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  1. I figured this is the best place to find answers and my web search revealed nothing helpful. Here's my dilemma: my van tags are up for renewal but they want proof of Fl. insurance and Fl. residency. My mailing address is in Fl. but because I'm living out of the country Allstate, Geico, etc. will NOT insure me even though it's no risk to them cuz I'm fully insured with Mx. ins. and living here in Mx. There's a stiff penalty and possible jail time for 'faking' the ins. info so I don't wanna go THERE. Does anyone know what I can do to get Fl. insurance to renew my Fl. tags (it's just a few wee
  2. New to Mexico... currently in Chapala, going on my 4th month here. Great people & love the climate - vast improvement over Florida. :)

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