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  1. here is a good article - note the assumptions are "if everything goes well" and right now there are not a lot of reasons to think everything will go well. The first doses of an approved Covid vaccine will go to health care workers and residents and employees of long-term care facilities, then essential public servants like police officers, firefighters and transit workers as well as workers in food processing plants. Not until there are hundreds of millions of doses available — sometime in 2021 if all goes well — will the vaccine be offered to the general public. Adequate protection against Covid-19 is expected to require two doses of vaccine. Thus, if the entire country were to be immunized, more than 600 million doses of vaccine would have to be manufactured. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/22/well/live/covid-vaccine.html?
  2. Did get a quot from toyhauler - but he decided to rescind it when i said I wanted to think about it and tried to clarify the charges.
  3. Hoping to leave Tucson late May to return to Lake Chapala - with a medium size dog (50 pounds, springer spaniel) who will be crated. Can't take my car - as it can't be nationalized and i have a permanente visa - so hope to hitch a ride. Anyone traveling in that time frame that is willing to take us for some compensation? Or - other suggestions?
  4. Thank you for posting this information. I hope the community will come together and help Doris find homes for all the animals - perhaps some of the other shelters can take a few - but it will take work to find homes for that many animals as I assume the immediate goal is to close the shelter as soon as the animals can be placed in good homes. When I was lakeside, I took pictures of the dogs and the cats at Anita's that were available for adoption - and they were posted on the web - So that is one thing that some in the community can pitch in and do now - as the pictures did help increase the adoption rate - and that is something that is needed. Hopefully Doris will be able to put together some sort of volunteer infrastructure for activities like this. Also - the transition team renamed the shelter - I assume the name will revert back to what it was as it wasn't a legal rename - and they created a new website with this new name (which I assume they will delete - and turn over paypal funds collected to Doris) and I assume and hope that the old website can be put back on line - a great place to show the pictures of dogs needing placement. Again, Hopefully Doris will be able to put together some sort of volunteer infrastructure for activities like this. So sad to see this happen - but I assume the dogs and cats are still in good health - the workers there always care about them - wish I was there to help.
  5. I am utterly speechless. The havoc that you have created - shamful is the only word that comes to my mind. Also -Assume a published accounting of the funds you collected for the shelter and how and to whom they were disbursed will be turned over to the person that now has power of attorney.
  6. It is not as simple as duplicating her game plan - These animals are at Anita's home - perhaps better said is: it is time for someone to purchase the property and continue the shelter - PS has anyone ever clarified what the transition team is transitioning from and to - that is, I thought Anita wanted to sell HER property - so is the transition team trying to find a buyer? or are they buying it?
  7. What on earth are you talking about? Euthanizing all the animals? Makes me wonder what legal authority the transition team has to even consider such an action.
  8. And do agree on the need to take pictures - however, the ability to take a good picture of a dog/cat is more important than the quality of the camera. hopefully the transition team did get the history of the long timers when they decided to take over - that is - in the transition to the transition team. As I recall when I took pictures there, some were Anita's pets and not for adoption, and a few were just old timers that had been around for ages. I would guess that her pets - assuming there still were some - are now to be moved to the general adoptable population. And- the ability to take interesting pictures of the animals - cats and dogs is important - and does take some skill. What no one wants to see is top down pictures of the of the top of the cat or dog's head - which some first timers tend to do.
  9. Agree with Justathought - please don't pass on fake news - mexico libel laws are tough - and many of us are tired of hiring unsubstantiated negative comments about the shelter- such as - " But without pictures or information, Anitas Animals are the last to be taken as we all know they are not being advertised or very well cared for." unless of course the transition team has decided not to feed them or take care of them - and I would assume that is not true either.
  10. the problem appears to be a typo in the embedded link - (when you enter a link, you enter 2 parts - the text (which is fine above) and the actual link - (which has a typo - weekly) This link works: http://lakesidevillagerescue.weebly.com/
  11. You might take the time to read thru the insurance policy they will require And actually plan where you will stop.. Last time I went to Laredo, I caravaned with folks in an RV. Their choice place to park at night was a Pemex station - low on ambiance. You might also talk to some others that have done it - and look at the minuses as well as the pluses -as the minuses may really exceed the pluses. If you are serious about this, I would open a new thread about your RV intent - and solicit comments there - as it is off topic here.
  12. Superlake has parchment paper - next to zip lock bags
  13. Why not take the bus into Guadalajara and taxi from there.......... When I do this, I typically park at the chapala bus station and take the direct bus from there. Very pleasant bus ride. I think it is about 48 pesos each way - been a while so this is a guess. When i get downtown, I find a taxi - ask the price - and usually provide the name of where I am going in Spanish written down - so you would need to identify where in Tonala you wanted to go. It is easy..............
  14. a knee brace may help you postpone surgery....... I have had mine for maybe 7 years - great for swimming, walking etc. Maybe pricey - as i recall, cost was $800 then - so perhaps looking at $1000 plus now - http://www.ossur.com/?PageID=13216
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