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  1. Looking for mx plated used car in good mechanical condition with required paperwork eg factura etc

    Will have a local mechanic confirm no major mechanical problems

    Budget 60.000 pesos

    Finders fee / bonus 3500 pesos if you are first person to refer me to person i purchase from..referral needs to be via email or phone. message me for email address or phone number


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  2. 5 minutes ago, chapalence said:

    Buses are more reliable and economical than taxis. Taxis are catch as catch can and if you go out to dinner you might very well have to hoof it home, as they don't work late.

    Many people who choose to go carless find a driver that they use say, once a week, after planning to do all their weekly errands in one outing. This is not economical, IMO, but saves frustration when taxis are non-existent.

    Thx..buses not a current option


    You need to wade thru article to find local info.  Didn't see info on water source!!!!  Of course they won't be using lake water....????!!


    ......Says Mejorada: “In my opinion, the chance that this project in Chapala will be in operation next year is 100%. We are talking about packages of 9,000 tomas, (connections or outlets), and Ajijic will need only 4,000, so we will be working in other areas along the lakeshore.”

    “Once we start, we won’t be stopping because every time we connect a new customer, we are making money; the municipality is making money. So, one day, I hope to see Chapala free of overhead wires.”



    https://mexiconewsdaily.com/mexicolife/guadalajara-considering-bringing-drinkable-tap-water-to-homes/?utm_source=TWE&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=tpcc %3D dailynewsletter&pnespid=56B8AyYZOKAe26mQ9iy_A8OC4RWvBJR_K_2x2ecy.kNmgvbO6wINSIbuODZmBax_ZSflgcEK

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