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  1. I'm in lower Chula Vista and I'm still getting around 1.66 Download Mbps, 0.24 Upload Mbps. All I get from Telmex is expect huge improvement anywhere from two weeks to two months. Same thing I've been hearing from them for the past six months.
  2. I'm looking for a good welder who can weld an broken aluminum welded rear fender on an electric bike. Thanks.
  3. I crossed at Anzalduas two weeks ago. Plenty of hotel, shopping and eating places between Pharr and Laredo. Left aduana at 7:30 and arrived back in SAT at 6:30. Eleven hours with only minimal gas and bano breaks. Mostly close to speed limit. Paid 1,480 pesos in tolls, 14 toll booths. Easy drive. Used WAZE gps.
  4. I would highly recommend Anzalduas bridge at Pharr, Texas. Crossed a couple of weeks back around 7:30 a.m. and was third in line for TIP and 180 day visitor permit. In and out in 30 minutes or less. Laredo has only gotten worse recently, crossed there two months ago, with all the immigrant activity and all immigrants being detained in Nuevo Laredo. Plus locating the aduana office is a major headache and a number of the border patrol agents in Laredo are complete jerks.
  5. If you cross near McAllen at Anzalduas or Pharr/Hidalgo early morning around 6:30 or 7:00 A.M., you'll likely be very close to the front of the line to fill out your Immigration Permit and TIP forms. Aduana is right there. Very simple process and you'll be on your hassle free way in a half hour or less. Laredo is a totally different story and I'd advice avoid crossing at the Laredo International Bridges I or II at all costs. Google Border Wait Times complete listing of bridges, times of operation and usual wait times.
  6. Any info on where to get a flu shot? Preferably a drop in not requiring a visit to my doctor's office. Thanks.
  7. I've got no sound on my PC and am not savvy enough to troubleshoot and fix. Any computer techs who would be available to come by and help me out? Of course I'll pay for the help. I'm in lower Chula Vista. PM me. Thanks. Problem solved. Had to download driver. Thanks.
  8. Also much easier to locate Aduana and obtain TIP and Visa at Pharr than Laredo.
  9. Would appreciate it if someone knows the daily rate for parking in the parking garage at the GDL airport. Gracias.
  10. I have the dreaded 5:59 a.m. flight on 9/2 from GDL to San Jose, CR via Panama City. Just wondering if two hours before departing flight is sufficient or should I allow more time? Also would appreciate the number of the Miramontes? for an early morning ride to the airport. Thanks.
  11. Anyone have the 3 digit number to reach Telmex and have them remotely check my internet connection or lack thereof? Thanks.
  12. Does the improvement in Telmex internet speed in SAT apply to lower Chula Vista?
  13. Can you purchase the Tag Pase at Oxxo or is it better to call and order one? If you do call and order one are there any English speaking options or strictly Spanish? What is the cost? Thanks.
  14. I had a round, semi hollow, jadeite disk, Aztec or Mayan in origin, no questions about antiquity, only that it would not be allowed because I could pop somebody in the coconut with it, I guess. If I had put a string through the hole in the middle and worn it around my neck I think I wouldn't have had a problem.
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