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  1. When it says "out for delivery" it on the way from GDL.
  2. Jitomate restaurant will closed for vacation from Saturday 11th May to Friday 17th May inclusive.
  3. Jitomate did not have a menu until April 4th or 5th and even then most of the new menu was not available (his wife jumped the gun and set them out early). Just pizzas, a few lonches and the occasional special all posted on the wall so I am confused by your comment. Now everything is available on the new menu maybe you should try it again. Or maybe you are confusing it with another restaurant
  4. Potrerillos and Las Trojes are where Cookj5 described, on the north side of the north shore mountains not on the south side of the lake. Check your map
  5. You must remember that you need a wheel with the same stud configuration as your car. Also was it a full size spare or one of those smaller ones?
  6. Since the driving force behind Operation Feed is not expats but a Mexican man who saw the need, developed it and maintains that effort to this day. He even started a restaurant to provide funds to help sustain it. Agustin from Viva Mexico is a remarkable man. Yes, expats help with money, labour and ideas but it was started by Mexican for Mexicans and Mexicans still provide the driving force. If you want to help Operation Feed an enjoyable way is to eat at Viva Mexico now and then and meet Agustin. Of course you also donate or offer to help. Maybe we should probably look to Mexican influence in what you are suggesting but they do no appear yet to have seen the need. Are you volunteering?
  7. Gerard has recently added to his menu with 5 or 6 pasta dishes and 3 panzarotti dishes. Both home made pastas and panzarottis range from 120p to 170p and are very tasty. Well worth checking out. Gerard is celebrating their 2nd anniversary on April 15. Some free giveaways including margaritas and snacks. Their regular menu is available plus they will have live music until 9pm
  8. I was there 2 months ago and it sure wasn't then in including having to climb up on a step for a spinal xray
  9. Their equipment is an older technology. The one at Maskaras (Chopo) is digital.
  10. Has anyone used this Auto Shop in Jocotepec and if so, are they as good as they sound? Thanks
  11. My Doctor is in Chapala and he prefers Chopo. Says the reports are better.
  12. Most is caused by predictive typing on tablets and phones. Something to live with from now on I guess. People don't bother to check what they have accepted.
  13. I don't know where you get the idea that 285p per day is the minimum rate that "peons" will accept. Quite apart from the slur to our Mexican neighbours there are many people from Jocotopec to Mezcala who work for less. Especially in the construction industry. That is Lakeside.
  14. The care clinic INSIDE Maskaras has had a digital XRay for some years. I doesn't hurt to try them. Inside on the left.
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