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  1. dave0415

    How to call 1-800# with cell phone?

    Check their listing # on Canada 411. That will give you a local Canadian number which is toll free from Mexico. Just dial 001 +10 digits. I use it all the time. Works for both landline and cell. I call Canada on a weekly basis. Works for the US also but not the Canada 411 part.
  2. dave0415

    Ajijic's new administrator

    SAT usually has it's own
  3. dave0415

    Furniture stores

    Actually Palliser is now made at their Mexico plant
  4. dave0415

    Transitos in La Canacinta?

    The answer is that you do not go to jail in the first place. What the transitos are doing is against both State and Federal laws. Exercise your rights and leave them standing at the side of the road I hope you read Spenser's document. If you did not you are making very misinformed comments. If you read the document you will understand my comments. After 10 years i have no fear of the transitos. If they stop me for a reason such as speeding I have no problem. If they stop me to check documents I say no and leave. Carry a copy of Spenser's document in the car and show them you know the law
  5. dave0415

    Transitos in La Canacinta?

    Spenser McMullen wrote an excellent guide to the Jalisco traffic laws back in 2014 and they are basically the same today. You can find it at http://chapalalaw.com/Driving.pdf It is quite long but pay special attention to extortion and abuse of power. Reasons for which the transitos may stop you and the reasons they may tow your car. Everything they are doing in La Canacinta is against the law. Don't be afraid to tell them to go to hell, there is nothing they can do . They don't want to go to prison There is also a Federal Law that guarantees the right of passage whether you are walking, riding or driving a car. Can't find it at the moment but will post if I do. Maybe Spenser knows the Federal law Don't be afraid if you are stopped just look the officer in the eye and say "It's a little early for Christmas isn't it Officer?" he will get the message. More Info: https://themazatlanpost.com/2018/09/19/the-police-can-not-perform-routine-checks-they-are-illegal-in-mexico/
  6. dave0415

    Transitos in La Canacinta?

    This is from the Guadalajara Reporter late last year http://theguadalajarareporter.net/index.php/news/news/lake-chapala/51104-state-traffic-cops-go-out-of-bounds
  7. dave0415

    Physio Therapy Services

    Many deductibles are in the 5000.00 US range which is in the 90,000.00 pesos range. One has to have a lot drugs, local Doctor office visits, therapy.etc to get to 5000.00 USD. Is it worth the effort to pay that extra VAT (as much as 14,000.00 pesos+) and maybe most years never get to the deductible amount but pay the extra tax. Do the math. Of course it you have already met the deductible you will need the factura. But do the math! All the time.
  8. dave0415

    Looking for parsley and chive plants

    At most viveros
  9. dave0415

    Urologist recommendation, pls

    I second Dr. Hernandez at Integrity
  10. dave0415

    El Ancla

    We eat there at least once a week, maybe 2x. We live only a few hundred metres away. A dish we often order, apart from chicken, is Caesar Salad either on its own or with chicken or shrimp. The dressing is fresh and the whole salad/dressing is made at your table as you and the rest of the restaurant watch. Very well done and well worth the price. (Max 130p) For those who like it, lamb ribs, chops and shank are on the menu 7 days a week
  11. dave0415


    W won't be going. They are extremely large portions with prices to match. We don't buy large portions which are good for 2 or more retirees here who are the major part on the population who can possible afford these prices. They would have been better to open in Guadalajara where the younger more affluent people eat these size portions. It may be popular with the Guad Squad on weekends.
  12. This should be in the "Computers for sale" section
  13. dave0415

    G Mail

    I use Mailbird. It syncs with gmail but one does not get these updates all the time. Free for one email account, otherwise about 40.00 for a lifetime purchase. Very easy to set up
  14. Fro a Kitchen capers article some time ago "Previously, American markets had been supplied with Mexican-made versions of the clay pot. The easiest way to tell the difference between German Romertopf and the Mexican-made version is by checking the bottom pot. German-made Romertopf has always been made with a glass-glazed interior, while the Mexican pots are not. But Mexico's production stopped several years ago, and now all Romertopf is produced in Germany." Good article https://www.kitchenkapers.com/pages/focus-on-the-romertopf-roaster
  15. I hear that some Canadian Banks are getting on the bandwagon and sending "get to know your client questionnaires" My wife got a letter some time ago and the bank was quite anal about getting their questions answered.