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  1. Why don't you call and ask??
  2. PNR1

    Social security

    CONTACTING UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY FBU.guadalajara@ssa.gov or U. S. 800-772-1213 8 am to 11 pm Eastern time (later is better-real person onn line)
  3. PNR1

    Passport Renewal

    #8 is your US address or mail forwarding address and #18 is you Mexican address
  4. Lakeside Presbyterian accepts clothing for the poor at lakeside Riberas and Mezcala.
  5. PNR1

    Northbound URGENT need

    Problem solved.......moderator, please remove post
  6. PNR1

    Northbound URGENT need

    Thanks, will check that alternative
  7. Situation: Biopsy for Mesatheleomia ??? lawsuit that can't be Fed Xd. Need someone to carry to US and send from there to lawyers. Anyone willing Wednesday departure or after who would take and mail? This fella in last days, but wants to cover for his wife' future/.
  8. Daisy 2013 ----- the rate has not been officially established. Again, the rate is set by Mexico City and I hope to have it early and will post immediately. The figures you quoted are a month or two old. It may be that again but until tomorrow won't know for sure!
  9. PNR1

    U. S. Passport re-newal

    Based on artsnob post bank was called to square them away........................we hope!
  10. PNR1

    U. S. Passport re-newal

    Bad info from bank. YOU fill out request for peso check and they make it out to :United States Disbursing Officer for 2090 pesos for renewal. That is ONLY form of payment in Legion or LCS. MUST BE EXACT AMOUNT.
  11. Get the proper form and instructions at Lake Chapala Society.
  12. The U.S. Consulate has revised and finalized dates that they will be at lakeside. It will be the 2nd. Wednesday of each month except December (Mexican holiday) which is still to be determined. Of utmost importance is the previously announced February date of the 20th. is now changed to the 2nd. Wednesday the 14th. Please make note of this revised schedule and pass the changes along. Any further questions, call LCS and they will direct them to me.
  13. PNR1

    U. S. Passport re-newal

    For a simple renewal,use form DS 82, See below and follow EXACTLY! US Consulate Checklist Passports February, 2018 1. Proper form completed and signed 2. 2 photos 2”x2” or 5 x 5 cm. (NO GLASSES) 3. Bank checks payable to “United States Disbursing Officer” in Mexican pesos. There are no cash/card transactions. Bank checks in Pesos only form Banamex located at Av. Francisco I Madero 222, Col. Centro, 45900 Chapala, Jal., Mexico. Tel: 376 765 2271 . 4. Your old passport and one photo copy NO FIRST TIME APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED *Fees: Check MUST be for EXACT amount or application will not be accepted (Exchange rate 19.00 MXP per 1 USD) DON’T SIGN OR WRITE ANYTHING ON THE CHECK Please don’t print your application in one page (use one sheet per page) Simple passport renewal $2,090 Pesos / 110 USD Form DS-82 Book and Card $2,660 Pesos / 140 USD Form DS-82 Renewal for age 15 and under $1,995 Pesos / 105 USD Form DS-11 Lost or Stolen passport $2,565 Pesos / 135 USD Forms DS-64 & DS-11 Notary $950 Pesos / 50 USD per impression To notarize a document The applicant has to present an OFFICIAL AND CURRENT US or Mexican ID such as: -US Passport -US Driver License -Mexican Passport -Mexican Driver License -Mexican Voter Card (IFE)