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  1. anyone having problems with telecable internet today???
  2. anyone know what is happening commercially today????
  3. On November 9, 2017, the Country Club de Chapala will host the 14th Cruz Roja Golf Classic. This is a Fun Day of Golf, Food and prizes galore!!Join us to help the Lakeside Community in an especially difficult year....We need another ambulance on the road and ready to go at all times and the medicine cabinet for the clinic is seriously stressed!!The tournament is an ideal way to enjoy a day of fundraising and every peso counts...Don't play golf , join us for the bar-b-que and win great door prizes...Can't make it out that day??...maybe a raffle ticket?? For information call Don...766-4990 or dr
  4. Flying to toronto sunday morning...would be happy to mail letter..pm me
  5. Young people doing a fine job....interesting menu, excellent, cheerful service....tiny place so you need a reservation in advance..maybe 3 or 4 days but worth being planful!
  6. whom did those who do have AC consult for type, size, installation etc...looking at mini split inverter system for bedrooms.....
  7. looking for a ddr2 pc2-5300 mhz 667 200 pin......1- 2Gb card.....an older laptop needs this and everything has moved on...anybody happen to have such a thing or any ide3as to get one....we have searched amazon and ebay...thanks
  8. got one from cesar at Tony's meats...need to order...
  9. stopped today, no apparent reason, not speeding etc....tried to pin "not wearing seatbelt" as cause but i explained my car beeps constantly if that were the case, settled on not having recent emissions control sticker.....think it's really just Christmas inspired gimmick....so, where is the closest center for testing???still in Chapala? thanks for your help..
  10. Have friend driving down for the first time from New mexico to Lakeside..Advice on route, where to avoid, better crossings??any help appreciated!
  11. anyone know where to get gift boxes, small for jewelry, medium and large????
  12. Donnie I'm having the same problem as you with a new I phone. I' ve found manual but they assume I already know things that I don't so I keep thinking what? Did you have success?


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