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  1. The totopos are cut-up corn tortillas, fried. But the red salsa.....of my dreams! The green salsa just a bit over my preferred heat level, but manna from Heaven for someone else!
  2. Indeed! Best Tex-Mex IHave had in forever! Best salsa, best guacamole, best everything!
  3. Just bought a Mexican nebulizer for medication I need....the assembly directions are all in Spanish, which I speak fairly well, but not the terms for the different parts, and there are many. Also, this for me would be a challenge in English, since if it plugs into the wall, it is NOT my friend! Who can put this machine together for me? Happily pay....
  4. A big outdoor table in the shade, covered in newspapers, piled high with big, bright red mudbugs and corn and potatoes, some jalapenos, garlic butter....and oh, the joy of suckin' them heads!!!! What if we could have ALL of these things at one huge died-and-gone-to-heaven food event!!!! Love to try some of that Canadian duck.....
  5. Oh, bdlngton, I may be WRONG for you, but I am oh so RIGHT for me!!!!
  6. Fresh, perfectly boiled blue crab! Y'all can keep the Dungeness.....
  7. You are a gracious gentleman, rafterbr!
  8. Bless you! Grandma Nini had a small chicken n' egg business on the Galveston Highway in the 40's and 50's and we either grew, raised, or caught every single thing we ate... I thought we were rich because we had a cow, and Nini taught me to churn butter. My heart will always be in the garden....
  9. Thank you! You shoulda seen 'em full of the best fried chicken on the planet!
  10. Oh Lordy, NO! Sorry if I gave that impression! They were my Granny's who raised me!
  11. Alpha 1, I'm guessing mine were made 100+ years ago.
  12. Oh rafterbr, SOOOO sorry for the death of your pan!!!! I have half a dozen of my beloved granny's cast iron skillets I wouldn't take love nor money for!
  13. WalMart likes to tell you your card is declined if you try to use it in the old folks' line, I suspect so they have a shot at short changing you. Just stand there and tell them to run it again, as long as it takes.....never more than once for me!
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