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  1. Hey Ned - I did view your video. The venue that it was taken was in Guadalajara, I believe specifically in Zapopan. I think most of the complaints here are about noise lakeside. I have performed at most of the clubs in Ajijic and San Antonio in the past several years. We have an end time of 11pm. The owners always let us know if the volume needs to come down. We don't use large amps. My bands are usually a mix of Mexicans and gringos. We play blues, perhaps similar to the band in your video. On nights that I'm not playing I often hear rock bands playing gringo music at different venues. I understand the frustration of some folks that might live very close to Eventos, where the music can go on until early morning, but that's how it is. The clubs in Ajijic and San Antonio rarely have "insanely amplified music" especially after 11:30. Most of the folks that come to my gigs are over the age of 60 and they come to dance and enjoy the music. I'm sorry that some of you don't like gringo music, but it's here to stay, just as the Eventos are. Blue Jay Slim
  2. Blue Jay Slim & The Blues Machine will be kickin' out the Blues with Special Guest Jimmy Barto at Adelitas on Saturday Jan 7th from 8:30 to 11pm. Call Adelitas for reservations at: 766-0097. Be there or be square!!
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