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  1. ATM limits are usually set by your home bank although the local bank may have limits per withdrawal. Just withdraw until the machine says "enough".
  2. Apps are available for cell phones. Saw one last week and it worked well
  3. Canadian non-residents CAN deduct medical expenses. I do it all the time. (Tax Preparer 30 years)
  4. Felipe Morales above scoped a car for me 2 weeks ago.
  5. Johnnies Restaurant on the east malecon in Chapala has 2 or so, Janelles Garden has one.
  6. After nearly 10 years I have basically given up on clothes made for the Mexican Market. In the last year I have bought shirts from Both LL Bean and Amazon mx (sold by Amazon.com and imported). Good fits and appear to be wearing better. Little bit more expensive than here but not expensive compared to US and Canada. Shorts bought in US 4 years ago are still fine as are shirts, pants and shorts bought in Canada 2 years ago. Shirts bought at Sears in Guad last year are already old. Will see what Liverpool has next week in Colima
  7. According to Chapala municipality we are supposed to get a Driver's licence office of our own this month. Has anyone heard anything further on this?
  8. Hidalgo and Madero There were 2 stores in Chapala he managed and also the Laguna Mall store. I know, I was one of the scammed ones and switched back to Telcel as soon as was possible. And because of that I will NEVER go back to AT&T.
  9. From his profile Saba - Dutch Caribbean Island of Saba - TripSavvy https://www.tripsavvy.com › Trip Planning › Cruises › Caribbean Jun 7, 2019 - Saba is mountainous and the tallest peak rises 2,864 feet above sea level and is covered by a dense rain forest. Saba is a mountainous island of the Caribbean, located about 28 miles from its sister island of St. Maarten.
  10. It will be effective when the government tells us and I am sure the Guad Reporter will keep us in the loop. I do understand the Mechanic in Chapala has closed up shop and left the area.
  11. It was in part but if you read this publication dated today it goes into much more detail
  12. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/bank-fraud-in-san-miguel-de-allende/
  13. When it says "out for delivery" it on the way from GDL.
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