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  1. Yes. But not 20 times more ( see articles above )...and about half of a Danish doctor s salary goes back to the state
  2. Those excellent health care systems in some European countries took decades to build and this president thinks that he can do it within 2 years, with a budget that is only 5 % of those European counterparts !? ( he likes to compare to Denmark )....with the same infrastructure, highly skilled staff, newest equipment, less corruption ???..... Keep on dreaming, Mr President
  3. Not criticising...just wondering. What are this governor s accomplishments ? Maybe something I missed...
  4. I still like this president but I cant help thinking that everything he undertakes ( probably with good intentions ) is not well prepared or thought through. ( cancelling the DF airport, the way he wanted to attack the banks, capturing/releasing of el chapo s son, etc .... ) It also seems that a lot of those hospitals are charging, because they dont know yet where ( and how much ) their funds will come from.
  5. Yes...I hear this often, but.... There are also "poorer" expats/immigrants living here legally, because they got married here ( or living together with a Mexican...), or for other good reasons... And what about a less affluent Guatemala citizen legally living here ? Or a young American teaching here, on a work permit ( Mexico needs them ! ) ? It is difficult to draw a line, and let us not underestimate Mexico. If they allow us in the system, they know what they are doing. They have done the "adding". Guilt feelings are unnecessary. i Furthermore, like many expats here, I was in Seguro Popular for 6 years, but never used it ( went private first ). It often is a very very last back up. Allow those retirees this peace of mind...it will keep them healthy ( it usually is not more than that ). And for those who use it, that is fine too. ( and not even mentioning that my home country is VERY generous with excellent healthcare for ANY immigrant ) Rony
  6. And from yesterday s article in noticiasgdl.com : El INSABI, que tendrá un director y una junta de gobierno, pretendía homogeneizar la atención médica universal, sin distinción de organismos, de manera que los antiguos derechohabientes del seguro popular, que recibían atención en nosocomios tanto estatales como federales, ahora, en teoría, podrán acceder al IMSS o ISSSTE sin ser derechohabientes, tan sólo con su CURP. As I said....a lot of uncertainty still....
  7. Same here. My Mexican friend pays almost nothing. ( we are talking about the instituto de cancerologia de Jalisco )
  8. I saw it in the post. No. It would be a handy thing to have. I know a nurse at Hospital civil. I will ask him.
  9. From EL PROCESO ( and many other sources ) : "La minuta aprobada por la Cámara de Diputados establece que el INSABI tendrá como fin garantizar servicios de salud gratuitos y medicamentos a las personas que carezcan de seguridad social en territorio mexicano, aun si son extranjeros." just google "extranjeros INSABI". Often, the following is added: " regardless their migratory status "
  10. Very interesting post. Yes, those 24 hours cuidadores must save a lot of lifes.
  11. VERY happy for you ! This institute is only one block from where I live now. A Mexican friend, with cancer, gave up her IMSS ( where they couldnt see her for the next following 6 months ), sothat ( through Seguro Popular at that time ) at this institute they could help her a lot sooner. That was about 7 years ago. She is also doing fine now... and VERY affordable. I hope that this institute will also be part of INSABI. Good luck !! Rony
  12. Here is a list of other medical facilities in Guadalajara ( keep reading to the bottom of this post ) : As far as GUADALAJARA HOSPITALS.... here are 2 less expensive and fair alternatives to the luxury hospitals: Both run by nuns : 1) SAGRADO CORAZON Antonio Rosales 204 colonia Analco cp 44450 Tel 36172524 info@hospitaldelsagradocorazon.com ( several friends went there for surgery.... not more than a few 10 000 pesos, and very satisfied ) 2) LA SANTISIMA TRINIDAD street = Miguel Blanco 1225 ( centro ) HOSPITAL DEL PILAR on Hidalgo, near Plaza Mexico, is also a very nice, less expensive hospital as well. An alternative to Hospital Civil is : ZOQUIPAN HOSPITAL Av. Zoquipan 1050 Zoquipan Zapopan 45170 Tel 30306300 - 30306339 For eye problems, also google : Santa Lucía Clínica Oftalmológica For low income people with eye problems, there is a special ophtamology foundation : Fundación Oftalmológica para Personas de Escasos Recursos Av. de las Américas 254, Ladrón de Guevara, Ladron De Guevara, 44600 Guadalajara Also check out SALUD DIGNA, where they do all kinds of medical tests ( such as Electrocardiagrams,.... ) at a much lower price ( they