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  1. I say "Fake News" Middle of June regardless of when the first sounds are heard ... check your history. NTL, can't wait!!!!!! Cheers!
  2. Made two attempt to find premium gas today ... nada. My guess is that come Sunday they will have miraculously found an abundant supply ... and the new inflated price!!!
  3. I'll check out Christina ... Marti was a no go.
  4. Does anyone know where I can purchase kinseology tape locally or in GDL? Gracias
  5. Has anyone recently taken Lopez Mateos past the Periferico? I recall there has been a large construction project there and just wondering if it's still in progress and, if so, how big of a hassle is it now? Thanks.
  6. Does anyone have any used dumbells they would like to sell? Looking for ones from 25 to 35 lbs. If so, please pm me. Gracias
  7. Seriously doubt they can compete with Spencer's superb quality service ... before AND after the sale!!!
  8. I just got rid of one last week ... contact Richard at ComputerGuyAjijic@Hotmail.com he's at Angel Flores #17 between Juarez and Colon. 766-1276 ... note, he's not an early riser. But SUPER nice guy and he'll not charge you anything ... he makes his money salvaging parts. Highly recommend.
  9. I know they're fairly common down here, especially to block sun from the West, but where can I buy one? Needs to be about 6 feet wide and 8 feet long. Gracias!
  10. I have a cell phone, and older Blackberry and an HP laptop (minus hard drive) that I would like to donate or have recycled. Any suggestions?
  11. I got mine done today in Chapala ... no problems.
  12. Damn I hate those Senior moments But gracias, I'll check those you mentioned! Smoked salmon???? I'm so jealous!!
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