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  1. Easter is the biggest Mexican holiday of the year, and it will be saddest ever... hardly any celebration and for a lot of Mexican families, less or no money on the table. Remember our collection/distribition day, tomorrow, GOOD Friday, 11 am, at DIF Chapala. We collect bags with ( in each bag ). a kilo of dry beans, a big white loaf, 3 apples and Choki cookies. No need for parking, drive by and hand it over to me (safe distancing, with my mask and gloves). So far ( before actual collection day ), we have 90 gift bags for Chapala and 135 liters of high quality milk ( + 143 eggs ) for poor families in Santa Cruz. My hope is to be able to help a few hundred families tomorrow. See you tomorrow ! And thank you
  2. The situation here at Lakeside is and will stay bad for A LOT of Mexican people. Therefore, this week, a friend and I are starting a COVID19 FOOD EMERGENCY PROJECT. No money, only food, and what you bring in the morning will be handed out to ONLY needy people the very same day ( Tepehua, abused women and older people that usually go to DIF ). Nobody has to go hungry here.... and in the end, we all want to avoid a higher crime rate. How it works ? This coming Friday, GOOD FRIDAY, April 10th, at 11 am SHARP, bring to DIF centro Chapala : A bag with : - one kilo of beans - a big white loaf of Bimbo bread - 3 apples - a small package of cookies ( preferably Chokis... they sell them at OXO ) For the time being, plse, NOTHING else, as we want to start simple, easy, and give the same to every person. It is a gift of max 100 pesos, and if we all chip in, it will make a world of difference for a lot of people in these difficult times. I will monitor the waiting line, to help people respect SAFE DISTANCING ( Mexicans will also receive leaflets about this.... and only one member of the family can come, and we will have hand sanitizers there ). If you want to avoid going out, maybe one person can collect the bags on behalf of several people, and bring it all to DIF that morning. Show your good heart. It is only a small effort. If it becomes a success, we will continue this on a regular basis. The leaflet points out that this is the expat community helping our Mexican neighours in need.
  3. Not what I heard from the DIF director, but I am seeing her this morning. I will ask her again. With all due respect, Harry, but your post indirectly sends out the message that foodwise everything is under control. It isnt. Far from it I am trying to set up a food project program for Chapala More about that in a few hours .....EDITED,... a few hours later. Here is what I just found : actually there will be 3000 food bags, but : not yet distributed AND divided over 8 municipalities, which is less than only 400 per municipality. How, what, how many, when, where,....dont matter much. Important point is : not nearly enough for what is needed ( see my separate thread about how to help more ) Rony
  4. more than anything...look at the body language and listen to the tone in this video. I leave it up to viewers to interpret.
  5. my only point is that we have to try to stick to the right translation. More than ever, good and correct communication is important. ( and my Spanish is not perfect either, but I like to contribute where I can and am open to be corrected too ) A couple of days ago, another translation said that the airport was closed to passengers flights,....and it isnt or wasnt. It was also one word, but again, it made all the difference, and it could have had a lot of consequences.
  6. I listened to it carefully but I dont know where the translator got "mandatory ". One word makes all the difference. In the last message of the governor ( 4 hours ago ) : federal government " asks " citizens to stay home
  7. Whenever there was an epidemic of this magnitude in the past ( centuries ago ), it was our basic human survival instinct to take extra good care of our personal, intimite hygiene. Although we dont realize it, this instinct is still there. Hence the TP
  8. this is not a competition about who is the best in the world. I think that we have had enough of that " we are the best retoric " to last us for 3 centuries. And let us see in about 6 months. The proof will be in the .... I can forecast that a lot of people will be a lot more quiet then ( deja vu ) Also, try to understand that this time, we are ALL in this together. This is also the section " Chapala, Ajijic, Guadalajara ". One might forget, reading A LOT OF the posts. ....solamente diciendo.... Rony
  9. also....lots of Covid19 cases in warmer climates : Australia ( where it was Summer ), all over Africa ( Kenya, Namibia, Congo and today in Ruanda ) and in the middle East
  10. a mask will protect you in so far, that every time that you want to touch your face inadvertently, you will realize it and therefore reduces the risk.
  11. quote "it dies if it is exposed to temperatures of 26-27 ° and above." so...if our normal body temperature is around 37 Celsius, why doesnt it die then ( when entering our body )
  12. listen guys.... I was 33 when I arrived here in Mexico. I am almost 56 now and as a very young expat, unfortunately I have had to say goodbye to a lot of older Canadian and US friends ( unusual to lose that many friends when you are in your thirties and forties ) and every time it hurt and I never got used to it !! Also, a lot of those people left their pets, which didnt always have the best outcome ! The Mex healthcare system ( like others ) will not be able to cope with this tsunami. Authorities mostly ignore the seriousness and hardly do any testing About myself, yes, I am strong enough to admit that I am scared....but more so ( although at minor risk, I may hope ) to maybe have to leave behind my 15 year old doggie. So, forgive me that I laugh a bit less, when reading the same style and repeated jokes...over and over again. I sincerely wish the best to all of you ( and to myself ! ). No hard feelings. We simply dont have the same sense of humour and a different background Rony
  13. you are very right. But this thing has now been downplayed so much and " outjoked ". Humour also downplays and we have had enough of that. If you overdo it, then people will not take this seriously and more lifes will be lost. Not against humour.
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