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  1. Went for a procedure a couple of weeks ago. Not a bad experience and certainly better than going to Guad since I wouldn't have been permitted to drive afterward so would have had to taxi and bus. However, it was I thought on the pricey side and both the doctor and anesthesiologist required that I pay them cash after the procedure apart from the regular hospital bill which I was able to pay by credit card. I'll probably go to Guad if the need arises in the future but it's nice to have the new facility here for emergencies.
  2. I had one performed yesterday at the new Hospital San Antonio here in Ajijic by gastroenterologist Dr. Daniel Briseno. The total charge was $14,580. I had a polyp removed which was sent to the laboratory in Guadalajara for biopsy which added an extra $1,680.00MX to the price. so without the biopsy the charge would have been $12,900MX. I paid the doctor in cash, $6,000, and the hospital bill was $8,580.00. The crap you have to drink the day before the procedure, 4 packets/2 liters total, cost $500MX. It was done under partial anesthesia so not much discomfort. Believe me, the prep was far worse than the actual procedure. Nice new facility here and very courteous staff. Overall a good experience.
  3. Just moved back after a couple of unhappy years back in the states. I'm in need of an iron & ironing board and possibly a few other odds and ends. Used is fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks all.
  4. My poop-in-the-box or Cologuard test came back positive. When she received the report back from Cologuard, my internist in the States said I needed to make an appointment with a gastroenterologist for a colonoscopy as soon as possible. Of course, false positives on the Cologuard are not unheard of but colonoscopy is the next step after the test returns positive.
  5. I'd like to hear from folks who have had a colonoscopy performed in this area. Guadalajara in particular. Hospital, doctor, cost, any experience good or bad with the procedure. Appreciate any input, positive or negative.
  6. I'm driving to Ajijic in May and crossing at Pharr/Reynosa. Would greatly appreciate directions to Ajijic once I cross the border at Pharr/Reynosa and a decent motel to stop at and spend the night before continuing on to Ajijic. Don't care for the Midway in Matehuala. Thanks.
  7. I have a flight back to the US on Wednesday the 22nd at 3:32 p.m. Would appreciate any suggestions on a reliable driver (assuming gas will be available. Thanks.
  8. We rent a casita from a Canadian couple who live in the large main house. They pay all expenses including maid once a week and gardener. I was wondering what an appropriate amount would be as a X-mas gift? We are here for four months and usually leave her a larger amount when we leave. Of course, meaning the maid and gardener.
  9. Any recommendations for competent urologist in Lakeside area
  10. Yes, it is Quality Care. My bad. I will walk to the square and cab from there. Thank you for your responses.
  11. I need a taxi this afternoon from West Ajijic to Integrity Clinic over by Lake Taco and the Pemex. Would appreciate it if someone could provide a number for a taxi service.
  12. We had friends who lived in two different rental houses for a couple of years and kept her horse and several dogs in San Nicholas. Small village but close to Ajijic.
  13. Second the Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia. Also Maracame Anejo is an excellent smooth tequila. Siete Leguas is another favorite of mine. Your best price on these and most others is going to be the Duty Free shops at the airport. I have found they are most often the least expensive place to buy tequila and other liquors and they usually offer specials.
  14. Yes, I did go between 2:00 and 2:30. Relatively painless as far as bureaucracy goes. Had a little wait but not too bad. Don't take any electronics though such as E-reader, Ipod or laptop. They made me put mine in a locker in the same facility and had to pay a small locker charge. No problem taking your cell phone.
  15. Yes. I renewed my passport a few years ago at the consulate in Guad. Went in with my old passport, supplied what they required and then filled out a request on site in the same office to have my new passport delivered by courier to my place in Ajijic. They will also bring the new passport when they come to LCS on their regular visit. I believe I was also able to track and update the process on line so I knew they had issued the new passport. I forget what the charge was to have it delivered by courier as opposed to no charge for them to bring it to LCS but I do remember I had my new passport within a week to ten days.
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