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  1. The birds in Guad you are referring to is probably the one on the back side of San Juan Dios.
  2. OhioDan, doesn't your son know a notary that will notarize your title for you? I know one in NC that all will for me. She knows me well and she will do it no questions asked, it is not legal but it is on the up. The consulate in Guad gets like $50usd. It's a ripe off. It's just as big of ripoff than anything else we can do. What part of Ohio are you from? I am from Chillicothe ...

  3. good point you make, as lakeheron made is very true most don't want to get a frenzy started and be stuck in Mexico, I am not concern myself but I do worry for my wife and daughter

  4. I respect your posts, they are very informative. thanks rp

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