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  1. Just to Sayulita....I would never want to go to PV!
  2. This guy is a scammer who's been around for years.....receipts? DMML!!!!
  3. Well, I made it, but all the caveats prepared me....Thanks to you guys! Took about six hours with the %^$*# construction!
  4. Last night's were just great...tonight's....meh....but since we don't get them at the beach where I live, my judgement is probably cloudy.
  5. Beautifully done mahi mahi strips, malt vinegar, fabulous non-greasy tartar sauce....I may go back tomorrow!
  6. Thank you both! Fortunately I turn off at Sayulita I'm sure the Jala Compostela "shortcut"is closed.....
  7. Can someone please give me directions from Chapala for the entrance to the macrolibramiento heading west to PV. I am directionally challenged, so need the simplest way possible. Thanks.
  8. Just the idea of cracking an embryo puts me of eggs for a very long time.....
  9. SO very happy for you and Miss Virginia, Rony!!!!!!!!!
  10. Oh, Maggie, let's find out where to actually GO to dump some post-menopausal angst on these mother****ers!!!!!!
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