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  1. Gracias Ajijic hiker for doing this -- it nearly bottomed out my car and I was going very, very slowly....don't these people who create such things know how to measure? Oh that is redundant -- this is Mexico....
  2. Second Dr. Luis Garcia Nogueira at Quality Care....
  3. kindred


    After reading these positive reviews above, I had lunch here today and I have to say -- "This is a Keeper". I had the 1/2 sandwich and salad. Went for the real turkey sandwich with cranberry chutney and monterey jack cheese. I had the creamy potato salad and as my selection of 2nd salad had the beet salad which was amazing. Everything very fresh and tasty -- even the pico de gallo with mango which I enjoyed. The coffee was delicious -- not too strong (just like I like it). Definitely will return often to try other things.
  4. I actually have a fabulous real leather bag that was hand painted by an artist in the Mission of San Francisco with a Frida theme and it was only $55 US -- perhaps they should consider doing that for people who don't want to spend hundreds of dollars. This was a vintage bag made by a local company over in Berkeley which sold for a couple hundred when it was new. It was in very good shape and the painting is fantastico.
  5. Actually the Interjet senior discount for over 65 is 20% which is a nice discount....great airline also
  6. I am so glad that Elaine was helpful. She is, indeed, a wonderful, resourceful woman and a good business owner. Hope it all works out for you.
  7. Call Ajijic Suites and talk to Elaine the owner. Her partner (I forget his name but he is Mexican) has a large van and could probably help you out. He picked up a number of us when we had to be at the aeropuerto at 4 am for a flight to Cuba via Mexico City. I think his name is Luis -- but could be wrong. Hope this helps....
  8. Those maybe your "facts" Busy, but not the facts that many, many others were operating on. They were starved and thirsty....end of story. Just hope this Saturday's is better -- I understand (not totally fact-checked) Numero Quattro and Alex's are doing their own wine bars and have no idea about the other beverages. Perhaps you can "fact check" these matters and post to elucidate all of us. On the positive side, I know the band is good for bogeying down as I heard them before for the 45th Woodstock Party which was well organized and a huge success.
  9. That is definitely the right person -- Rebecca Roth, lives in the Raquet Club.
  10. After a recent accident, I had to rent a car. So I have done your research for you. I peronally would only go to Leti at Linea Profesional Rent A Car which is next to Multiva on the mountain side of the carretera (information below). You will find her rates very reasonable and her cars in excellent condition. Her office manager is David and they are both very helpful and her cars are the most reasonable around and usually only a year or two old. When you rent for an extended period of time she gives you a hefty discount. For instance, if you rent for a month, she only charges you for 3 we
  11. Chris would be a great source and I personally would luv to see him get more business and perhaps a little more steady income since you are exporting items. He is a lovely person always with a big smile.
  12. Wow, Hensley, you are terrific -- even including the menu which already has my mouth watering. Gracias
  13. Guadalajara....ez to Google it...
  14. Going on a field trip to buy fabrics in the Santa Teresita area of Guadalajara. Would like to take a break for lunch while there. Anyone know of a good restaurante in that area? Replies much appreciated.
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