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    Born in Belgium (not my fault), moved here first in 1998, ex flight attendant, making Belgian chocolate for about 10 years now, my Mexican miniature Schnauzer : Miss Virginia (in Spanish : Doña Virginia la feroz, comededos, pocaspulgas, sin calcones, come nieve en la calle) ... food and culture, teaching languages, staying out of trouble and praying for a boring day...that usually never comes.?

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  1. Rony

    Pet Free Premise

    Gist is....think twice before you are sure to accuse somebody of breaking the law. Anyway, ...we are going in circles here and apart from lots of emotions, accusations and personal attacks, you lack the ability of decently and objectively defending your point of view. I , on the other hand, I gave you LOTS of comparisons, lists and common sense arguments, that you chose to ignore in order to stick to a tunnel vision, old fashioned and totally blown out of proportion thinking. I reacted to and read your comments, but I will no longer give it anymore time. Maybe time to close the thread ? If not, I will dedicate my time to other things now. Out of here. Stick with hard feelings if you like and continue to be personal if you cant resist. Hard feelings are not my style. Regards Rony
  2. Rony

    Pet Free Premise

    Never in my restaurant, as stated before (and close to the kitchen....not IN the kitchen, when doing the chocolate)
  3. Rony

    Pet Free Premise

    Petite nature ? Why such a sensitive point ? Hmm
  4. Rony

    Pet Free Premise

    Just interesting to see that a whole list of very centrally located restaurants ( in Mexico City and many other Mex towns) are all "breaking the law". Has it been amended, is it a very latest law, state and/or federal law ? Not guilty until proven otherwise, no ? Ofcourse, having said that, I suspect that all the "holier than the pope" posters (waving their scepter of justice) here always respect the law,...in traffic, hiring workers, paying taxes on income, etc...
  5. Rony

    Pet Free Premise

    I think you missed reading a few posts.
  6. Rony

    Pet Free Premise

    Rafterbr....reread my post and stick to the truth plse. Nowhere it said that I kept my dog in the kitchen in my restaurant. And if you ignore other facts too, I cant discuss with you. You guys cant resist to turn it into a personal attack, can you. Typical when running out of arguments and people cant win a decent discussion. I am not surprised. Personal attacks dont affect me and say more about you than about me. Follow this webboard rules, plse You better get over your obsession. ( a cultural thing ?). The world is changing (and not only in Belgium or France, but also in Mexico). Too bad for you if you cant or wont keep up. And keep your cool. There is medication for agressive behaviour, or take your dog for a walk. A discussion doesnt necessarily have to end in world war 3. As stated in previous posts, compromise is possible. A lick/kiss from Miss Virginia. She forgives you and she wont mind having you near her, in a restaurant.....if you are able to behave and pull yourself together Have a buenos dias ! Rony
  7. Rony

    Pet Free Premise

    Fair enough. It is part of the restaurant, isnt it. It usually is actually the best part
  8. Rony

    Pet Free Premise

    Here is a first list of places....that all "break the law??" https://www.timeoutmexico.mx/ciudad-de-mexico/restaurantes-cafes/restaurantes-y-cafes-pet-friendly We are going to need a lot of extra prison cells, pet friendly or not. Also note, that most of these places are not somewhere hidden away. So forgive me....I really try to respect the law, but if I see all this (( lists of pet friendly restos )), I surrender and bring in the handcuffs Sorry, but in this game....elbelgicano - the rest.... still 1 - 0. And do I hear the fat lady singing ?
  9. Rony

    Pet Free Premise

    Thank you for this very first valid argument. I love you, Gringal If this really is a law....and it might be.....how come that some big GDL and Mex City restaurants have signs that allow mascotas, even with pet drinking bowls. I forgot the name of it, but I recently saw one in La colonia Americana in GDL. It is certainly not that those places are somewhere hidden away or outside of centro For your information, those spaces are often on the terrace, which doesnt bother me.
  10. Rony

    Pet Free Premise

    Oh no. "entitled" is your very personal and totally wrong interpretation, because you are having a hard time with my arguments. The very few times, I take my dog to a restaurant, I will first check with the owner, with other guests and I will also try to sit as far away from other people (and my dog will be under the table). My main and only point is how you guys, every single time, totally blow this out of proportion and make a huge thing out of this and cite a few bad examples, while it has been proven in many other countries, that this really doesnt cause a health crisis or people fighting with one another . Fortunately, in the bigger cities, people come to their senses about this and are able to bring a compromise between the 2 groups ... by simply implementing basic rules. Whether a group of conservative and tunnel vision thinkers like it or not.... more and more cities and countries are heading in that direction. Even Amtrack in the US, fairly recently, started to accept pets on its trains (and people eat there too). In all circumstances ( trains, busses, restaurants ) rules are put in place and I rarely or never witness problems. It is not just animals, but also people that cause problems by showing lack of respect. If worried about hygiene....believe me.... after years and years helping and guiding people in the local restaurant business....a well behaved, small doggie (member of my family ! ) really is the least of your problems. I doubt that any point, argument or factual comparison will give you the wisdom of really opening your eyes,....but after years of reading this nonsens, and never having had enough discussion time, I had to weigh in....even if I have to go against the majority "here"
  11. Rony

    Pet Free Premise

    What makes sense to one person, doesnt always make sense to the other. And you gave in to the temptation, Gringal
  12. Rony

    Pet Free Premise

    Not much of an argument, is it...(versus my posts...you might want to reread) I think that I more than pointed out the absurdness of your obsession...using PLENTY of arguments I wouldnt torment my dog by taking it to church anyway I rest my case ..
  13. Rony

    Pet Free Premise

    By the way....keep your own dogs out of your own kitchens too. You all might end up at cruz roja
  14. Rony

    Pet Free Premise

    The more reason. I have lived in the barrio for a long time. You d better never eat in the Chapala plaza neither
  15. Rony

    Pet Free Premise

    My only obsession is the love for my dog and that is a good one
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