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  1. Hi....for the time being, working here in Europe. But ....I will always return to Mexico. Happy 2022 ! Rony
  2. So kind ! Thank you ! Only temporarily here in Europe. My heart,...as always ...in Mexico. Feliz 2022 to you....and all other members here ! Rony
  3. Another vote for https://www.handsoftheartisan.com/en/ Made by Canadians. It helped my 15 year old doggie in the last years of her life. They make CBD for people and pets.
  4. I also remember how she helped my elderly Dutch/Belgian friends in Chapala Haciendas. A big heart for people and animals. Very sorry that I will never see her again.
  5. Good to know. Elena might still be doing some testing ( tempering chocolate is a tricky thing and takes time to learn ). Adriana ( from El Granero ) might know more
  6. Hi, Sorry for the late reply. I havent been on this webboard for quite a while. First of all, thank you for having bought my chocolate, for all these years ( to you, and everybody else ) ! Yes, I moved back to Belgium, almost 2 months ago, but in meanwhile, there is a lady, called Elena, doing the chocolate. By now, she should have them back at El Granero ( same style of chocolate ) in Ajijic. A big hug to you all. Rony
  7. I am happy to announce that today, my friend José opened his restaurant "José s place " here in the plaza again. His wife Isabel, still has some difficulties walking and will not be there yet. Several months with no income ( while being ill ), but you can support them by having one of their wonderful meals again ( because of Covid : limited number of tables ).
  8. in the PDF of the website is also a phone number : Teléfono: (33) 38376000
  9. I would say : party concerned, claimant
  10. from website state of Jalisco : Quién puede realizarlo? Representante legal Interesado Padres Cualquier persona, en caso de ser menor de edad debe hacerse acompañar por un adulto. https://tramites.jalisco.gob.mx/tramite/26788
  11. according to CUCEI (Centro Universitario de Ciencias Exactas e Ingenierías), the rainy season officially started on June 18th ( from today's El Informador ) Rony
  12. A difficult message to post. Be nice ( to some of you : take your nasty attitudes somewhere else or I simply delete the post ). My friends Jose and Isabel ( the owners of the famous restaurant here in the Chapala plaza ) are ill. Isabel is on a respirator ( last bed in hospital civil in Guad ) and medication is scarce. Jose is recuperating at his son s house in Guad. I dont feel comfortable to discuss their medical condition or cause of illness here. So, plse, respect that. If you would like to help them, you can send them money through OXO to their daughters ( Deniss ) SALDAZO card ( very easy ). ( or Paypal their son in law ) Email me (elbelgicano@yahoo.com ) for a picture of her card. I am sure that they can use help soon. Also, they had to close for the longest time ( no income ). Through their church, Jose and Isabel, have helped a lot of people too. I would like to see some good Karma working here. Thanks for considering this. Rony
  13. a very nice way of showing your respect to somebody who does his best to speak and write your mother language, Peter. More and more, showing true colours....sorry "colors" . by the way, how many languages do you write and speak ? Perfect Spanish too ? ai...touché
  14. you have a French sense of humour ( I like it ). French ancestors ?
  15. come on, people, dont get your nickers in a twist about something like this. There is a lot that you have to take seriously. This is not part of it,...it falls in the "absurd" category. A couple of months ago, a lot of you, could ONLY make jokes about this virus. Now, it is practically forbidden to look at something more lightheartedly. People and their extremes.....
  16. Xena, are you not slightly overestimating the importance of an opinion of a modest little Belgian😉....especially on a national level.....a country as big as the whole of Europe.... perspective plse. I wont put it on my Twitter account with millions of followers and I wont share this with my friend AMLO. I promise If I had an older grandfather here ( or even 5 grandfathers..... I wish... ), I would give him the same advice. Where is the difference? REALLY not expecting a rush on the sometimes expensive breathing material now. If a few people read this and also buy it and therefore, a few lives might be saved....me happy. That is a bit more realism big hug to you Rony
  17. Always handy to have at this altitude anyway. As a flight attendant, I helped a lot of passengers with it. And if not for yourself, you might be able to save somebody elses life with it and present the most beautiful gift possible. Rony
  18. pure discrimination. So women are allowed to have a moustache ? And how do they know.....if you are wearing a mask ? I agree...time to drink the poison. Hasta la vista, baby
  19. I read in European newspapers that for a lot of people, supply of extra oxygen has been a life saviour (not the ICU respirators, but simply O2 bottles with breathing masks ). They saved prime minister Johnson. Wondering about enough availability of that ( O2 bottles AND/OR O2 generators ) here in Jalisco....especially when a lot more people will need it. Rony
  20. yes, feel free to believe any side you would like. It is not my goal to convince anybody.....just stating " the other side of things ". Like most Mexicans, I tend to be more sceptical of any government source ( they probably meant ceiling ventilators/fans ) ...especially when talking about covid19 ( even to the international press, Mex governmentS have lost all credibility in this ). What a mess they made ! I am behind the real people in the field. I have read and heard enough to believe their side. Up to you or not, to dig deeper And....I dont do wishful thinking. That is not how my mind works....however harsh reality may be
  21. the extra numbers come from "radar jalisco Chapala" ( source = La Página ). 20 in total. And I would be very surprised if that association of doctors would only talk about private hospitals ( since they mention that people are dying because of lack of beds )
  22. only one detail....even the federal government says about their own numbers, that you likely have to multiply it all by 10 or 12 to get the actual number ( also taking into account that VERY little testing is being done )
  23. when I first read the article this morning ( when there still was free access ), ... this association is clearly Jalisco based and referred to the situation in Guadalajara. Aside from the article, I also have non official sources on this ( other medical staff in Guad, who for obvious reasons will not always publically confirm ) and there is also the chart ( incomplete but "telling") below, circulating on social media. I sure hope that all 3 sources are wrong and the governor right, but allow me to strongly doubt it
  24. 2 thoughts... it would be good if this journalist would also read other main Mex newspapers. In El Mural today : "while our governor claims that Jalisco hospitals only show 20 % occupancy, the association of anesthesiologists has a different story : saturated hospitals and impossible to find a bed for the critically ill (covid19) patients....people are dying a drowning dead. " ( other medical staff in Guad claimed the same....I believe them over ANY politician ) https://www.mural.com/libre/acceso/accesofb.htm?urlredirect=/denuncian-medicos-saturacion-en-hospitales-por-covid-19/ar1964895?fbclid=IwAR1oeEXY4gDthL5uVJPQH6WgetXD9N9Srq6Hj6ECC_Fy_zUBXKcsZghL930 And..... all we are doing is delaying anyway. With so many infected, little respect for precautions and opening up now, before the peak.... sooner or later, most of us will get it anyway. The last 3 months of confinement have been a total waste of time, money and effort. Especially taking into account that the vaccin will not be here tomorrow and that most experts expect a 2nd and bigger wave, later this year. I dont know what the answer is either, but it is what it is. "nature in action" Yes please, if it is some kind of relief, shoot the messenger. Rony
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