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  1. Congratulations on your new venture, We have considered the same great play but chose another Joe DePietro play, Over the River and Through the Woods. Surrey's Naked Stage Productions Society
  2. Does this group still get together weekly? Went often many years ago.
  3. Where is the best place to purchase good lamb, tied into a crown roast? Thank you
  4. Does anyone have the approx cost of a knee replacement and the average recovery time. Rehab could be tough on cobble stone roads.
  5. Senior couple from Vancouver are seeking a home or condo in or close to the Village any time from December 15 to January 31st. Any portion of this will suffice. Rent or house sit. Non smokers, responsible. 1 or 2 bedrooms, wifi, W/I shower, $1000/1,200 U.S. please P.M.
  6. I hope that it was a huge success, I will be a week late in getting there. Hats off to Carlos for featuring great entertainment.
  7. Does anyone Lakeside administer prolotherapy and do any of you have any experience with the treatment?
  8. This group is outstanding, very colorful, fast paced, and worth every penny. We saw them sometime ago and am sorry that We will miss this show.
  9. I would like recommendations for a butcher who will tie either pork or lamb crown roasts. Gracias.
  10. I have had some interesting Sushi at El Barco. Worth a try.
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