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  1. kmerg

    Swimming Pool Heater

    A high quality insulated seems to be an option if such an item is available.
  2. kmerg

    TV installation jobs

    They do a lot of work at Lakeside. Enrici used to work in Canada for Rogers Communications.
  3. kmerg

    TV installation jobs

    i think that CP electronics is the best value for your money
  4. kmerg

    gomez tile

    i am looking for Gomez tile that used to be located next to pranjo restaurant. Could someone pass on his present location to me? Thanks for your help.
  5. We have an onyx counter with sink in one of our bathrooms. The bottom of the sink is all pitted and needs to be replaced. I am open to suggestions as to who I could get to do this.
  6. Does anyone have the contact info for CP electronics?
  7. My satellite TV troubleshooter's rates seem to have doubled in the past year. I would love to find a competent but lower priced option. I welcome your suggestions.
  8. kmerg

    tennis balls

    Are pressurized Penn tennis balls really inferior to the pressureless balls available her. I have about 10 sleeves 0f the Penns that some of my partners do not want to play with. I would appreciate your views.
  9. kmerg

    Great cell phone deal

    We have this Amigo plan of 100pesos for thirty days. I have used it in Ontario to phone local and long distance in Canada and I just dialed the number in Ontario and added 1 to phone elsewhere in Canada. It is working the same now that I am in Alberta. I have a problem with it however. My 30 days end tomorrow and I tried to recharge for 30 (or 25?) more days using one of the prepaid Telcel phone cards. The info I was given at Telcel - Centro Laguna- was to phone star 134 star which does not work here. My question is: has anyone used a top up phone card from Canada? Or does anyone have a Telcel ph number that will get me to an English speaker? Help!
  10. I am considering Enrici for painting, including silitre repair and to do a small construction job. I am interested in comments about the quality of Enrici's work
  11. At our next homeowners annual meeting there will likely be a proposal to place a surcharge of up to 30% on residents who rent their casita. I question how proper it is to change the rules once the ball game has begun. Are there any other condominios at Lakeside that have such a surcharge? What is your considered opinion on this matter?
  12. Oscar at Furniture for Less has recommended Armando in Chapala for good quality upholstery work. We are redoing our patio furniture. Can anyone provide a comment on Armando's work? Thanks for your advice.
  13. kmerg

    Inapam Card

    I am wondering what value an inapam card would have.
  14. Are there any businesses in the area that rent equipment? My present interest is in renting a 3 0r 4 meter extension ladder. It seems counterproductive to buy such an item for a one time usage. Thanks for responses.
  15. Who could I get to put moldings [gesso or cement?] around my interior doors. The doors as they are seem so unfinished.