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  1. Having had a DREADFUL experience in Ajijic with NO anaesthesiologist, with an alleged "doctor" whose name I will not mention and only damn, take yourself to Guad for decent medical care!!!!!!! I am lucky, I survived!
  2. The gas guys are actually yelling, "You are a GOD!"
  3. PM me. You have been given a bad recommendation.
  4. I would happily foster, but I am in Nayarit, an hour north of PV. Any way we can hook up?
  5. I would LOVE to have a violet dog! Where can I get one??? Please don't change your post....it is the only laugh I've had today!!!!!
  6. Oh I am SO sorry for your loss!!!! I house and dog sit every summer, and I will never use either one of these "vets". Post mortem care is so very important!
  7. Oh Lord, y'all hush now.......
  8. Actually I want advice on compost from mudgirl.......
  9. There's an alleged "Car AC" repair place very near the coffee guy on the carretera in Ajijic.......BEWARE!!!!! They did something to my car ac which worked pretty well....for three weeks. When I took the car to my really good mechanic here at home, he said they had cleaned it up, added freon, and NOTHING MORE. They charged me 3000p for this "service". I wish I were still in Ajijic so I could deal with them directly, but I got home to the playa just in time to deal with the hurricane. Not my week. Save yours by boycotting this gang of shysters.
  10. God bless our grandchildren and forgive us!!!
  11. Salty Dog is my all-time fave....
  12. Maybe because they already knows Augustin's are the best anywhere?
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