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  1. Just to Sayulita....I would never want to go to PV!
  2. This guy is a scammer who's been around for years.....receipts? DMML!!!!
  3. Well, I made it, but all the caveats prepared me....Thanks to you guys! Took about six hours with the %^$*# construction!
  4. Last night's were just great...tonight's....meh....but since we don't get them at the beach where I live, my judgement is probably cloudy.
  5. Beautifully done mahi mahi strips, malt vinegar, fabulous non-greasy tartar sauce....I may go back tomorrow!
  6. Thank you both! Fortunately I turn off at Sayulita I'm sure the Jala Compostela "shortcut"is closed.....
  7. Can someone please give me directions from Chapala for the entrance to the macrolibramiento heading west to PV. I am directionally challenged, so need the simplest way possible. Thanks.
  8. Just the idea of cracking an embryo puts me of eggs for a very long time.....
  9. SO very happy for you and Miss Virginia, Rony!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hurricanes DOWN????? And yet Houston has had Five five hundred year rain events in FIVE years? What are you smokin?
  11. Oh, Maggie, let's find out where to actually GO to dump some post-menopausal angst on these mother****ers!!!!!!
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