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  1. Anyone know where i csn purchase simple green lakeside
  2. Looking for mx plated used car in good mechanical condition with required paperwork eg factura etc Will have a local mechanic confirm no major mechanical problems Budget 60.000 pesos Finders fee / bonus 3500 pesos if you are first person to refer me to person i purchase from..referral needs to be via email or phone. message me for email address or phone number
  3. forgot to mention - Amazon prices seem very very high - so recommend that you buy locally when you can........ here is one example - I love Larabars - $11 for 16 in US.... about 1000 pesos from Amazon mx............ i know this is food - but price increase seems to apply to lots of non food items with the same percentage
  4. Someone else adopted her I was/am just the poster and luckily she was found thank goodness
  5. Thx..buses not a current option
  6. I find tracking a problem Their website doesn't update info that well and email seems more current. I am non prime and delivery info never includes tod. Using yahoo email gives me current delivery date except sometimes shows new info for past deliveries Not at all on par with us amazon
  7. when you call a taxi, how long does it typically take to arrive - i am in riberas. Also, what about arrival time at stores or are they usually lying in wait - eg walmart
  8. in lower riberas, my amazon non prime deliveries are using prior to noon.... usually a day early...so may depend on where you live
  9. Lost - upper riberas - This puppy is deaf, but, she can hear high pithed sounds - like a squeaky toy, hand clapping or when you talk to a dog in a happy high pitched voice - like: Good Girl!! She is a 6 month old female Terrier If seen or found please message me
  10. You need to wade thru article to find local info. Didn't see info on water source!!!! Of course they won't be using lake water....????!! ......Says Mejorada: “In my opinion, the chance that this project in Chapala will be in operation next year is 100%. We are talking about packages of 9,000 tomas, (connections or outlets), and Ajijic will need only 4,000, so we will be working in other areas along the lakeshore.” “Once we start, we won’t be stopping because every time we connect a new customer, we are making money; the municipality is making money. So, one day, I hope to see Chapala free of overhead wires.” https://mexiconewsdaily.com/mexicolife/guadalajara-considering-bringing-drinkable-tap-water-to-homes/?utm_source=TWE&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=tpcc %3D dailynewsletter&pnespid=56B8AyYZOKAe26mQ9iy_A8OC4RWvBJR_K_2x2ecy.kNmgvbO6wINSIbuODZmBax_ZSflgcEK
  11. I plan to purchase an older car and need suggestions on where to take it to be checked out before I purchase.......... live in Riberas so someplace close
  12. thanks - but not driving right now
  13. suggestions on where i can purchase spice locally? looking for dried fennel seeds and dried ancho chili powder -
  14. Suggestions for the best place locally to buy an Equipale table and 4 chairs to include carretera
  15. Natasha what facebook groups do you recommend....just found 1: lost and found pets
  16. What a sweet looking puppy! Hope someone can adopt (my springer wants to be the only dog regretfully)
  17. Spencer is active on facebook so maybe message him if important
  18. I have android magic jack but have only used it at home next to wifi.. works fine at home Right now trying to port a us tracfone number to the mx android magic jack - not fun
  19. thanks found at D'Mitzi
  20. Best place to buy inexpensive coat hangers? Want 30 to 40 I did check amazon and walmart online and really pricey
  21. A number if walmarts have whatsap connected to their store and i would assume payment is thru that secure walmart. Lots of good info online which is why the question was if this store had it in place.
  22. Glad to hear easy ordering online. .whatsap ordering is available at a number of mx walmarts and an older post suggests here too
  23. Does anyone know if you can order from walmart using whatsap.....found different answers online If so do you remember what you installed besides whatsap And does it work for you
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