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  1. dave0415

    Printer Koist on Carreteria

    Most is caused by predictive typing on tablets and phones. Something to live with from now on I guess. People don't bother to check what they have accepted.
  2. dave0415

    Health Care Costs in Lakeside ,Mexico

    I don't know where you get the idea that 285p per day is the minimum rate that "peons" will accept. Quite apart from the slur to our Mexican neighbours there are many people from Jocotopec to Mezcala who work for less. Especially in the construction industry. That is Lakeside.
  3. dave0415

    Emissions testing for 2019

    Read today's Guad reporter
  4. The care clinic INSIDE Maskaras has had a digital XRay for some years. I doesn't hurt to try them. Inside on the left.
  5. dave0415

    Gas Availability

    SJC, El Chante and the most easterly Pemexin in Joco were all pumping when I went West at 3:30 and still pumping when I returned at 5pm. Long lines at all.
  6. dave0415


    There is no Pemex west of Los Sabinos any longer. It is a BP now.
  7. dave0415

    Southern Sisters Restaurant

    Breakfast is the test for any restaurant. In and out in 45 minutes, spend more time if you want. A week and a half ago it took 2 hours for breakfast which is totally, TOTALLY unacceptable. After 5 attempts including 3 dinners we are not going back for dinner just to see if they have got their act together. There are far better places to eat. I will waste no more money on them.
  8. I use about 2 large 2000+ laser refills a year which I buy on Mercado Libre. They are guaranteed to work otherwise you have a free return and replacement. They are delivered by DHL (sometimes FedEx) within 2 days. They can be tracked and are delivered directly to your home. Delivery is free from most suppliers. Amazon Mexico sell laser cartridges although I have not used them for cartridges.. They sell new and refills. Delivery to you home is 1 or 2 days including weekends with tracking information. Delivery is free usually if you have prime. They are guaranteed and have free return. Both Mercado Libre and Amazon Mx are very reliable and safe. They both have insurance, returns are accepted without question and non deliveries are refunded. I do get office supplies from Office Depot (free delivery) but they are not very clear on delivery date. They do not provide tracking information. Just "in about 7-14 days". I just received a delivery from LL Bean which took about 7 days. (only 2 days on the courier). They ship through Border Free which is the 2-4 day holdup. I have recurrent sciatica so walking stores can be painful. I get a much better experience and selection using these online services.and sometimes save significant amounts over local costs plus when it is necessary to return something it is a breeze unlike the local stores.
  9. dave0415

    Homes for Rent

    I suspect the Florida/Texas/Arizona snowbird markets have become more attractive as Rental/Restaurant/Gasoline prices have skyrocketed here in the last couple of years. Add to that the flight time spent and plane changes to get here have increased in many cases as airlines try to maximize their seating capacities. I hear comments from some established restaurants that they are not as busy as previous years and even though restaurant competition has increased the old regulars are still popular. Not everyone wants "fine dining" which usually means smaller portions for higher prices, for the same food as other restaurants. As traffic increases it has become more obvious that the infrastructure is totally inadequate and there is little likelihood that it will or can be improved in the foreseeable future. Many snowbirds leave traffic jams at home and don't want them during their "winter vacation". Is the bubble bursting? The infrastructure can in no way support the proposed developments and the municipality will not be able to support them unless they talk enormous increases in taxes. House prices and rents are too high for the quality of the mostly unregulated construction and many of them will not support year round living. Roads that were fine 10 years ago will no longer withstand the onslaught of 4x the number of cars and heavy trucks. Telmex, CFE, the list goes on as they struggle to maintain and improve their infrastructures to meet the increased needs. There seems to be an increasing number of people moving away, either back home or other places in Mexico. Friends came back to Mexico in 2017, lived out their one year lease and returned to Florida. They will not be back. "It is not the same" was their comment. The bubble burst in 2008 keeping time with the financial crisis in the USA. It could happen again. Many people have only just managed to recover some or all of the monies lost here at that time.
  10. If you mean the Chapala Tianguis it seems it will business as normal
  11. dave0415

    X-Ray lab at Plaza Interlago

    I recently had to have 2 back xrays there. That is normally done in a vertical position but not on top of a 2 foot stand with only one step up. The equipment did not appear new. The latest xray machines are digital and this one certainly was not. I also will not be going back
  12. Please do not try to second guess Canadian Law. The correct answer is in my post above.
  13. It is residency not citizenship that counts when it comes to driving your foreign plated car in Canada. If you are an non-resident of Canada for tax purposes then you are a visitor and may drive your foreign plated car temporarily while in Canada just like any other foreign visitor. If for some reason you have not registered as a non-resident for tax purposes then it becomes an importation and is subject to a bunch of rules both Federal and Provincial. I would suggest you stay away from that. I would expect that your wife with her Permanent residency would be treated in the same way as a citizen (resident). Don't know for sure and unfortunately don't know who would be able to help her other than the Embassy in Mexico City. They are able to provide all sorts of incorrect tax information for Canadians living in Mexico so I am not sure how they would help in your situation or how much I would trust their advice. BTW Your Canadian residency or non-residency is determined only by the Canadian Revenue Agency, the Tax Thugs of the Canadian Government. They are the ones who make all the non-residency determinations and rules. They only have one thought. "How much of your income can we keep" or alternatively "We want it all, send us your cheque". For those Canadians still driving on your Provincial licenses be aware that most Provincial Driving Licenses expire 6 months (or thereabouts) after you are no longer resident in that Province. Probably not a big deal except when you have a major accident with large dollar insurance claims and a smart adjuster decides to investigate and lo and behold you are considered not to have a valid drivers license and are on the hook for big dollars personally plus fines etc. Also fraud (providing false information in order to lease a car and/or obtain insurance). Do yourself a favour and get your Jalisco license.
  14. In my experience after nearly 10 years in Mexico I only expect 2-3 years out of tires. I now buy Michelin which come with a 5 year warranty. Not the cheapest but I am hoping the best