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  1. It has been reported that 3 days ago several dogs were poisoned on Fco. Madera near the lake. Another dog was poisoned near La Bodega. Stay vigilant.
  2. Three more dogs were poisoned today on Calle Juarez. One is currently fighting for it's life. That brings the total to 8 this month. I understand there were 16 murdered in August for a grand total of 24. The police think it is a gringo because the poison used is expensive.
  3. My dog was poisoned this morning at the bottom of Calle Revolution in Ajijic. She was walking off leash when she ate something off the street. I was unable to get to her fast enough to stop it. Within 5 minutes she went into convulsions. Within 20 minutes she was dead before the vet could arrive. He said it was a very strong poison. Some one left it out deliberately.
  4. My dog was poisoned this morning. She was walking with me off leash at the bottom of Calle Revolution near the beach. She grabbed something off the street and I was unable to get to her in time before she swallowed it. Within 5 minutes she went into convulsions. Within 20 minutes she died in my arms before the vet could get to her. I am heart sick. I always cleaned up after my dog and we were walking in an area where there were no other walkers.
  5. Save your money and get it done NOB. The products they use here do not last.
  6. My maid told me today that Ivanka was renting at Constitution #24.  My maid is no longer working for her because Ivanka told her she was moving back to the States.  Another lie.  I saw her on the malecon yesterday.  BTW she now has red hair and she has lost a lot of weight since she house sat for me in March.

    1. IvyTrip


      MntMama, please delete all lies that shortsrink is spreading about me. 

      I was not on Malecon yesterday, for that fact, did not leave the house because I did not feel good. Where I live is no ones business and why is Jan concerned where I live and what my personal status is? I did not change my hair color for years and it was never red. I wish that I lost of weight, but, I did not. If you need a proof of it, we can meet in person. 

      I don't know Jan's motives to spread around those nasty rumors and drag other people into it, but if anyone needs a proof that she is lying, please let me know.

      Please stop those terrible posts because this stuff is illegal and if sued, it can carry stiff penalties. 

    2. MtnMama


      Only the Moderator can delete a thread but I KNOW you are not the same person. I have no idea who Shortshrink is but I am so sorry about all of this. The real con person is still out there, is NOT you, and may or may not be using the name Ivanka.

  7. I have not been able to see the pic on Facebook though I have looked.  But I was walking my dog on the malecon on Monday and a man I know told me the story of a woman named Ivanka who was squatting in homes for sale.  I said I thought it was the same woman who house sat for me.  Just then, she walked by and he pointed her out to me.  IT WAS THE SAME WOMAN!  There is only one Ivanka in town and she is the one scamming your friend.  Just because she denies it or slanders me does not mean she is innocent.  Plus I did see the two dogs in pics on the Facebook site.  And it is the same two dogs.  There is no mistaken identity.

    1. IvyTrip


      Yet another big lie. I can prove to whoever needs a proof that I am renting a house.

      Please remove all derogatory posts from the above listed member.  

  8. I had eyebrows, eye liner and lips done NOB and the lips and eyebrows faded over 20 years. Had Dr. Monica redo them twice and both times they turned red and then faded with in 6 months. I had it redone again NOB 6 months ago and it looks terrific. The products they use in Mexico are inferior. it is worth the money to get it done NOB.
  9. I highly recommend them. I have booked them to return for a second houses sit.
  10. I had a cosmetic procedure done by her. It was so bad she agreed to redo it for free. The redo was also not good. I also know 2 other people who had different procedures and both had to have those redone as well. I do not recommend her.
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