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  1. I've got no sound on my PC and am not savvy enough to troubleshoot and fix. Any computer techs who would be available to come by and help me out? Of course I'll pay for the help. I'm in lower Chula Vista. PM me. Thanks. Problem solved. Had to download driver. Thanks.
  2. Also much easier to locate Aduana and obtain TIP and Visa at Pharr than Laredo.
  3. Would appreciate it if someone knows the daily rate for parking in the parking garage at the GDL airport. Gracias.
  4. I have the dreaded 5:59 a.m. flight on 9/2 from GDL to San Jose, CR via Panama City. Just wondering if two hours before departing flight is sufficient or should I allow more time? Also would appreciate the number of the Miramontes? for an early morning ride to the airport. Thanks.
  5. Anyone have the 3 digit number to reach Telmex and have them remotely check my internet connection or lack thereof? Thanks.
  6. Does the improvement in Telmex internet speed in SAT apply to lower Chula Vista?
  7. Can you purchase the Tag Pase at Oxxo or is it better to call and order one? If you do call and order one are there any English speaking options or strictly Spanish? What is the cost? Thanks.
  8. I had a round, semi hollow, jadeite disk, Aztec or Mayan in origin, no questions about antiquity, only that it would not be allowed because I could pop somebody in the coconut with it, I guess. If I had put a string through the hole in the middle and worn it around my neck I think I wouldn't have had a problem.
  9. Could someone please provide info on how much the embassy notary charges and what form of payment is acceptable? Thanks.
  10. Don't I wish. Three blocks up, Privada de las Penas, 1.7 Download, 0.26 Upload.
  11. I had a US Amazon Prime account but when I relocated back to Lakeside I switched to Amazon Mexico. Can't say enough good things about them. Prime is two day delivery max. Some things that come from the US take longer. I use a US credit card. I'm not sure who the delivery people are but I live in Chula Vista and have ordered maybe four or five items from Amazon Mexico with ZERO problem or delay. They are very good about emailing you with the status of your order or you can go online and check on it. Highly recommend.
  12. Thanks. I'll check with them about when they might be installing this way unless someone on the board knows.
  13. I know this has been posted before but where is the local Ilox office located? Also, does anyone know if they provide service in Chula Vista just up from the golf course and tennis courts? Thanks.
  14. Went for a procedure a couple of weeks ago. Not a bad experience and certainly better than going to Guad since I wouldn't have been permitted to drive afterward so would have had to taxi and bus. However, it was I thought on the pricey side and both the doctor and anesthesiologist required that I pay them cash after the procedure apart from the regular hospital bill which I was able to pay by credit card. I'll probably go to Guad if the need arises in the future but it's nice to have the new facility here for emergencies.
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