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    Born in Belgium (not my fault), moved here first in 1998, ex flight attendant, permanent resident, oral translator ( Spanish, English, German, French and Dutch ) in Guadalajara centro

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  1. So very very sorry, B., What a nightmare. But can you be sure that a private ambulance doesnt call the police either, .....because they might have to. Hugs Rony
  2. Hi B., Not private, but maybe the Chapala municipal clinic can help you. It is my first place to go for doctor or any kind of medical emergency....open 24 hours. Hug Rony
  3. Somebody who can also give you great advice on where and how to get oxygen, is Veronica Torres, the owner of the pharmacy, on the main drag in Chapala : corner Madero and Flavio Romero. In the past, she helped a lot of people getting oxygen. Rony
  4. So sad to read this. I met Louise and Bob, for the first time in 2005, when I started my restaurant in Chapala. I needed somebody to test and taste different kinds of coffee. He did a great job and thanks to him, I found excellent coffee. More importantly, I learnt a lot from this very well travelled and smart man. My heart and thoughts are with Louise. Rony
  5. Another vote for the Mexicans. I worked as a European flight attendant for 14 years ( so,.....I discovered some common traits about my fellow Europeans....not always, but often correct )......and in general, Mexicans ( where I have lived for + 20 years...in Mexico ) are a lot nicer, warmer AND happier than the Spaniards. The Spaniards also tell me that "my Spanish" is not real Spanish. It is "Mexican". They almost consider it as a dialect !( That alone says enough )
  6. I am reading in several Facebook posts today that Banamex in Chapala is closed....until further notice.....
  7. Hi....for the time being, working here in Europe. But ....I will always return to Mexico. Happy 2022 ! Rony
  8. So kind ! Thank you ! Only temporarily here in Europe. My heart,...as always ...in Mexico. Feliz 2022 to you....and all other members here ! Rony
  9. Another vote for https://www.handsoftheartisan.com/en/ Made by Canadians. It helped my 15 year old doggie in the last years of her life. They make CBD for people and pets.
  10. I also remember how she helped my elderly Dutch/Belgian friends in Chapala Haciendas. A big heart for people and animals. Very sorry that I will never see her again.
  11. Good to know. Elena might still be doing some testing ( tempering chocolate is a tricky thing and takes time to learn ). Adriana ( from El Granero ) might know more
  12. Hi, Sorry for the late reply. I havent been on this webboard for quite a while. First of all, thank you for having bought my chocolate, for all these years ( to you, and everybody else ) ! Yes, I moved back to Belgium, almost 2 months ago, but in meanwhile, there is a lady, called Elena, doing the chocolate. By now, she should have them back at El Granero ( same style of chocolate ) in Ajijic. A big hug to you all. Rony
  13. I am happy to announce that today, my friend José opened his restaurant "José s place " here in the plaza again. His wife Isabel, still has some difficulties walking and will not be there yet. Several months with no income ( while being ill ), but you can support them by having one of their wonderful meals again ( because of Covid : limited number of tables ).
  14. in the PDF of the website is also a phone number : Teléfono: (33) 38376000
  15. I would say : party concerned, claimant
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