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  1. Can somebody give me all the benefits of having this card?
  2. Does anyone know someone who can make lamp shaded that have to be custom made? Thank you!
  3. Does anyone know the bus schedule on sundays to guadalajara on the direct bus service?
  4. does anyone know of a shoe repair shop in lake chapala area?
  5. CAVEAT EMPTOR - Beware beware. Is this not a truism all over the world? One just feels that people are more truthful and happy here! We all seem to want to give and enjoy this wonderful place we live in. We (at least our family does) that we are living in a very special place and meeting special people. It is too bad that some want to spoil it, but that's life! So sorry and such a shame!
  6. The trouble with a group tour is that they are not in the group to buy a home. We have had to follow them around because the agent just sat in a chair, did not "sell" our home. The comments from the group was positive, however, they were there for photos and video...you can see these on the web site on GIL. Why disrupt someone's home when they are not in the market? The realtor's showing the home should find out more about the people he is showing the house to. How can you sell a home when you have 9 - 12 people running around?
  7. I understand open houses, my experience was not with an open house, but with people coming through our home in the guise of showing our home to someone interested in actually "seeing" our home for their consideration. The agents office had been specifically told that we did not want groups of people coming through our home. Where do these groups come from and do they have to pay for this tour of homes? The agent that brought the gourp through our home was not our agent. Their office, however, was put on notice that we did not want this type of behaviour. It takes time and effort to make your home perfect for showing if you care at all about your home. We just feel that selling one home from this group is not a "high" return on investment of time and effort by any of us. If the agent wants to show a home, show his own, throw a cocktail party for them...let them take all the pictures and video they want. ya as if that will happen. Thanks for listenting, it is just too bad that we have to be put upon like this. It will not happen to us again!
  8. Thanks for the information. I am mainly concerned with the realtor office and how they train their agents. If the office is told a specific rule that the seller wants enforced, say for instance, they do not want open houses, large groups of people tramping through the house, etc. There is a web site that promotes our area by bringing groups of people down and spending time showing them around our area. This group does not have a real estate license and has to have a licensed real estate office with them. We have had this happen to us and we find these people are not really interested in buying real estate and come with cameras and plow through the house without any real oversite. We now will not let them in our home. We feel it is up to us as home owners to eliminate this problem. As homeowners with a home for sale, you as a homeowner, will make sure your home shows well and will want it shown to its best advantage. When this group comes in, the realtor just stands, does not sell the home and acts like it is just another home on the "TOUR' as if we have nothing better to do. We are aware of the problems that might occure when buying or selling a home and that it is up to us to be aware. We feel we can handle that. When we notified the real estate office that we did not want people through our home from this specific web site, it was ignored and the real estate office brought people through twice. Yes, I know, shame on them, then shame on us. We have lived here long enough to know and have spoken to many of our friends that have gone through selling and buying homes that this type of behaviour is unexceptable to all of us. What we are asking for is someone (the realty (mls) board to look into this so it can be stopped. We don't want to hear that a buyer may be in the group....have not seen any statistics that prove that. We will take care of this problem ourselves in this case, but people should be aware that this is going on. Thanks for your attention. We really appreciate you comments.
  9. I would like to know if there are rules that a realtor should follow in the Chapala area and if you have a problem, who should be contacted. thanks!
  10. where do i find the delegation and or obras publicas? we has spoken with the owners, the husband seems to want to cooperate, but the wife does nothing but scream and yell, but she does that all the time. thank you.
  11. Does anyone know the rules of construction debris next to an existing home. What do you do if the mess is going all over your home and patio? Thanks!
  12. Iread a comment from soneone yesterday that had the address in GUAD.of a SONY guy to buy flatscreen t.v.'s We are in the market for one and would like his address and phone. thanks so much.


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