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  1. Need to occasionally transfer money from Mexico bank/investment house or other Do I qualify to open an account ? Am FMM status but own a home for 25 years/Trust with Bancomer and have an excellent payment account record for auto registration/insurance and real estate tax payment. Registered telephone and electrical accounts. Any recommendations as to processing / what facility to use to 'make this possible' would be appreciated. Thank you
  2. Have VW DERBY(Manual Trans) 1996 40,000 Miles Air Conditioned and in excellent operating and body condition.  Lakeside area garaged.  Advice would be appreciated regarding how to market without relying on a dealer. ALSO thinking to include the car in a House Sale Package.House in upscale community.  One owner 2 Bedrooms and Den and 2 Baths. Beautifully maintained and decorated. Furnished or Unfurnished.  Priced at $215,000 USD

  3. Need gardener for general yard care near Jocotepec, El Chante area. Thank you
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