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  1. dave0415

    Transitos in La Canacinta?

    This is from the Guadalajara Reporter late last year http://theguadalajarareporter.net/index.php/news/news/lake-chapala/51104-state-traffic-cops-go-out-of-bounds
  2. dave0415

    Physio Therapy Services

    Many deductibles are in the 5000.00 US range which is in the 90,000.00 pesos range. One has to have a lot drugs, local Doctor office visits, therapy.etc to get to 5000.00 USD. Is it worth the effort to pay that extra VAT (as much as 14,000.00 pesos+) and maybe most years never get to the deductible amount but pay the extra tax. Do the math. Of course it you have already met the deductible you will need the factura. But do the math! All the time.
  3. dave0415

    Looking for parsley and chive plants

    At most viveros
  4. dave0415

    Urologist recommendation, pls

    I second Dr. Hernandez at Integrity
  5. dave0415

    El Ancla

    We eat there at least once a week, maybe 2x. We live only a few hundred metres away. A dish we often order, apart from chicken, is Caesar Salad either on its own or with chicken or shrimp. The dressing is fresh and the whole salad/dressing is made at your table as you and the rest of the restaurant watch. Very well done and well worth the price. (Max 130p) For those who like it, lamb ribs, chops and shank are on the menu 7 days a week
  6. dave0415


    W won't be going. They are extremely large portions with prices to match. We don't buy large portions which are good for 2 or more retirees here who are the major part on the population who can possible afford these prices. They would have been better to open in Guadalajara where the younger more affluent people eat these size portions. It may be popular with the Guad Squad on weekends.
  7. This should be in the "Computers for sale" section
  8. dave0415

    G Mail

    I use Mailbird. It syncs with gmail but one does not get these updates all the time. Free for one email account, otherwise about 40.00 for a lifetime purchase. Very easy to set up
  9. Fro a Kitchen capers article some time ago "Previously, American markets had been supplied with Mexican-made versions of the clay pot. The easiest way to tell the difference between German Romertopf and the Mexican-made version is by checking the bottom pot. German-made Romertopf has always been made with a glass-glazed interior, while the Mexican pots are not. But Mexico's production stopped several years ago, and now all Romertopf is produced in Germany." Good article https://www.kitchenkapers.com/pages/focus-on-the-romertopf-roaster
  10. I hear that some Canadian Banks are getting on the bandwagon and sending "get to know your client questionnaires" My wife got a letter some time ago and the bank was quite anal about getting their questions answered.
  11. dave0415

    Sliding door lock replacement

    Have you tried a little 3 in 1 oil. I use it on all my locks 2x a year. It is available at Walmart, Soriana and most hardware stores. BTW Heriberto is the best locksmith Lakeside.
  12. dave0415

    printer problem

    Try searching hp.com for an updated driver. Sounds like your computer may be using a windows generic driver.
  13. dave0415

    Southern Sisters Restaurant

    After all the "slams" and a few"mine was good" my wife did not feel like going out so I decided to try out Southern Sisters yesterday late afternoon. My welcome was great, I have known the head waiter for several years at a variety of restaurants and my menu and drink arrived promptly. My chicken fried steak arrived in a reasonable length of time. All in all, for a new restaurant, I felt it was a pretty good effort and I have been known to slam the odd eatery for any variety of reasons. The grilled shrimp, fries and salad that I took home for my wife were, she said, also good. (she ate the whole thing). They will fill a niche here Lakeside, one gets tired of the same old, same old and wants a little variety now and then.
  14. dave0415

    iLox @ LCS?

    They asked for "pledges" and "expressions of interest". I think at one point they were added together to come to 400. An expression of interest is exactly that it is not a pledge and I was one of those expressing interest. I did not and have not made a pledge. I am following through but at the expression of interest level. I am still not sure that I need that level of internet speed especially as I now get 10mbps and Telmex are offering me 30mbps for another 100 pesos per month
  15. dave0415

    iLox @ LCS?

    Tom: They have to be paid for in the first place. If the cost is per house to lay the conduits then of course there would be no additional cost per house after the conduits have been laid. The conduit installation cost has already been paid