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  1. I had this same situation come up last April. I did not change anything and crossed at Columbia and no one cared. I just stcuck the TIP on the window after immigration and off I went. When I returned they took my TIP receipt and sticker, got my rebate in about 30 days. Your mileage may vary but that was my experience.
  2. OK, that made a little progress. Now it is responding that I must call 071 or visit an office as I owe them money. Thanks for your assistance. Once I get the payment sorted hopefully I will be able to activate the service on my account.
  3. I did that and registered my account but it never asked me for my CFE service account number and I see nowhere to add it in the menu system. I am using the google translate addin.
  4. Have done that now. Still cannot see where to add my service to the account.
  5. I tired the app on my Android phone and it won't run because I am in Canada. I also tried Google Translate on the site but it keeps failing. I tried copy & Paste all the links but nothing seems an obvious choice. I event tried clicking through each link but again none seems like the place to enter this info.
  6. I have registered on the CFE site but I cannot seem to figure out how to associate my service with the account so I can see the bills etc. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  7. Just drove through Columbia southbound on Wednesday April 17 about 2:00pm. We were the only one going south and breezed through. Northbound on the other hand was backed up probably 50+ cars deep. I did not notice if anyone was getting through. Maybe someone who went through northbound recently can comment further. We overnighted at the Quality Inn in Saltillo. 8 hour drive to lakeside from there.
  8. Hello Abby,


    do you still need laptops and/or desktops? I have a rather old Toshiba laptop running Windows 98 (I think), comes with laptop carrying case, external floppy drive, mouse.

    I also have an Acer X1930 desktop with Windows 7 on it. No peripherals I am afraid.

    If you would like either for your school let me know asap as I am heading north on Friday.

  9. Hi Maincoons,

    do you have updated directions to Pharr from Ajijic, more recent than these:

    If so can you send to me at achartier@admiralsecure.com

    Thanks so much.

  10. If you are a CAA member you can get insurance through them.
  11. I drive in late October, fly home for Christmas, fly back, fly home in March for a couple of weeks, fly back, and drive out in early April. Been doing this for years and never had a problem and always got my tip money back. It may not be "legal" but who's going to catch you on it??
  12. You might try going to the Chapala Bridge Club on Friday mornings. There is a casual duplicate bridge game with a 1/2 hr lesson beforehand. Many come without partners and Stephen will match you up. Lesson starts at 9:00 and the game starts at about 9:30. I believe the cost is 55p. The club is in Riberas beside Moms Restaurant.
  13. skurvish


    I dry age my own steak here, it is relatively easy. You can get special plastic bags (don't use foodsaver bags) from drybagsteak.com then you buy a full roast at costco, bag it and vacuum seal it, then leave it in your fridge for 21 or more days (21 days seems perfect for a rib roast). Trim and cut into steaks. I then vacuum seal the steaks with my foodsaver and freeze. Note, due to the reduced moisture of a dry aged steak, when you BBQ them you need to sear and then move over to the cool side to allow the steak to warm, otherwise they dry right out.
  14. You might try installing Openelec on it. I have not had any problems with the remote having to be direct, perhaps it is a problem with Android. Openelec never locks up on me.
  15. I use Openelec on my G-Box Q (a version of linux) so I can log into the box and make the changes. There is a program addon that will let you tweak some of these parms but I have never used it.
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