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    Born in Belgium (not my fault), moved here first in 1998, ex flight attendant, making Belgian chocolate for about 10 years now, my Mexican miniature Schnauzer : Miss Virginia (in Spanish : Doña Virginia la feroz, comededos, pocaspulgas, sin calcones, come nieve en la calle) ... food and culture, teaching languages, staying out of trouble and praying for a boring day...that usually never comes.?

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  1. Yes. Thank you. Doing all that. Turmeric didnt do anything for her (tried it for several months ), but with the CBD, she gets glucosamine, chondroit, MSM, vitamine B, Omega 3, special HILLS food, etc ....
  2. Thanks for this topic. My 14year old Schnauzer has arthritis/Spondylisis, and I am willing to move anywhere in Mexico to make her feel better. She gets lots of supplements, which reduces the pain....but I dont think that I can make her 100 % painfree. I cant imagine how it feels. Rony
  3. And here today....they blame me for late delivery ( customer asked for delivery on a later day....which I didnt, and while I am waiting at home, for a package to arrive ) : 13:28 GUADALAJARA MX Excepción de entrega El cliente solicitó una entrega a día futuro
  4. According to the University of Guadalajara ( UDG , yesterday ), the rainy season will start in July ! Rony
  5. Another vote for banco Azteca. Easy on line banking, no long waiting lines and a lot easier to speak to a bank representative too (manager, assistant manager) I used to be with Bancomer. What a hassle it has become: every other day they throw you out of their on line banking system, reps. give unreliable info, the endless lines (waiting), etc .... No more.
  6. Info from december 2018 Cuenta Libretón Bancomer: saldo mínimo de $4,000. Cobro si no mantienes el saldo mínimo: $185 + iva.
  7. Sunday, I was able to rescue 6 kittens, out of a 10 feet deep hole. Mama cat (a stray cat....not mine) had been poisoned. I took her to the vet, but she died anyway, leaving those kitties for almost 4 days without food. After bottlefeeding them (+ flea baths), they are healthy and eating solid food now ( about 6 weeks old). I have them at the vet until Saturday (paid for). After all this, I need help. ......looking for good people to adopt 2 or 3 of them. I would hate to take them to a shelter, not knowing where they would end up afterwards. They have been through enough. And they are ready to get out of a cage A friend will pay for neutering all of them, when they are ready and another friend is donating some cat food. Email me with good news plse: elbelgicano@yahoo.com Rony
  8. Rony

    Pet Free Premise

    Gist is....think twice before you are sure to accuse somebody of breaking the law. Anyway, ...we are going in circles here and apart from lots of emotions, accusations and personal attacks, you lack the ability of decently and objectively defending your point of view. I , on the other hand, I gave you LOTS of comparisons, lists and common sense arguments, that you chose to ignore in order to stick to a tunnel vision, old fashioned and totally blown out of proportion thinking. I reacted to and read your comments, but I will no longer give it anymore time. Maybe time to close the thread ? If not, I will dedicate my time to other things now. Out of here. Stick with hard feelings if you like and continue to be personal if you cant resist. Hard feelings are not my style. Regards Rony
  9. Rony

    Pet Free Premise

    Never in my restaurant, as stated before (and close to the kitchen....not IN the kitchen, when doing the chocolate)
  10. Rony

    Pet Free Premise

    Petite nature ? Why such a sensitive point ? Hmm
  11. Rony

    Pet Free Premise

    Just interesting to see that a whole list of very centrally located restaurants ( in Mexico City and many other Mex towns) are all "breaking the law". Has it been amended, is it a very latest law, state and/or federal law ? Not guilty until proven otherwise, no ? Ofcourse, having said that, I suspect that all the "holier than the pope" posters (waving their scepter of justice) here always respect the law,...in traffic, hiring workers, paying taxes on income, etc...
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