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  1. Thank you Snowyco for your well thought out and accurate answer. You saved me from posting my usual response to these questions which come up every fall when newcomers move into the area. Yes, I know we will hear from many residents who claim they drink street water right out of the yard hose and never get sick, However, there are many people here who do not have that type of immune systems; many here are elderly,or have a compromised immune system from other underlying conditions. Also many never change their filters and UV lights. We have several extra filters, change our UV often, have an expensive zeolite filtering sysyem and an undersink reverse osmosis system that we monitor carefully. I worked with CDC when we lived in the states when many did not survive the Crytpto Sporidium outbreak in the midwest and can attest to what happens when one is exposed to water borne diseases when their immune system is compromised. We live in Riberas where the water is tan if untreated. Our filters need to be changed every two weeks due to the solid particles in the water. In addition, years ago many prospectors mined for gold in this area utilizing arsnic which can leach into the wells for many years after it is used. If you are worried, do not forget about ice that you get in restaurants, always ask if it is filtered water. Or carry your own own bottle, or drinks made with water when eating out. Avoid salads or fresh veggies as well. Good Luck, stay well.
  2. Thanks Canamex, More Liana, Maxx and Don. You all saved me from a lengthly posting on the connection of raw milk products to TB, Salmonella and Brucellosis, among others. Working as a consultant with the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, CDC, with infectious diseases for almost twenty years I experienced first hand the impact that raw mlk products can have on ones health.I saw many migrant farmworkers in the midwest who orignated in Jalisco who were terribly ill from TB and Brucellosis. Brucellosis, was usually not diagnosed early since it is similar to other diseases and if not suspected is not on the usual list of tests and goes untreated. Young children and the elderly particularly have a hard time with these diseases. Home pasturization does not always remove the bacteria from the milk. I love the yougurt from the market but the seller could not tell me if her cows were tested for TB so I will continue to buy the packaged yougurt which really has no taste since I am on regular doses of antibiotics and yougurt controls some of their negative side effects.
  3. To All the Consignment Store Visitors Out there: Has anyone run across a womens consignment store that carries large sized women's clothing. I have some very nice clothing that's now too large to sell, some designer pieces. Or if personally interested PM me to see what I have and the sizes
  4. Thank You, it is sometmes difficult to be reasonable when responsing to some of the posters.

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