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  1. It would be great if you could post the results of this tasting. I'm assuming that this is tequila taste ranking.
  2. OK, I don't know where this particular Noria Alta is either, but I was hoping someone could tell me. There's no need to solve this, please post the next photo. Here's a photo of the noria and acqueduct near the Noria Alta community just outside of Guanajuato City. The structure is so large in diameter I wondered whether it had some kind of water lift inside rather than having a water wheel. In the old photo below there is no water wheel. The photographer would have been standing near the creek. https://www.google.com/search?q=historic+water+lift+mechanisms&tbm=isch&ved=2
  3. Hint: It is a noria, but where? And how does it work. What is the mechanism?
  4. Yep. Church of Saint Paul the Apostle. Mitla, Oaxaco https://www.goapp.mx/que-hacer-iglesia-de-san-pablo-apostol-1250
  5. Correct. I wasn't sure whether this one would be easy, or not.
  6. This church in Oaxaca State is famous for a reason that might surprise you.
  7. Dominico de Natividad in Tepoztlá?
  8. Oops, looks like I jumped ahead of Bisbee Gal's photo from yesterday morning. Sorry about that.
  9. I was afraid this one would be too difficult. Capilla del Señor de Tlacolula.... Church of "La Asunción de Nuestra Señora" 16th century Dominican church, whose chapel is known for its ornate Baroque decoration and a crucifix to which have been ascribed many miracle. Tlacolula, Oaxaca, Mexico. It's surrounded by one of the oldest markets markets in central-america; the Martin Guzman Mercado Municipal in Tlacolula Matamoros, Oaxaco.
  10. Hints: Side view of a Capilla which is surrounded by a Sunday market, in a town known for Mezcal. The market is named for a former Governor of the state. 16th century Dominican church, whose chapel is known for its ornate Baroque decoration and a crucifix to which have been ascribed many miracles. I know this is a tough one. Would like the town and state. If you want to skip this one and post another photo I'll be back with the answer shortly.
  11. Yes. Mina el Eden. A huge silver mine which operated until 1960. Now there is a mall and nightclub inside, plus a tour of course. The tour is well worthwhile. You enter the portal via the man trip pictured, walk by the nightclub, then along the main vein for what seems like a mile, then exit via a different portal. Near this second portal you can catch the tranvía aéreo up to La Bufa where you have a great view of the city. http://en.travelbymexico.com/zacatecas/places-to-visit/?nom=kzaceleden
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