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  1. Actually, gimp, those are Not the Rich Mexicans. They are just the average middle class Mexicans, more like us. We visit friends in Leon, Gto. regularly and when we are treated out to a burger, almost always the fast food places are full of the middle class Mexicans. People seem to think there are only poor and rich Mexicans, but there is a large and growing middle class like many of us from NOB. BTW, they do not buy their food at the Tianguis nor at the Mercados, but at major grocery stores. Rich Mexicans are a completely different breed. They are Extremely wealthy.
  2. People who post Fake News lose a lot of "credibility". Can't defend that.
  3. Seems like some people when they are "caught" simply turn to personal attacks and innuendos, no? I guess that's all one has left when they are wrong, except I see some crying about it, no?
  4. Seems like skills, or a ton of money make excellent reasons to allow someone to immigrate to ones country ! Mexico is kinda like that too.
  5. I'm really proud for you. I am absolutely sure you are better off here than NOB. Have a wonderful day !
  6. Indeed it is a Grand Day, giltner68 !!!! Happy Independence Day !!!
  7. You are definitely in the WRONG country to try doing that !
  8. I'll add to cg's comment, as there have been times (early on) when I did not take care of my responsibility by making sure I had everything and the correct change. Upon getting to the car and discovering I was 40-50 pesos short, I returned to the cashier and without saying a word to her, she handed me the correct amount. That only happened a couple of times, as I am not a really slow learner, most of the time.
  9. We have had the missing item more than once at Walmart, and the correct change problem. So, now when WE buy at Walmart, one checks the items going into the bags and the other is responsible for payment and correct change. It is tough when there is only one person. Happens at other major stores here, too. I check the bags, then the change and receipt when solo before I leave the store. More trouble, but what else is one to do here?
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