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  1. Thanks all for presenting me with the two suggestions I have been comtemplating. There are, of course, other harsher methods of resolving my problem, but (rest assured) I would never consider such options. I do, however, tend to be inclined toward the last 3 posters, as I (make that we) in no way wish to adopt a colony of feral cats ( fixed or not). The property is completely walled, as most properties down here are, and so putting food and water outside the compound or across the street in the woods I think would (1) not neccesarily lure the cats there, and (2) most certainly not keep them there, as we all know they have become accustomed and dependent to my new property. So, unless someone has a large property, on which they would be willing to accept feral cats (and hope they adjust to it) , I fear I will be forced into the second option discussed above. Thanks again all.
  2. We just purchased a house and discovered that we inherited 6 or 7 feral cats, who as of today are very hungry. We saw one or two as we toured the property, as well as food in the bodega and wrongly assume the seller would take them. He didn't, but did take the food. I checked with the animal shelter. Their 2 traps are currently loaned out; also they mentioned the group that helps nueter and spay feral cats. I was also told not to feed them, and they'll go elsewhere. Personally, I don't mind paying to have them fixed, but first they need to be caught, and then released somewhere, don't they? I love cats, but know from experience NOB that feral cats don't make good pets. Please comment if you have a solution to my problem, or PM me for my number. I would like to resolve this before we move in.
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