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  1. A good friend of ours is in need of 20 lbs of 1/2, 5/8 or 3/4" roofing nails. The smallest quantity available between Lakeside and Guad seems to be 25 kg. If you have a source, have them or want to share please call Rob at 333 452 9448. Thanks for your help.
  2. My hubby and I love Trips. We have been several times and it never dissapoints. Wewere big in n out fans so this fills a need for us
  3. my husband also saw the specialist that comes to Dr Leons office it was very easy and very professional.. Don't remember cost but I know we considered it very reasonable. and I think he got the drink stuff from Guadalajara Pharmacy.
  4. I agree with gringal...never heard of the place. I usually go to La Vida Bella gerrards place great view up the way from Monte Coaxla (sp?) in the Racquet Club. Where is this place? Not that I want to go there....just curious.
  5. Had monk fish with pasta and pork stuffed with prunes both delicious. We have also tried petty much everything on the menu. As far as portion size do not agree they are small. We always get the antipasti meat and sometimes add the gravlox and order 2 pastas like ravioli and an order of gnocchi for the two of us and split everything between the 2 of us One app and 2 mains nd have never been able to finish. We have large appetites too. The portions are not as large as some places but the taste is so much better that it doesn't take as much to satisfy . Very rich and tasty.
  6. Yes maw my hubby said the cooking classes have started and they are indeed 250p and I am pretty sure that includes lunch sounds like fun. The gnocci was my favorite now that I tried the ravioli its a tough choice .
  7. btw it is Alex's Pasta not lex my bad
  8. A new fabulous restaurant has opened. Across the street not the carretera from Chopstix. few doors down from the old casino. We have been there 3 times in a week and a half. It is delicious. First time we got carbonara and puttenesca. Carbonara thumbs up Puttenesca eh...antipasto yummy. Second time lasagna yum yum yum chicken caccitore eh..antipasto yummmmmmy gravilox oh boy. Tonight gnochi bingo amazing...arrabiata yummy and antipasto again sublime. Give it a try you won't be disappointed!!! Want to give them business to keep them around. In a class by themselves.
  9. I guess for me and my ever expanding waistline it is better I didn't know this spot.
  10. This is the same as the Miramontes. Just when we started using them 9 yrs ago the Dad, Pancho, was listed. Actually have never met him mostly Luis. But when I saw phone # for Miramontes I realized we were talking about same service. Glad so many agree!
  11. Depends on time of day I suggest you call and get a quote as it changes. If you are looking for the least expensive they may not fit the bill. But they are the most reliable which is important to me. My daughter lives in Scotland and we have some odd times for connections as we usually are looking for least expensive flts. Which carry a hefty change fee.
  12. We have been using Pancho @ 766-1142. for aprox 9 years. They are excellent. Always on time day night early morning. Drop of or meet incoming. We are exceptionaly fond of his son Luis.
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