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  1. Tire looks really straight to me. Just sayin"
  2. The skid marks don't appear to align with the car. Added later?
  3. Exactly, they give you no protection. You get what it is and they really don't care if you buy it or not. It is just up to you.
  4. We actually prefer "El Mesquite" over La Noria. Great service, food, and friendly owners. Cabrito is great. LOTS of locals with money eat there.
  5. Exactly what my wife does. When we are in Mexico, she uses her "Mexican name" and all the Mexican I.D.s, etc., and in the US, she uses her newer married name and has become a US citizen using that name. Never a problem. Good luck.
  6. Morelia/Patzcuaro. Queretaro. SMA. Each deserves 2-3 days. You will want to return.
  7. Cry me a river ! LOL !!! That is what the people of those states want for their Citizens! Who do you think you are, their choice is none of your business. When will people like you finally realize that what you think is not important to those who run the show. Consequences ! LOL
  8. "I am Canadian/American and so am not so engrossed in the Trump battle. " (That is what you posted in a p. m. to me.) Wonder why you failed to mention that here? Hit a nerve, did I? This seems a little "contrary" to me, no?
  9. 7 times you used "American (s)". I think we get the message that "Americans" are not your favorite people.
  10. or a mod who means business about not talking politics or slinging personal insults. I don't pay close enough attention to Sonia's posts to notice differences in sentence structure and word usage. If she does allow her husband to post over her signature, she has a problem in the independent entity department, IMHO. I'm sure MC could use a lot of help, wanna help him or maybe take his place? I usually find those who criticize people for the job they do are not willing to take over and run a different ship, they just like to complain. Happens a LOT in coaching gigs, both football and basketball. Often those who cry the loudest to replace what they have, get what they deserve, often coaches who are a lot worse than they had and it sometimes takes decades to undue the damage. That happens because the others who are satisfied just keep their mouths shut and let the abuse happen.
  11. You don't have to be a "rocket scientist" to see the difference at times in Sonia's posts. Word usage, sentence structure, etc. Posted sources tell you a lot, too. BTW, maybe you should read that post of mine about "preachin'" again, just for laughs.
  12. Things would be better here if some people took their own "preachin'" to heart, no?
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