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  1. camillenparadise


    A complete disaster! There's this huge proud sign announcing it, then 50 m later, the end of the lane to it, very little time/space to change lanes, and a HUGE blockage of the exit lane, with lots of weeds, and absolutely no evidence of any work at all. That, and light rain, and following a huge slow truck behind about 50 other cars, made for an eight hour drive with a little dog and two canaries. I'll think twice next year! The plus side: just south of Sayulita is delightful, not hot at all tonight, The thimble of vodka is just right.
  2. camillenparadise

    Anti Plastic law passed. Everybody help

    And ebay has reusable stainless steel chopsticks.....don't know about Mercado Libre, but boy! are they ever elegant!
  3. Hope to go that way back to Higuera Blanca next way. It is very short, but helps some.
  4. camillenparadise

    Restaurants with garden settings

    Tacos Las Palmas on the Libramiento across from Birds of Paradise. Excellent tacos de arrachera, pescado, and shrimp. Closed Wednesday.
  5. camillenparadise

    Cost of Real Estate

    You shoulda seen SMA the first time I did, on my honeymoon in 1965....a whole different world....the little girl at the hotel desk wished us a "happy honeylook!"
  6. camillenparadise

    El Ancla

    Got a truly dreadful takeout from El Ancla yesterday....Calamari and an avocado stuffed shrimp, which was at least deveined, but slathered with so much sauce of some kind, it was inedible.... I had wanted to try their grilled lamb ribs, but now, no thanks....
  7. camillenparadise

    need tech help!

    Not even CLOSE!!!
  8. camillenparadise

    need tech help!

    thanks, I've got an appointment in an hour with a former TMobile tech support guy!
  9. camillenparadise

    need tech help!

    Well, let's see.....I don't know how to receive a voicemail, send a text, receive a text, use the camera, use gps, use internet, and probably a lot of other stuff I don't even know about. In other words, I know NOTHING!
  10. camillenparadise

    Remy: The Longest Time (TSA Version)

    What an absolute CRACKUP!!!! Also one of my fave songs....this guy Remy should be at least President, or possibly king!
  11. camillenparadise

    need tech help!

    Thank you! Will call tomorrow.......
  12. camillenparadise

    need tech help!

    Right here in Ajijic!
  13. camillenparadise

    need tech help!

    I need hands-on help. I am NOT a sharp knife when it comes to anything technological.
  14. camillenparadise

    need tech help!

    Just got a new TMobile Samsung phone, and it is way smarter than me! Seems my friends all have iphones and can't help me. Is there any help out there? Happy to pay....