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    We brought some out-of country guests there two weeks ago; three of us shared a paella (for 3), one of us had the grilled fish (prepared for 1) along three different appetizers. Everything was delicious; prices reasonable and service very accommodating. I agree with thevalerieleigh - it would be a shame to loose this wonderful restaurant. We plan on going back this week.
  2. sofia

    Viva Mexico

    Husband and I just had a delightful meal at Viva Mexico. It's been a while since we've been there and will definitely not wait so long to go back. Well worth the ride out there. A delightful meal - great, fresh food, not overly salted at a very reasonable price with good, friendly service in a nice atmosphere!
  3. Thanks - I just sent a PM to you.
  4. OK - thanks - do you know where I can get a copy (in english) of the questions and answers?
  5. Is this what I should study before taking my written mexican driver's license test or is there something else out there? I currently have a US license which will be expiring in a few months. Assuming I pass the written test in Riberas, does anyone know if they'll issue the mexican license there or if I'll have to go into Guad to get it? And one last question, if I don't pass, can I take the written test again? Thanks.
  6. sofia

    Fito in Ajijic

    To clarify - we just walked by and saw that right now he has a 65p pizza special on Wednesday & Thursday.
  7. sofia

    Fito in Ajijic

    Fito's in Ajijic . . . very good vegetarian pizza, 2 glasses of a nice cabernet, 125p.
  8. sofia

    Fito in Ajijic

    Had a very good vegetarian pizza there today. Nice thin crust, good cheese and abundant toppings.
  9. sofia

    Gossip Kitchen

    Had a great dinner there tonight. Food & service were excellent. Portions large and prices reasonable. Highly recommended.
  10. We also thoroughly enjoyed our recent stay at Casa Zuniga.
  11. Thanks, Bob. They want to be in the village (Ajijic) or LaFloresta. Sofia

  12. I'll have a very nice 1BR rental with DSL, Elec, Gas, Water, weely maid, etc., centrally located in Chapala, easy walking to lake, shopping, parks, bus stop or station. $500 USD. Available 3 Jan 2010.

    Send me your e-mail address if you would like photos.


  13. We had a wonderful meal at this new restaurant last night. Husband and I had 5 different quesadillas and agreed they were all excellent. Service was great; Silvia spoke very good english and offered us a menu in english - we stayed with the spanish menu and she was very helpful in assisting us. All the quesadillas were very flavorful, fresh and light. 5 quesadillas and two glasses of a very good spanish red wine came to 130p. We highly recommend Las Quekas del Abuelo!
  14. We just had another excellent meal at Viva Mexico. Great food, service, ambiance, and prices. If you haven't tried it yet, you should do so. SJC - just a few miles outside of Ajijic but you feel like you're in a whole different place - a nice little getaway and very well-worth it! Can't wait to go back. By the way, there were a few large Mexican families there today who appeared to be enjoying their meal as much as we did - always a good sign in a Mexican restaurant.
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