also have a subsidiary on Av Alcalde.... for glasses ). One of the leading institutes to have all kinds of medical tests done is : LABORATORIO TOLSA. They do following tests : Análisis clínicos: ✔ Hematología y coagulación ✔ Química clínica y hormonas ✔ Inmunología ✔ Bacteriología ✔ Citohistopalogía ✔ Parasitología ✔ Urianálisis ✔ Estudios especiales ✔ Digitalización y almacenamiento icono Imagenología Imagenología: ✔ Ultrasonido ✔ Ultrasonido 3D Y 4D ✔ Doppler 3D,4D ✔ Resonancia magnética ✔ Tomografía axial ✔ Densitometría cadera, columna y cuerpo completo ✔ Radiología contrastada ✔ Rayos X digital ✔ Mastografía (dosis mínima de radiación que existe) ✔ Digitalización y almacenamiento icono Cardiología Cardiología: ✔ Electrocardiografía ✔ Ecocardiograma con dobutamina ✔ Electrocardiograma con prueba de esfuerzo en banda sin fin ✔ Mapa (monitoreo ambulatorio de presión arterial) ✔ Prueba de embarazo ✔ Valoración cardiológica ✔ Monitoreo Holter 24 hrs. icono Neurología Neurología: ✔Electroencefalograma ✔ Mapeo cerebral ✔ Potenciales evocados ✔ Electromiografía y electrodiagnóstico icono area dental Área dental: ✔ Tomografía 3D ✔ Radiología digital 2D ✔ Fotografía clínica ✔Modelos de estudio icono Sedación Sedación: ✔ Niños y adultos icono Gastroenterología Gastroenterología: ✔ Endoscopía ✔ Colonoscopía medicina industrial Medicina industrial: ✔ Audiometría ✔ Espirometría icono medicina nuclear Medicina nuclear: ✔ Gammagrama ✔Terapia con radioisotopos FOR SKIN PROBLEMS : INSTITUTO DERMATOLOGICO DE JALISCO Av. Federalismo Norte #3102, 45190 Zapopan 33 3660 0001 http://www.dermatologico.org/ Instituto de alta especialidad en dermatología, dependiente de la secretaría de Salud Jalisco For CANCER TREATMENT: INSTITUTO DE CANCEROLOGIA DE JALISCO Coronel Calderon 715, El Retiro, 44280 Guadalajara, Jal. ---> I personally know of 3 people, who are very happy with the treatment there ( affordable ! ) http://www.ijc.gob.mx/ Another medical facility to check out is : SERVICIOS DE SALUD ZAPOPAN: a large hospital that gives discounts to patients with limited financial resources ---> https://ssmz.gob.mx After almost 15 years of seeing vets and ANIMAL HOSPITALS in Guadalajara and Lakeside, I finally found the " top ". VETERINARIA ARBOLEDAS ( animal hospital ) Av Cruz del Sur 2909, Bosques de La Victoria, 44540 Guadalajara 33 3623 0261 Dr Baron comes very highly recommended by MANY. They have all the equipment ( like ultrasound equipment ) and are open 24 hours. Their prices are very reasonable, and it really sometimes pays off ( for the animal and your wallet ) to simply take a car or taxi to get there. Very recently, I went there with my dog and they did X Rays + ultrasound + the consultation for only 1050 pesos in total. And Dr Baron knows his stuff ! Unlike most vets, he knows about the benefits of CBD oil for pets, something still quite new for animals...and for vets. In an emergency ( or something more serious ) day or night, I know where to go. A 2nd well known and highly recommended vet is Dr Israel of ANIMAL KINGDOM HOSPITAL ( contact info on Facebook ) If later on, I will get more details on all the above, I will post it my Facebook page. Happy New Year !! Rony
  13. I have read about a dozen very recent Mexican newspaper articles on this subject, and here is what I understand ( everything with a grain of salt, because uncertainty still rules ) : - Seguro Popular members: their policy ended on Dec. 31st, 2019 - You dont have to enroll in INSABI: every time you need healthcare/medication ( at certain not yet specified institutes...most likely former Seguro Popular ), you simply show ID and CURP number or birth certificate. Healthcare/medication are supposed to be without costs to the patient - You cant combine INSABI with other insurances and it is also open to foreigners REGARDLESS their immigration status ( for anybody on Mexican territory ). - nothing yet on IMSS merging with INSABI - the next months: transition period with uncertainty on rules of this new institution Rony
  14. According to several recent ( Mex Spanish ) newspaper articles, there will be some uncertainty ( as far as the rules of the new system ) in the first months of 2020, but ( from Jan 1st. ) Seguro Popular will be replaced by INSABI, the new system, where there will be less limitations than with Seguro Popular ( more medication and more diseases covered ). Present Seguro Popular members will automatically become INSABI members ( no action needed ). Again.... This is what I read in recent Mexican newspaper articles. Rony
  15. There is a very wide range of very affordable medical facilities and hospitals ( in Guadalajara ) between the 4/5 star ones and hospital civil/IMSS. It doesnt have to be one or the other. I am working on a list. Rony
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