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  1. I think it is "the times" we live in. Didn't used to be like that. I miss those days when a person could have an opinion without getting jumped on. If we all (including myself) actually made an effort to not do that, just maybe...
  2. I believe lakeside7 was saying "I have noticed that most Mexicans (that he has encountered writing) write cursive style without joining the letters. That is what I always mean when I use the phrase "most Mexicans", as no one with common sense would ever think that a person had experienced the entire 180 million pop. Whatta ya think? Some people just gotta find something to criticize. Just let people have their opinion and just express yours if it is different, without trying to "put people down that you think are inferior to you". Learn to move on so you don't become consumed with hate. Whatta ya think?
  3. HookEmHorns


    Valid, elite democrats don't know what "no trespassing"means. Slow learners.
  4. Agree with pappy. On a visit to Dolores H. on a Saturday night, the alarm at a bank in the center of town was sounding. Returning the next morning to eat at a restaurant 2 doors down from that bank, and the alarm was still sounding. No one cares when alarms sound. Everyone is just numb from hearing them. Kinda like when houses are broken into or people are murdered, happens so much, people just accept it as what it is and go on with their lives.
  5. HookEmHorns


    Cousin in Texas tried to sell his house on Lake LBJ for $225k with a realtor for a year. Had 6 people look, but no offers. Put up his own signs and sold it for $345K within 45 days. WOW !!!
  6. HookEmHorns


    Remember when there were murders because some people refused to move. Happens here in Mexico. They were old and did not want to move.
  7. Congratulations, Quackers ! Those Utes really were a pushover, no?
  8. And we have lived in Guanajuato for several years and the presence of police and federales has never been anywhere like it currently is. Robbery, stalking and murders are at all time highs, in the city and through out the State. The State is the current "murder capital" of Mexico. This can be verified is you are interested in facts. I cannot say to visit it is safe for anyone, nor can you. As I said before, it is easy to say an area is safe for someone else to visit when you are not concerned with YOUR own welfare, and the life is that of someone you do not know. Everyone must make their own decision based , not on hearsay, not on opinion, but verifiable facts.
  9. At this time, the State of Guanajuato, the city of Celaya and others nearby, are the most dangerous in all of Mexico. Does that mean it is unsafe for you to go there. No one can guarantee your safety if you do. That has to be a decision you make based upon the best Current Information you can get, not on someone else's opinion. It is easy to give advise when it is not your life that matters.
  10. I didn't know Ajijic was a village. Learn something new every day. Are the people who live there called "village people" ?
  11. Isn't he/she entitled to post their opinion without being chastised for it? Can't a person have an opinion when asked for it by someone else, without you getting ugly? After all, someone else wanted his/her opinion and it does not have to agree with yours. EVER !
  12. Our experience in Guanajuato for several months has been that we avoid Pemex stations like the plague and use Shell and Mobil. These have new pumps and so far seem to give Much better gas mileage than we almost always got from Pemex stations. All say the gas is Pemex, but the newer ones don't seem to cheat much , yet ! Still need to watch the readings as they deliver it.
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