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  1. Who like to personally insult other posters, I think it is time we got beyond the crass insults and became much more erudite at it. Hence, when I saw this it occurred to me immediately this would be a great addition here. Enjoy! Ladies and Gentlemen, start your insults. Let's set to work on being impertinent motley-minded harpys!
  2. The only one of you who made a constructive response was Kyle, than you for that. JB summarized pretty well the impression someone visiting might get of this group. Sad. I'll add this suggestion, when paying cash try and have change on hand so you can pay close to the required amount to begin with. Then stand there and count your change before walking away. Mistakes are made and yes some cashiers like to short change. Closed.
  3. Gone political. I deleted the worst of it. From here on out, no more mask debates. The state and local governments here have spelled out the rules. Follow them or take the consequences, if any. Make it your responsibility to keep your distance from those not wearing or not wearing properly. Closed.
  4. Well you could always send a PM about a post or thread you are concerned about. We don't read every single thing posted here, we relay on you all to report problems or concerns too. This applies to everyone. I found the threat that got out of hand and dealt with it.
  5. Eric, this doesn't apply to Mexico and certainly not to Jalisco or locally. Closed.
  6. It's OK we have it covered and won't be needing your help. Thanks.
  7. I started this thread because I found the data interesting and indicative of some underlying basics about the CV situation. It has turned into yet another personal pissing match. Closed.
  8. Sorry about your loss. I'll move this to the Pet section so more can see it. If Shag's friend takes it, please update the thread.
  9. Once again, you are asked not to use this thread to prosthelytize. This is for fun. We need more fun and less preaching. Thanks.
  10. This is headed in the personal and political direction so we'll close it but leave it up FYI. Posts get deleted here for personal attacks and politics. That's pretty much it. If you feel the need for either, go to TOB.
  11. Two items deleted. Please do not politicize this thread.
  12. To start with, there's a lot of assumptions in this but the main point is this is an op ed about the U.S. and this board is about Mexico. Let's see if we can find something besides corona virus to discuss on this board.
  13. Looks like Hector took care of it. Thanks Hector. Closed.
  14. Actually I think I'll advise you to be less rude and personal.

  15. Looks like the topic is fully aired and the snark is starting. closed.
  16. OK this has gotten too personal. closed. Last post deleted because we should respect the Private in Private Message. Eric you obviously aren't getting the desired results with these posts and threads so, yes, it is a good idea to refrain from them.
  17. OK so we all know the story now. My condolences, this was really a bad deal for you. Closed.
  18. The topic is the Govern'or's threat to reimpose lockdowns. Let's stick to it.
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