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  1. aguascalientes is easy if you take the inner ring road around the WEST side northbound and the middle ring road around the WEST side south bound. the lights are timed at 60 kmph. 850 pesos for tolls from ajijic to piedras negras.
  2. try leo, hes on the street going down to CFE in chapala, about 4s door back from the corner. he has an upholstery shop and works on furniture. he just fixed 7 recliners for me that needed repair and were used in an old folks home .
  3. my nephew was tested yesterday, the name on the results was 1 letter off, it said san instead of sam, and was almost denied boarding this morning for a flight to san antonio but finally they let him on. the passport number was correct on the form. after boarding and arriving in san antonio tx no one asked to see the results.
  4. ribera hospital on the libramiento does antigen tests for 700 pesos, fast and efficient. results on your cell phone or pick up a paper copy. i took 6 people there one morning and they did a fine job. and theres a nice cafeteria on the second floor.
  5. there is a place called FIX MOBIL in chapala. guys name is bryan and he speaks english. he is a few doors east of the bus station in chapala going east in the next block. the next block past the bus station on the left.
  6. call margaret at 1-480-797-1343, she has a secure parking area covered. its on miguel blanco in ajijic
  7. i did the math and found it in their in literature. maybe you should try it.
  8. i caught intercam charging me a very high fee, .92% on a savings account and then lying and denying it. i proved it to them and they still denied it so i moved to orourke. much better.
  9. there is no test required for domestic flights but you need a smartphone to take a picture of a qr code which opens a questionnaire on the phone and you can fill it out and show it before going thru security along with boarding pass. they have paper forms too but i didnt see any. this was on a flight to los mochis and back to gdl last month. there are people to help if necessary.
  10. there is a sign on the wall across the carreterra from pechugon in ajijic and it explains the fines for burning garbage, 145,000 pesos.
  11. its down revolution a bit from the corner of GV. big black doors. its not hard to find!!! it is NOT on GV. inside the black metal doors there a nice yard , bar and seating. the food was very good the 1 time i ate there and others have liked it too.
  12. the food is very good. and friends ate there last week and said it was great.
  13. When could I look at the Gorky Gonzalez dishware? I live in the village but have a car. Pam Bell 376-766-0415
  14. i was told it was members only at the one on pepe guizar, and there is another regular branch 2 blocks east of the chapala bus station.
  15. i put money on my temex landline bill at telcel in centro laguna about 10 days ago.
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