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  1. This topic probably has come up many times before, but I would like input on who to get to fumigate our casa. we seem to have an inordinate number of cockroaches. thank you for any advice provided.
  2. your table is very nice but too long for me. are you a woodworker that makes furniture? ken gmerg@telus.net
  3. From the owner's point of view who would you recommend?
  4. I know this is a frequent topic. I am looking for up- to- date recommendations, however, especially in tile replacement and painting.
  5. Yes, I know that the obvious solution would be a trip to Tonola. What are some options Lakesde? I have already been to the store near Paninos as well as the one near the Coke plant. Neither had much of a selection in large pots. Any other options?
  6. Our Canadian extended health coverage expires on March 8. In the past we didn't bother getting coverage for the last few weeks of our Mexican stay, choosing to self insure. However as we are now getting older we will be looking at insurance options. What are your recommendations as to who we could contact for short term health insurance options?
  7. The burners on our Mabe stove no longer light reliably. Any suggestions as to who I could call?
  8. I feel more comfortable paying by the hour instead of a contract price. What would a fair hourly wage be for a competent handyman doing about 30 hours (or more) of work. The work would mainly entail roof and molding painting.
  9. My sourdough starter is sluggish and making for poor results in my bread efforts. I think I need to start fresh.
  10. I know this topic has been discussed before, but I can't seem to locate past responses. At any rate my 10 year old solar water heater is not producing much hot water as of now. I welcome any suggestions as to who I might get to rectify the problem.
  11. Could you inform me as to what my options are for the purchase and installation of an awning for my patio? Thank you for any responses.
  12. My one half HP pump in our water feature has quit pumping water. It is not burned out as it is making a sound as if it is trying to pump. Do any of you have a suggestion as to where it could be repaired?
  13. I applaud Mudgirl and Harry for their intelligent responses. I am not sure why Maincoons, who should be impartial as a moderator, should feel personally insulted by comments that do not match his predudices.
  14. As the title suggests I am looking for the best option for converting American dollars into pesos. I welcome your input.
  15. John, where did you buy electric heat pump for your pool?
  16. I am in Canada but left my bank card in Mex. I do have a blank check and I assume that some of those many numbers at the bottom of the check is my card #. I tried phoning Bancomer but was not successful. I do have the bank clicker to acquire the required code. I have tried some of the series of numbers on my check but have struck out. Any suggestions.
  17. Excellent response, Mudgirl. Once again you are a voice for common sense. People who have their own agendas also tend to be intolerant of other views.
  18. That cheap shot was uncalled for Pedro.
  19. I feel that my question to you was far more civil than was your response to me.

  20. many of my favorite posters are on TOB
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