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  1. i cancelled my permit at the kiosko then drove over to the building on the incoming side, cancelled my fmm then gave the car cancellation to the lady at banjercito, explained the situation in spanish, she gave me the form to fill out with old and new card info, i signed it left, 2 days later i get my money back. this is the second time ive had to do it because my CC got hacked and usaa cancelled it. no problem. i also arrived at the colombia bridge a couple of years ago and couldnt find my tip paperwork, told the guy in the kiosko, he filled out a form and got it cancelled. told him it was stolen. no problem. got my refund in 2 days.
  2. i crossed at colombia bridge on the 2nd of sept, had to fill out paperwork to have deposit refunded to my new credit card as old one that i used for the deposit got hacked. the money was put back on my card on the 4th of sept.
  3. bought a box of soriana fried chicken yesterday, 8 pieces-138 pesos, very good in my opinion, and a side of mashed potatoes for 22 pesos.
  4. Margaret is in central ajijic and rents nice cars reasonable, very convenient. 331-177-6330
  5. middle ringroad around the WEST side going south and the inner ring road around the WEST side going north.
  6. i crossed the colombia bridge on tuesday morning the 30th of april. it was 10:20 in the morning. there was 1 vehicle in front of me, delayed 20 seconds. no traffic and no trucks backed up. i was surprised at how little traffic.
  7. from the one at the intersection at morelos,there is one in villa de cos, one the left, there is one 12 miles up the road at santa cecilia, on the right. then 2 operational, on the left before your get to concepcion del oro, and one of those has a motel behind the wall,. there is one on the right entering concepcion del oro on the right and another just up the road one on the left before the big curve going out of town. then when you get to the intersection where all the car plants are there is one just past the over pass on the right, kinda hard to get to but you can do it. also if you went west from the intersection toward general cepeda there is one a mile down on the left and 4 miles further on past the freightliner plant is a Hotel ONE on the left, very comfortable. i have used the western bypass around saltillo and didnt like it either time so i go thru town, saltillo, on the freeway, no topes, no lights. pay attention to the signs for monterrey-airport also a few miles north of morelos there is a little town and and overpass on the highway. there is a pemex to the east about one mile, came in real handy about 3 years ago when a lot of stations were out of fuel. a comment about aguascalientes, i came thru there southbound 14 days ago, not much construction but a detour on the middle ring road-around the west side. i take the inner ring road to the west going north and the middle ring road to the west coming south, lights timed to 60 kilometers per hour. works well for me.
  8. there are 7 pemex stations between zacatecas and saltillo.
  9. the street liniment that i bought with the peyote and marijuana also had diclofenaco, the anti-inflammatory medicine that is in several gels including Voltaren. it does work to relieve inflammation.
  10. get the app, the website is terrible but the app works great and cheaper the last time i booked.
  11. check this out. fly vivaaerobus from gdl to monterrey mexico 1 way, not expensive, then a bus to nuevo laredo , then cab to the bridge, walk across, much faster easier and cheaper, then cab or walk to the bus station in laredo texas, then bus to san antonio tx and then train.
  12. there is a job pick up site west of austin in dripping springs, dozens of men go there each morning looking for work. they want 100 dollars USD, to get in the truck and work for any one for 8 hours or so. also my mexican nephew, who is legal with a US passport and social security number just made 600 dollars working 26 hours for a re modeler that hired him, 23USD per hour. i was surprised but pleased. thats the reality around austin. most of the nursing homes lakeside pay about 1500 pesos per week for a nurse/aide.
  13. i took a friend to the chopo lab on justo sierra in guadalajara. he had a lower abdominal mri, colon etc, and with the discount it was 4275 pesos. took about 40 minutes and walked out with the results. also wife had endoscopy this last tuesday at laboratorio tolsa on enrique diaz de leon street in gdl, 6000 pesos with report and pictures. any biopsy work is extra but not too expensive.did not have a doctors order, i just called tolsa and made the appointment. doable without spanish but much easier with fluent spanish.
  14. Hmmm. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2018/07/31/the-shocking-reason-that-this-mans-legs-and-hands-were-amputated-a-dogs-saliva/?utm_term=.f634c2de2423
  15. i second what bartman says. barcelona man did a fine job of setting my system up and it works great. so if you dont like his service then dont use it.
  16. i would like info about the firestick or android apps. please give me a way to contact you, im in ajijic. thanks. harvey bell     harveybell2000@yahoo.com   766-0415

    1. BAR


      Me too.  I may be there soon.  Bart R.   rpkbrt@yahoo.com                      thanks

  17. im in the states and am going to replace my iphone 5s battery. bought on on line with the tools to replace it for$9.00. free shipping. best buy and frys wants 39.95 to do the labor. ill bring it back to mexico for the installation. you tube says takes 5 minutes.
  18. i predict they wont be there long. on my last and final visit it was raining and the only parking space was taken up by the delivery motorcycle. there were 3 other people eating there at 1 table. there were 5 or 6 employees and all were loud and playing among themselves. the price for a glass of wine was 50 pesos on the menu, we were charged 60 and told that the menu hadnt been changed yet. i will not be back
  19. interesting responses. i pay my rent 2 years in advance and i maintain the house and pay all bills except property taxes. i see the landlord, a mexican citizen, once every 2 years when its time to pay the rent. been doing this for 10 years, works well. and the landlord and i get along fine. so maybe there are exceptions.
  20. if you contact a dealer that is interested in you car, ask how long it takes to get paid if you make a deal. when my sister-in-law sold my mother in laws car, and they lived in san antonio, 2 places she went to wanted to make her wait for the check for 1 to 3 days.
  21. i had trouble finding them so i can now refill them off of the 20 lb. tank i have. and a much cheaper than buying new. pm me if you want to.
  22. i believe that engine calls for 5-30. i bring mine down from the states and use castrol 5-30 high mileage which is a semi synthetic and recommended for my toyota sienna. as for cost in mexico, i bring mine down from walmart in the US and change here. about 18 dollars plus tax for 5 quarts.
  23. it is 11 miles further to go to colombia but EVERY car is stopped and inspected. i crossed southbound at bridge 2 at the end of IH35 in laredo on easter sunday and the nothing to declare line was waved thru. i then went to the long building down by the river and got my FMM and car permit in 28 minutes and was on my way. i ALWAYS cross northbound at colombia.
  24. i prepay at CFE in chapala and at telmex in ajijic. it works fine but watch your telmex bills as they will add stuff and not tell you. then you get to go in and wait in line to fix it.
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