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  1. I know there used to be a couple but they don't seem to be that easy to find.
  2. Cookie

    Harry Bublin in Hospital

    Hi Harry, glad you made it through...bet you scared the hell out of Chris!! Take it easy and get well quick Kip
  3. Cookie

    Chris Bublin

    When no one replied to my PM I got worried. So glad she can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Looks like we'll see you soon. Yay!
  4. Cookie

    Chris Bublin

    Harry had posted to let us know she was sick.from Dengue.
  5. Cookie

    Chris Bublin

    Does anyone know how Chris is doing? Dengue sounds like a miserable thing to go through.
  6. Cookie

    Hal Weiss

    Tell her the Nigerian Dwarfs are amazing. They're tiny (Sweetie is 18 inches tall) and their milk is delicious!... I can't drink regular goat's milk...too musky Sweetie's milk tastes like the richest, creamiest, best tasting cow's milk you ever had. Tell her to take a look at them on Google.
  7. Cookie

    Hal Weiss

    He's on his way back to me!! Today he asked me...it was pretty much yes or no before .."How do we fight this?" It was whispery but no slur. I told him with time, patience and hard work. He's determined and so strong. I have no doubt he can do it.
  8. Cookie

    Hal Weiss

    We're still NOB and Hal works for the Corporate office of the Hospital he's in. I have my own rejuvenating system here... Six dogs with overwhelming love .. five demanding ganster cats... but probably the best of all is snuggles from a tiny newborn goat.....or three. (triplets) Kip
  9. Cookie

    Hal Weiss

    They're on it now..but when he gets to the new hospital it will be more intensive. If anyone can beat it he can... and if the results aren't exactly what we hope for he's still the man I've loved for 35 years and we'll deal with it.
  10. Cookie

    Hal Weiss

    I'm trying. I have a helper who helps clean stalls and the heavy stuff...but all the rest ..like milking my little cow... would take longer for me to show someone how to do it than do it myself. I WILL NOT fall apart. Hal's depending on me...as are all these fur kids. 15 horses, little cow and her calf... three goats and new born triplets, five cats and six dogs who are missing Daddy terribly. I'm taking my guitar today so I can give him a concert. They say stimulation is good for him. I'm also taking fresh cheese and still warm bread to the nursing staff to make sure he's high on their priority list. I don't know what else to do. Monday he goes to a hospital with intensive rehab three hours a day. He's getting physical therapy now and tries so hard to do what his therapist tells him. When I saw what he wrote... we thought maybe he could get his thoughts out... it broke my heart. He was so intense about it and I'm sure it made sense to him..but it looked like a chart with all the ups and downs. So many things I don't know how to do...all the techy stuff...even his phone, the TV, can't find the card for our keyless Prius, finally figured out how to turn off the horrific alarm clock that went off at five thirty in the morning when I needed sleep so badly. It's things you don't think about.
  11. Cookie

    Hal Weiss

    My husband of 35 years had a stroke Wednesday. He's very confused and his right side is impaired. He's so strong and so healthy I know he'll beat this thing.... but it's so hard to see him this way. Kip
  12. How far is it from Ajijic?