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    Born in Belgium (not my fault), moved here first in 1998, ex flight attendant, making Belgian chocolate for about 10 years now, my Mexican miniature Schnauzer : Miss Virginia (in Spanish : Doña Virginia la feroz, comededos, pocaspulgas, sin calcones, come nieve en la calle) ... food and culture, teaching languages, staying out of trouble and praying for a boring day...that usually never comes.?

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  1. When somebody shouts gringo at me, I reply: "oh NO, que horrible, dónde está ?" (while looking around me). It usually makes them smile, and I dont care what they call me. I have actually been called a lot worse. ... a different subject, inappropriate for this webboard
  2. I already get tired, simply thinking of Ikea furniture. If they launch in 2040, it will be to soon for me. I thought that by coming to Mexico I had escaped from that "cheap tasteless European stuff". In Europe, their stores have restaurants (as a part of the store), and they have decent French fries though, which compensates for the horrors of being dragged around that store. Rony
  3. By the way....nothing personal. I like a good discussion.
  4. You could also say that not being able to handle the truth/facts turns people emotional.
  5. Seeing your emotional reaction proves exactly the opposite
  6. So, freedom of speech is limited to the passport you hold ... Hmm I see constant comparisons between countries here. Nothing new. Europe has A LOT of problems too, ..... Just saying that hardly any European would like to copy your health care system, whatever you may say about it and however hard you may try to justify your "first and only me thinking". Feel free to stick to your opinion, but be gracious in letting other people also criticise, whatever their race or nationality
  7. With all the shortcomings in the European health care system, you can keep yours. I worked there and paid 54 % of my wages into taxes, during 20 years ( without ever needing any help myself ). And I am happy that by doing that, my fellow human beings got great free education, a very good railway system and a fair excellent health care system. Indirectly, well educated and healthy people around me, will also benefit me. Why would it be that every year the Scandinavians rank among the happiest people in the world.... It is probably not the sunlight Why not abolish government all together and return to the wild West. Especially with your health care system, you have nothing to be proud about. Rony
  8. Yes. Source: El Universal newspaper. A major Telmex infinitum problem that started a little after 3 pm...in a big part of Mexico
  9. El Universal newspaper just reported Telmex Infinitum problems (big part of the country) It started a little after 3 pm, and they say that they are working on it
  10. Categorizing people in simply good and bad, based on their nationality, is about as absurd as it can get. All kinds of people in and from every country ! And if on this board, somebody gets personal, I simply ignore that sign of weakness. No big deal. I know who I am....with the good and the bad in me, and what you see is what you get. By the way....I have also witnessed how in situations of crisis/person in trouble these "mean and nasty gringos" get together in solidarity and help. Maybe a side that you choose not to see or in your short time here, havent discovered. That is all I wanted to say about your so called "observations" mr or misses already know it all Rony
  11. Yes. Thank you. Doing all that. Turmeric didnt do anything for her (tried it for several months ), but with the CBD, she gets glucosamine, chondroit, MSM, vitamine B, Omega 3, special HILLS food, etc ....
  12. Thanks for this topic. My 14year old Schnauzer has arthritis/Spondylisis, and I am willing to move anywhere in Mexico to make her feel better. She gets lots of supplements, which reduces the pain....but I dont think that I can make her 100 % painfree. I cant imagine how it feels. Rony
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