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  1. I have always received good advice from responders on this board. With that in mind I again am seeking advice--this time about finding a good muffler shop.
  2. I am wondering if the Chapala vehicle license place now has the hologram sticker. I would hate to make 2 trips if I do not have to.
  3. It appears that the vivero 0n the Northwest corner of the Libramiento and Caraterra is on its last stages of operating. Is there any knowledge of what might be happening to this prime bit of real estate going forward?
  4. The battery in each of my garage door clickers is good, but my garage door will not open. There is no house access to my garage and the windows are barred. Hopefully someone can offer me a suggestion as to who I could call.
  5. I sense that my solar hot water is not as hot as it used to be and that less hot water is being produced. What sort of service is required and who might be able to provide such service. Thank you for your input.
  6. From a home owners point of view I would appreciate any recommendations for a person or company who would manage (and find a tenant) for my property during my 6 month summer absences. I have used 2 companies in the past and have not been satisfied with either.
  7. I have always had good service from Jackie (and Tio Bob before him)
  8. Squirrels have been chewing our outdoor cushions. This has even happened during the daytime. I am wondering if something could be sprayed on the cushions to prevent this. Any suggestions?
  9. It is a Hayward (Goldline) TCell 3. It is 8 years old.
  10. My tcell for salt water pool is no longer operating. Does any one know if this item can be repaired. A new one in Guad costs about 15,000 pesos. Thanks for your input.
  11. Following a recent home breakin I have musing about home security. There are many obvious things that one could do such as window bars, better lighting, etc. I was wondering though if I could hook up a button on my headboard and the pressing of such button would activate (by means of a wireless signal) a receiver in my neighbour's house. Perhaps even a series of homes could be connected in such a way. What are your thoughts on this and on other ways of combating the bad guys?
  12. We wish to make our home more secure and am considering attractive metal lattice work for windows. Where, or from who, could I obtain such a product?
  13. A high quality insulated seems to be an option if such an item is available.
  14. They do a lot of work at Lakeside. Enrici used to work in Canada for Rogers Communications.
  15. i think that CP electronics is the best value for your money
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