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  1. A good friend of ours is in need of 20 lbs of 1/2, 5/8 or 3/4" roofing nails. The smallest quantity available between Lakeside and Guad seems to be 25 kg. If you have a source, have them or want to share please call Rob at 333 452 9448. Thanks for your help.
  2. My hubby and I love Trips. We have been several times and it never dissapoints. Wewere big in n out fans so this fills a need for us
  3. my husband also saw the specialist that comes to Dr Leons office it was very easy and very professional.. Don't remember cost but I know we considered it very reasonable. and I think he got the drink stuff from Guadalajara Pharmacy.
  4. I agree with gringal...never heard of the place. I usually go to La Vida Bella gerrards place great view up the way from Monte Coaxla (sp?) in the Racquet Club. Where is this place? Not that I want to go there....just curious.
  5. have been watching golf and football all day just froze. Try turning the boxoff and back on again, Worked for us fingers crossed
  6. Anyone know if they are still in business. They are no longer listed here or in the Ojo I need the number. Have a schnazer pup who needs his first grooming and it is pretty specfic. Suggestions welcome. TIA
  7. DR Haro not the cheapest but the best. His attention to detail and fit isthe best
  8. Yes we were hit had in La Floresta but they have done improvements and diverted out usual water flow elsewhere hate to think who it is inconvenicing..we lost part of out ceiling indoors obviously a new leak.
  9. Now this is exciting...Anyone know if you are a prime member will it work for Mexico Amazon? I assume yes cuz it works for UK amazon. I use it to send things to my daughter in Scotland and don't have to pay shipping.
  10. Is it reservation only or walkins available for Sat or June 30? Buen Suerte on new location. That's supposed to read Good Luck but I am spanish challenged.
  11. Had monk fish with pasta and pork stuffed with prunes both delicious. We have also tried petty much everything on the menu. As far as portion size do not agree they are small. We always get the antipasti meat and sometimes add the gravlox and order 2 pastas like ravioli and an order of gnocchi for the two of us and split everything between the 2 of us One app and 2 mains nd have never been able to finish. We have large appetites too. The portions are not as large as some places but the taste is so much better that it doesn't take as much to satisfy . Very rich and tasty.
  12. As have I. It was to get an extension on my Arizona drivers license. I think it varies you need to check if they will accept it. I can't find the name sorry. It was on the mtn side just past the Corona place first or second street in the first block up from carretera. Well marked outside Noteria #2. Pretty well known. My hairdresser told me about it.
  13. yes Beg Barter had some nice ones yesterday
  14. I do not get the Perry's pizza adulation
  15. This is such a bad welcome, As they say to teens being bullied "it will get better" I can't imagine how demoralizing this must be for you but it will get better. You just are going through all this at once. I have been here 9 years and went through all that you mentioned, broken window in car, almost worst of all was trying to find things in uad I hardly ever bother with it anymore.I drove around lost by myself for 3 hours finally gave up and came home intears wondering if this was for me. There are ways around all of it. I thought about leaving a few times but have found so much to love about Mexico,Lakeside, and my mexican neighbors I am thankful I stuck it out now if I could only master the language. I use Lakeside Express for costco. Also Uber is now very active in Guad it is a great service. You might want to google Uber on the net. As you posted here I assume you have acess to internet. Uber does the driving for you at a lower price than Taxi. Solves lots of Guad probs. Hope things get better soon.
  16. Yes it happened to me whilst traveling in Mexico not in Ajijic. I had foolishly left my bag on chair back. I knew who did it but they were long gone. Nothing police could do or cared to do. Lost passport and many credit cards and some cash. Was very traumatic. Never made that mistake again. Very sorry for you loss it is very upsetting. Reward might help get some of it back.
  17. Believe it or not the last time I bought pure was a few years ago at Mia Mexico.
  18. does this mean the rainy season is here?
  19. Thank you all so much as always your info has proved invaluable. We found a car and Spencer is handling the transaction.
  20. Not really Fred I am a recluse which is one of the reasons I depend on this board a lot. I rarely leave the house.
  21. Thank you so much Mainecoons you help is always appreciated.
  22. Hi All, Hope I am not asking a question that has been answered a million times. We are currently in the going permenente need mexican plated car. We went into guadalajara with Spencer and have checked locally not much out there as I guess it is a sellers market because of permenente. Anyway lately have been looking on Mercado Libre and seen many suv's/ vans in our price range. Wonderd if anyone has experience buying a car from mercado Libre. I know ebay type sites are a turnoff for many but both cars we currently have came from ebay and have been great cars had both around 10 years. TIA
  23. We have had his "wild" salmon and quit enjoyed it
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