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  1. Actually, I am an Independent, ever since I left the Democratic Party after LBJ. I guess not only Republicans vote against Democrats, so do many of us. BTW, did I state something that was not the way it is? Seems that you would be more concerned that I stated something incorrect than attacking my political background, no? Can't get rid of that "trump derangement syndrome", can you? Just think about how stupid the party I left is: they lost an election they "rigged" and they lost an investigation they "rigged" !
  2. None of this should come as a surprise to anyone. The Congress would not provide more funds to hire Immigration judges to expedite asylum seekers, nor funds to hire more Border Patrol agents, remember (there was no crisis at the Border). So with the crisis that "does not exist", the government has been forced to take personnel from many crossing ports to handle the tremendous influx of "imaginary" seekers, thus leaving the points of entry extremely short-handed. They could not take agents from the field, so there was no other place to take them. Do not expect more that 2-3 lanes open when ther
  3. That is really a sad comment. That family has several children. You have lost all compassion for human life. You don't have to be very intelligent to understand the implications of the new tax laws. Sadly, it shows the lack of such by those who are crying. But, then these are the same type of people who believe Medicare for all , etc., is a God send
  4. I started a paddle boat business many years ago, got all the permits (wife is Mexican), fees, bribes, etc. First time we rented them, the "boat people" of Chapala came and were about to take all my boats, as they were not happy with the competition. They did get the local police to take one of my boats (for 3 months) until I got a lawyer to help get it back. (I had all the permits, but that made no difference, what could I do? 5 years later, I still had my boats and sold them to a "connected" Mexican young man for 3 times what I had spent on them in total. I was lucky, and soon he sold them to
  5. I remember asking Jose' in Chapala about why he allowed someone to bring their dogs inside his Place and he replied that they often came in with several friends and spent a lot. We told him that then he would not miss our business and that has been 5 years that we have not returned. Liked eating there but did not like eating with dogs at our feet.
  6. I don't agree. I think he was elected to take back control of Mexico from the corruption elements.
  7. I think AMLO is a Nationalist. He is more concerned with Mexico and the Mexican people. Couldn't really care less about European countries.
  8. https://www.informador.mx/jalisco/Activan-alerta-atmosferica-en-Ocotlan-por-incendio-en-vertedero-20190329-0040.html
  9. These months (March, April, May, early June) we find the weather much more pleasing and comfortable in Texas, so 'we head North to Central Texas area until the rainy season starts (about middle of June). We think we get the best of both "worlds" that way. YMMD
  10. Ditto the hot season here; March, April, May, June until the rains come and is Usually much cooler then. So, now is the time to decide if you like the weather here. Some like it hot, some like it cold, ...
  11. Actually his and my supplements cost about $125 each per month.
  12. Seems like my cousin NOB said his 2 new knees cost less than $1,000 total. About 3 months apart. Has Medicare and a supplement.
  13. You might be surprised, or maybe not, but we have had the same experience several times at Lakeside from more than one "recommended " doctor and dentist here. It is very important that you check the meds BEFORE taking them, as it is your health and life that is at stake. It is very rare that a doctor will inquire what other meds you are taking, and probably doesn't even know if it reacts with what you are taking; certainly the "pharmacy" is no help either.
  14. That is terrible of you to say that. Resorting to the emotional level is a cheap trick. Shame on you ! But, that is a common practice for people who cannot win an intellectual debate.
  15. Yep, they question about Socialism, love its benefits, and think for themselves that "free" stuff provided by the governments is the way to live ones life. And, you were probably one of those who spit on us when we returned from there and called us "baby killers" from your privileged life style. !
  16. Exactly ! They are being used to create emotional responses and they got many here. It doesn't surprise me that is the case though.
  17. In the almost 20 years of staying at AutoHotels, that has NEVER been a problem. We always use the phone in the room to notify the office that we are going out for a while and will return. Never a problem.
  18. Interesting. I got a new sister and a new brother for Christmas because of my DNA sample. Believe I have another brother out there but he refuses to give a sample. I guess my dad was a little more active than I thought.
  19. And, Mexico relies heavily on fossil fuels, as do China, India, Russia, etc.
  20. Just put him on "ignore" and you will probably live longer. Think about that !
  21. Maybe if you found out the purpose of the US Travel Advisories, it would make you appear intelligent when you decided to make fun of it, or maybe not.
  22. Lily, we have stayed in Hacienda del Sol and it was fine. We parked in their garage and drove where we were going, as we were getting large pots needing loading, so can't advise on walking. The price is very reasonable. I agree with More Liana, as we have been to Santa Clara del Cobre in Michoacan. Well worth the trip for Copper info, workshops, purchase. Good luck. P.S. More Liana is a resource with a wealth of experience and vast knowledge of Mexico. You can PM her and she will respond.
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