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  1. I've been taking either Coumadin or the generic Warfarin for almost 40 years after having PE's on four occasions beginning in my mid 20's.  I never had to change the dosage and my PT was always spot on.  Several years ago Coumadin became unavailable in Mexico for a month or so and I was prescribed a Mexican blood thinner which I had major problems with so I returned to the states to obtain a prescription.  Again Coumadin has been unavailable in Mexico for at least the last three or four months (good article Bisbee Girl) and after my supply ran out and consulting with my doctor, I am now taking Eliquis which is available here non prescription.  It is about twice the cost of Coumadin but so far it is working very well  for me.  Also once you are established on it, it alleviates the need to have a PT test.  It does require one dose in the morning and one at night.  Lots of information on the web about the two medicines.  

  2. Hopefully by August the border crossings will be reopened to nonessential travel and render this moot.  I am currently on an FMM and have a TIP that expire in early August.  Would it be possible or feasible to drive up to the border (Hidalgo/Pharr preferably) and turn in my unexpired FMM and TIP and then request a new FMM and TIP for an additional 180 days without leaving the building and not crossing into the US, spend the night in Mexico and return to Lakeside the following day?  Or if anyone knows how the same can be accomplished without that 12 hour border run.  I certainly do not want my TIP to expire and my current Mexican vehicle insurance to no longer be valid.

  3. I fall into the (2) category.  Have filed and paid quarterly and on April 15th for the past 40 years. Never received a refund that I can remember.   Combined income, spouse and myself, has not exceeded $75,000 since 2011.  When I check on the IRS site under both our names it says eligibility status has not been determined.  I'm expecting the stimulus at some point, just not holding my breath.

  4. I was at the gym at the time it happened, around 8:00, and passed by on the way home two hours later and the sheet covered body and vehicles were still there.  Was told it was a young Mexican guy on the blue motorcycle coming from Chapala and a Mexican driver heading east who crossed into the left lane to pass another motorcycle and didn't see the one coming and they hit head on.

  5. I would highly recommend Anzalduas bridge at Pharr, Texas.  Crossed a couple of weeks back around 7:30 a.m. and was third in line for TIP and 180 day visitor permit.  In and out in 30 minutes or less.  Laredo has only gotten worse recently, crossed there two months ago,  with all the immigrant activity and all immigrants being detained in Nuevo Laredo.   Plus locating the aduana office is a major headache and a number of the border patrol agents in Laredo are complete jerks.

  6. If  you cross near McAllen at Anzalduas or Pharr/Hidalgo early morning around 6:30 or 7:00 A.M., you'll likely be very close to the front of the line to fill out your Immigration Permit and TIP forms.  Aduana is right there.  Very simple process and you'll be on your hassle free way in a half hour or less.  Laredo is a totally different story and I'd advice avoid crossing at the Laredo International Bridges I or II at all costs.  Google Border Wait Times complete listing of bridges, times of operation and usual wait times.

  7. I've got no sound on my PC and am not savvy enough to troubleshoot and fix.  Any computer techs who would be available to come by and help me out?  Of course I'll pay for the help.  I'm in lower Chula Vista.  PM me.  Thanks.  Problem solved.  Had to download driver.  Thanks.

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