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  1. the food is very good. and friends ate there last week and said it was great.
  2. When could I look at the Gorky Gonzalez dishware? I live in the village but have a car. Pam Bell 376-766-0415
  3. i was told it was members only at the one on pepe guizar, and there is another regular branch 2 blocks east of the chapala bus station.
  4. i put money on my temex landline bill at telcel in centro laguna about 10 days ago.
  5. i entered at piedras negras on oct 30 and got a car permit and tourist visa. no problem what so ever.
  6. i left ajijic on the 29th of jan. spent night in saltillo then to colombia bridge. spent 64 dollars on tolls including the 28 pesos at the bridge. went thru aguascalientes and bypass around zacatecas. have never seen so many trucks from saltillo to colombia bridge. took 21 minutes to go around the inner western ring road in ags. new overpasses and much improved.
  7. as for the colombia bridge, it is 18 miles up river from nuevo laredo and is in another state, nuevo leon. i do not believe it is in the city limits of nuevo laredo. i cross southbound in nuevo laredo and northbound at the colombia bridge. i also go thru saltillo and on to zacatecas and aguascalientes then guadalajara and i use my US debit card at all but 2 toll booths, they only accept cash,pesos, from the border to lake chapala and at all pemex stations. never had a problem but i NEVER let it out of my sight. i stay with the card at all times. therefore i spend very few pesos on the trip, i
  8. yes , it works just fine. but the checks im depositing are US checks.
  9. if this person has a US bank then check and see if the bank allows online deposits. i have deposited several US checks into my US account with my iphone.
  10. i drove into mexico on christmas day, got a tip on my car and a fmm visa for myself. flew out on the 9th of jan and back on the 11th. no problem whatsoever. im assuming you have a tourist visa. the airline check in people will tell you what to do. i had to take my land entry 180 day fmm to immigration on north end of terminal and have it stamped and turn it in at the gate. the airline people had a stack of them in a drawer from other passengers. a lady travelling with me flew in on the 30th of dec. the airline took her fmm when they gave her a boarding pass so she did not have anything to
  11. i cross nuevo laredo often south bound and use colombia bridge to go north bound. i would spend the night at the city express on north side of monterrery, go to colombia bridge early, they open at 8am, take care of my business and head south again. zacatecas is a fine city and 8 hours from the border. you wont be very close to nuevo laredo at any time.
  12. i use the VA in central texas. i had a quadruple bypass on the 28th of oct., 2 weeks ago, the VA authorized the top cardio thoracic surgeon in austin to do the procedure and great post op care. they have been prompt and easy to deal with and have now authorized 35 cardio rehab sessions. in my experience they do a fine job.
  13. the road from saltillo to zacatecas is wide 2 lane in good shape until north of concepcion del oro then it goes to 4 lane divided in good shape. i set the cruise to 75mph and people pass me going at least 90 a lot. there are no tolls on that road from saltillo to just north of zacatecas and then 2 small tolls on the bypass around the east side of zacatecas. the tolls from ajijic to colombia bridge thru aguascalientes, zacatecas,saltillo monterrey are about 800 pesos. there are 9 gas stations between saltillo and zacatecas and its a 4.5 hour drive.
  14. i cancelled my permit at the kiosko then drove over to the building on the incoming side, cancelled my fmm then gave the car cancellation to the lady at banjercito, explained the situation in spanish, she gave me the form to fill out with old and new card info, i signed it left, 2 days later i get my money back. this is the second time ive had to do it because my CC got hacked and usaa cancelled it. no problem. i also arrived at the colombia bridge a couple of years ago and couldnt find my tip paperwork, told the guy in the kiosko, he filled out a form and got it cancelled. told him it wa
  15. i crossed at colombia bridge on the 2nd of sept, had to fill out paperwork to have deposit refunded to my new credit card as old one that i used for the deposit got hacked. the money was put back on my card on the 4th of sept.
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