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  1. Thanks for the info, as I stated he did at one time.
  2. Dr Barragan works in Guad or he did in 2009 and has an office in Chapala, his spouse worked on me also but not sure if she does crowns or root canals. Both work great together.
  3. What Saturn said, had a porcelains crown in 2009, still doing great Dr Barragan. Can't remember the price but was close to $2000.
  4. I've had good luck with Broad Voice. com for years. just like Vonage just lower priced.
  5. And wouldn't you think the doctors would tell you what to expect? Not until your blocked up so bad a stick of dynamite wouldn't take care of it, shame on the doctors.
  6. I'm using windows 7 with no problems. I was under the impression that Mac couldn't be hacked by a member on here.
  7. I picked a few from the list, before I read it. I have been to about four of the places and would have to agree. I wonder if their picks could be because there are already expats living there?
  8. I know two families working on a milk farm and they both are being paid $400 per week plus two days off. Furnished with a place to live, (one lives in a very nice house) phone, electic and cable bills paid. They also receive a pig, cow and chickens from the owner one time a year, this to me is not minimum wage, don't you think? I can't speak for other parts of the country, but GA farmers seem to take care of a good employee.
  9. It will never happen the American, black or white won't work in these jobs because it's to hard of work for them. Most are not use to manual labor, in GA for example they have a lot of milk and chicken farmers in and around Athens (home of the bull dogs) area and farmers can't get an american to work, it's kinda like in Mexico. Would you rather work manual labor for $50 pesos per day or earn $1000 pesos per day watching out for the police and calling into your boss as to where they are at.
  10. The US has a program similar, my brother-in-laws came to the US every spring to work in the fields, and it’s cheaper for the farmer to hire undocumented because it's less money for wages, housing and paper work.
  11. The birds in Guad you are referring to is probably the one on the back side of San Juan Dios.
  12. Travis, we love our leather furniture here, some times we cover with a sheet if it gets to tacky (moisture) easy to keep clean.
  13. OhioDan, doesn't your son know a notary that will notarize your title for you? I know one in NC that all will for me. She knows me well and she will do it no questions asked, it is not legal but it is on the up. The consulate in Guad gets like $50usd. It's a ripe off. It's just as big of ripoff than anything else we can do. What part of Ohio are you from? I am from Chillicothe ...

  14. good point you make, as lakeheron made is very true most don't want to get a frenzy started and be stuck in Mexico, I am not concern myself but I do worry for my wife and daughter

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