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  1. 40 minutes ago, lakeside7 said:

    If "US" over 65 year olds are in the top percentile of deaths etc , then would it more reasonable to issue stay at home restriction for that high risk group and let the "others" back to work. After all we need to ensure someone is going to pay taxes to prop up our pensions!!!

    Enforcement is the problem, as some over 65 think they are "invincible", so they will go out. By now anyone with common sense should know who the high risk are and therefore , if they fall into that category, take extra measures to protect themselves. My responsibility is to provide for myself and my family, not you and yours. We are not all in this together, nor are we in the same boat.

  2. 1 hour ago, Eric Blair said:

    My credibility to statistics is always equal to The credibility I give to the original source, which is usually the government or in my particular instance, Johns Hopkins.

    I believe dr. Fauci has either been intentionally sideliining himself because his Superior has made a clear showing of terminating those that disagree with him, and dr. Fauci has done this on many occasions. Or it could be that he was told to cool it by either his Superior or someone speaking on behalf of his boss.





    Fauci is in self quarantine, as he was exposed to an active case.

  3. 9 minutes ago, gringohombre said:

    Why are more here not questioning the statement of the OP's post "I just want to pass on an update I have from my friend, Dra. Margarita Ibarra Lloyd, a nephrologist who works at the Nueva Hospital Civil. It looks like things just went critical in GDL today. Her hospital went from 10% to 80% occupancy with covid cases in just one day, today."There is another post with the same FAKE NEWS regurgitated and nobody seems to care although the moderator has called that out and we will see the outcome. I hate to see this board degenerating into another so called SOCIAL MEDIA site where anyone can post any wacko comment and everyone just lets it go. I see more and more of this here and do not like the trend. Just my opinion!

    Try to relax and leave it up to those whose job it is to make that decision. If they don't agree with your take, you can always take it up with the Owner of the Board. 

  4. Found this post for NOB. Thought it might offer something here. You decide for yourself.
    I saw on the NBC "news" tonight that IF they open the schools in the fall, there would only be 12 students per classroom and the buses would run at 1/8 the capacity. NOT BELIEVING EVERYTHING I HEAR, I did some research of my own to find out the number of coronavirus deaths there have been in each age group. The results I found were ridiculously LOW in the age group 0-24. (I'm a nerd--I made a spreadsheet.) The narrative that schools will have to be closed or operated very differently (social distancing, masks, online learning, etc.), is completely unjustified. Think about what FURTHER financial effects this would have on families where both parents work (and don't have jobs where they can work from home). Is one parent going to be forced to quit their job in order to transport their child to/from school during staggered hours/days AND in order to teach their children at home on a part-time basis? If both parents continue to work and the child(ren) go to daycare when they are not in school, how will they pay for such a large expense? If children receive free breakfast and lunch at school because of the family's low income, what is their risk of going hungry at home? If young students don't have the internet at home, will they be able to do their school work or will they have have to wait until their parent gets home to use their cell phone? What about sports? What about extra curricular activities? Life needs to return to NORMAL for all of us, especially for children and teens. Last but not least--WHY are they making this decision in MAY??!! (You can screenshot the photo if you would like to share.) #questioneverything #numbersthatjustdontaddup #falsenarrative #wewantourlivesback
    No photo description available.
  5. 25 minutes ago, alex45920 said:

    Meanwhile, a large segment of the population both here in Mexico and NOB claim that the two governments are purposely inflating death totals in order to make the pandemic seem more serious than it is. What would these governments gain by inflating these figures? Absolutamente nada!

    Nearly a quarter of the people Colorado said died from coronavirus don’t have COVID-19 on their death certificate

    The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment announced a change to how it tallies coronavirus deaths amid complaints that it inflated numbers

  6. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/05/mexico-president-orders-military-streets-years-200512031731401.html


    The decision means soldiers will be on Mexican streets until almost the end of the presidency of Lopez Obrador, a political veteran who came to power in December 2018. He had often criticised former President Felipe Calderon for deploying soldiers and sailors, beginning in 2006, for public security and to fight drug violence. 

    Juan Ibarrola, a security specialist, said Monday's notice was a sign Lopez Obrador's "security strategy is not working".

    "That is why he has had to order with this decree for the armed forces to support public security," Ibarrola told the Milenio newspaper.

    Lopez Obrador, also known as AMLO, won office vowing to adopt a more conciliatory security strategy focused on the root causes of crime, in particular by reducing poverty and corruption. But the violence has continued during his first year and a half in charge, with a record 34,582 people murdered in 2019.

    Some 3,000 homicides were recorded in March this year, the second-biggest number of monthly murders ever and the highest since Lopez Obrador assumed power.

  7. https://noticaribe.com.mx/2020/05/15/amlo-minimiza-la-violencia-de-genero-cndh-advierte-alza-en-feminicidios/


    Given the figures, López Obrador said that he knows the data "well" and that "not because of the withdrawal to the homes there has been more violence" in Mexico, because families are used to "a harmonious coexistence."

    “It is that the Mexican family is different from the family in Europe or in the United States. We are used to living together, being together, "he assured.

    The president even showed the homicide figures registered this Thursday across the country, a graph where of 84 murdered only 7 were women.

    “We are going to continue defending, protecting, women. Without being feminists, we are humanists ”, repeated the president.

  8. 1 hour ago, pappysmarket said:


    It's a short article and unless you are Swedish, I bet you learn something.


    Indeed it is very eye opening. Know very little about Sweden, but from what I have heard, much is dispelled by this writer. Not the mecca of freedom that lots of people claim. Thanks, Pappy.


  9. 2 hours ago, johanson said:

    Well the lock down has made a big difference up north and they say if the lockdown had started in the Seattle-Kirkland area a few weeks earlier that many more people would be alive today. So I think but don't know that the quarantine started too early here. But better too early than a little later than when one should have started the lockdown .

    I sure hope that the lockdown will start unlocking soon down here, but not too early or too fast as some are saying is happening  in some parts of the US.

    Yes, some governors took a long time to make decisions. Since the virus is not just "going away" because of the "lock down", governors of states need to decide if they are now ready to handle the seriously ill in their hospitals, that they will get when things do open back up. Hopefully, they know a lot more about preventing death than before. Fortunately, every day it appears that more and more of the cases are not serious and more people are not needing hospitalization. People with underlying illnesses need to continue to be extra careful for, sadly, a long time, until a vaccine is ready. Healthy people appear to ride this out more like a light flu.


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