO glad I kept my down sleeping bag!
  14. Wish I were there, I'd say "Sign me up!!!" Any chance I could volunteer for next August-Oct? I housesit there then, and I have bought so many books from you and passed them on!