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  1. I have android magic jack but have only used it at home next to wifi.. works fine at home Right now trying to port a us tracfone number to the mx android magic jack - not fun
  2. Best place to buy inexpensive coat hangers? Want 30 to 40 I did check amazon and walmart online and really pricey
  3. A number if walmarts have whatsap connected to their store and i would assume payment is thru that secure walmart. Lots of good info online which is why the question was if this store had it in place.
  4. Glad to hear easy ordering online. .whatsap ordering is available at a number of mx walmarts and an older post suggests here too
  5. Does anyone know if you can order from walmart using whatsap.....found different answers online If so do you remember what you installed besides whatsap And does it work for you
  6. Is anyone using whatsap to order from walmart? What did you have to install besides whatsap
  7. https://webcamsdemexico.com/webcam/volcan-de-colima/
  8. good idea on close to where you live - but haven't found a place yet - so just trying to get as much as possible in place before I land.
  9. Trying to compare handymail with ishop - It appears that ishop allows more than one user for an address, are there any other significant differences? Note - Handymail says magazines can be sent to their US address and will be picked up and delivered to their lakeside address - assume Ishop does the same. Any significant differences? besides price
  10. AjijicStoic - you mentioned:The website he touted "SafeTravelInmexico.org - well, I was on it last night" BUT that website is not a registered/active domain - so maybe you spelled it differently last night? If you are not familiar with whois , it is a data lookup tool gives you the ability to look up the current registration data for domain names - and in this case, the domain ""SafeTravelInmexico.org" has not been registered - so there is nothing to access - ie This site can’t be reached safetravelinmexico.org’s server IP address could not be found. https://www.whois.com/whois/safetravelinmexico.org
  11. Looking for recommendations for Mail Service 1) want a US address that Medicare Advantage and US Banks accept as a permanent US address 2) want local pickup 3) will transport small packages from US (Laredo) 4) Good Service Years ago used Handy Mail and was a happy customer - but times have changed so looking for best now............
  12. Didn't realize he moved back to Tucson - always enjoyed his posts - RIP!! He will be missed.
  13. Looking for a ride from Tucson for myself and 55 pound springer spaniel and some boxes...... my lease here in Tucson ends on 5-31, and they just raised the rent 30%, so I figure it is time for us to return. Dog will be 10 (born in Guadalajara) - starting to get arthritis - and I can get a portable kennel for him - as he is not too keen about strangers - and travels well and he did a round trip when he was younger. Number of boxes will depend on room available and price - have crossed the border several times and everything will be well marked. Anxious to return - really miss lakeside Please email me at chapalashelley@gmail.com
  14. Here is a reasonable writeup on the recent Laredo incident https://www.borderreport.com/hot-topics/border-crime/violence-erupts-in-nuevo-laredo-mexico-after-drug-cartel-leaders-arrest/
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