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  1. Thank you!! Do you know if there is a cost involved?
  2. Thanks. Do you agree I should fill it out in Mexico City airport as that is where my flight leaves Mexico?
  3. Basically, I know I should fill out the form in Mexico City, but are they open that late?
  4. Hello. I’m a Permanente leaving for vacation. Flying out of Guad late Sunday, then leaving out of Mexico City to Canada at 1AM next day, Monday. Do I fill out FMM at Guadalajara or Mexico City airport? TY
  5. Does anybody know if there is a lab in the Chapala-Ajijic-Joco area that can do blood TITER testing which shows immunity to measles, chickenpox, mumps?
  6. Does anyone know how to track a registered letter sent from Ajijic to Canada? In other words, which web site? I sent a letter Sept 3/18, still not received..... Every website I try goes nowhere. Correos de Mexico has a horrid website, hard to follow AND I speak Spanish! Any help is appreciated.
  7. Does anyone know who or where I can get a set of ink fingerprints done? Ajijic police station had no idea. I have the form (in English) and need fingerprints to send to Canada for a background police check. Maybe Chapala, but where? Thank you in advance.
  8. Were you able to get the Police Certificate (Carta de No Antecedentes Penales) for Jalisco in Chapala? If so, what did you need with respect to photos, ID, documents etc. Thanks
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