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  1. This person/persons doing this almost certainly have some type of mental health issues that one would have to to make innocent creatures suffer such an awful death. Is it possible that this person is attempting to solve a problem (in their own sick way) that they feel the local government is either incapable of solving or unwilling to address? That they're sick and tired of all the stray dogs running loose? Certainly not going about it the right way, but is it conceivable that the poison was meant for the strays and not the dogs of the responsible and caring owners? Not that an
  2. Do you automatically get 6 months when entering Mexico via air or land?
  3. Does anyone have any idea of what a month's supply of each of these drugs would cost? Again, they are Lisinopril 20mgs., Angiotrofin Retard (Diltiazem) 240 mgs. and Hydroclorothiazide 25 mgs. All BP meds, BTW. Thank you.
  4. What type of noise do tazers make that is so intimidating to dogs?
  5. Have tried the online search for Farmacia Guadalajara, Similares, and Walmart with few results. Am looking for Lisinopril 20 mg., Diltiazem 240mg. (Angiotrofin Retard in Mexico) and Hydrochlorothyazide ( a diuretic) 12.5 mgs. These are all blood pressure meds BTW. Does anyone reading this take any of these or know where these can be purchased? Thank you.
  6. I use a free VPN called Windscribe. 256 bit military grade encryption and they say they don't maintain lists of your activity. Before that, I used Cyber Ghost Free. Same thing with more servers but a bit of a PITA to use vs. Windscribe. Not 100% either have servers in Mexico but both are free with military- grade encryption and no lists so worth a try. Buena suerte.
  7. Interesting answers, thank you. BTW, growth hormones are not desirable in food. A lot of the milk sold in the US contains growth hormones.
  8. Is that from the USDA website? In any event best to buy organically produced produce whenever available.
  9. I used to eat strawberries almost every day whilst living there as they were cheap and absolutley delicious. I'm wondering if in so doing I've unknowingly ingested significant amounts of pesticides. A case of closing the barn door after the horse has already left, I know. As I recall at the time they were not very big and were irregularly shaped.......
  10. NOB they use a LOT of different pesticides on strawberries. They recommend eating only the organic ones as they're the worst fruit for pesticide contamination. Does anyone know if the locally produced strawberries are heavily sprayed like the ones grown in the US?
  11. This is a somewhat nebulous topic IMO. You have Mexican insurance and you get into an accident whilst driving. Not sure if its yours or the other driver's fault. Let's say that there appear to be injured motorists in the other vehicle. Unsure of the extent of the injuries. I know the proper course of action NOB. What is the correct course of action Lakeside (or Mexico for that matter)? Once again, you DO have valid Mexican insurance coverage.
  12. When I last lived there we got 10.5 pesos to the USD. I'm sure prices on virtually everything have increased considerably since then, but am curious to know just how everyday life has changed with such a good conversion rate.
  13. Are there IMSS clinics in Chapala and Jocotepec and an IMSS hospital in Guad? I read where they sometimes give poor service to the non- Mexicans. Any truth to this?
  14. Am considering relocating to Lakeside after a lengthy absence. Of course I would need to take a trip down there and see things for myself first, but was wondering just how things have changed there over the years in the following categories: 1) The cost of renting. From what I can see by looking at the websites there, the cost of renting does not seem to have increased dramatically over the years. Am I correct in this assumption? 2) Healthcare. I have VA healthcare here in the US (free because I'm a disabled vet). There I would need to purchase health insurance. Am over 60 with
  15. From what I've observed, the humidity levels at Lake Chapala have increased in recent years. I frequently see dewpoints in the 60s. I haven't been there for some time but rarely remember feeling uncomfortable from higher humidity levels. Almost no one had air conditioning. I'm considering Lakeside as a possible retirement destination and am concerned about these higher dewpoints now vs. then. Is this just a seasonal thing (April through June mostly) and drier, more comfortable air prevails the rest of the year?
  16. What about Pizza Toscana in Riberas? Great pizzas IMO (if it's still open).
  17. Is this a good means to convert USD to pesos? Are there better alternatives?
  18. Very curious to see what happens after midnight tonight with the Windows 10 upgrade that Microsoft has been pushing on the users of the other operating systems. Best to change your Windows update settings from automatic back to "let me choose which updates to install", at least for today. Set on Automatic you could possibly wind up with Windows 10 installed on your computer tomorrow. From the research I've done, buying a computer with Windows 10 already installed is far less problematic than taking the free update on your Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 OS. Anyone have any opinio
  19. Wow, cheap shipping indeed. Is IShop similar to Mail Box Plus where the item is shipped to a PO Box (in Laredo, TX, I believe) and driven from there to Lakeside regularly? I think that's how it works. What is the monthly cost for the service? Thank you.
  20. Thanks Kevin K and Gringal for your replies. Very informative. I was in SMA for about 2 weeks in 2009. MUCH different than Lakeside. Narrow sidewalks with lots of traffic in the centro area. Some really elegant shops in the centro area. It looks like your budget would have to be 1 1/2 to twice the average budget at Lakeside for a similar quality of life. Bugget dining options were a bit scarcer in SMA in my opinion. Also, SMA is over 7,000 ft. like Santa Fe as Kevin K mentioned. I had bizarre dreams virtually every night we were there( I assume from the altitude.) I believe the climate in
  21. Gringal, If you read this post may we have your input, please? I assume from Mainecoons' post that one living in SMA still has to fly into/out of either Queretaro or Leon airport, both a lot farther from SMA than GDL airport is from Lake Chapala.
  22. Was researching on Numbeo the two cities' respective living costs. It stated rent prices were about 35% higher in SMA and eating out was very slightly higher in Ajijic ,the city I had to use for comparison .( I know Chapala and Joco are cheaper for a lot of things.) A lot of the other things (food, utilities, etc. were pretty similar on the site.) Not too much data about medical and dentistry costs. I hope those reading this post familiar with both cities will offer their opinions. I know there are cheaper places to live in Mexico but hard to beat each other's weather IMO.
  23. Is writing a check here still a good way to obtain pesos?
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