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  1. You might want to consider starting a new thread for your post.
  2. I think it is time for a housecleaning of about 5 or so individuals who are simply abusive.  What they all share in common is participation in Inside Lakeside where personal abuse and bullying is the norm.

    Here is what a recent newbie sent me.  I really think this observation is valid.


    I tried to have a conversation but the same people come in and just start insulting everyone they don't like. Why do you not Ban these people?

    I know I am probably done with this board it's the same 4 or 5 people who attack anyone they don't like over and over. This place makes 4chan look nice clean it up please.

    It would be better if you did the house cleaning.  I can give you a list of recommendations.  I think if we take out the most abusive ring leaders the rest will fall in line.  I'd start immediately with "mudgirl" who doesn't even live here.  

    As noted previously, I think you all should just consider shutting this board down for good.  Most people are using Facebook now for local groups.  My personal opinion is this board does not enhance the image Chapala Realty would like to portray.

    Let's discuss.  Over coffee if you like.



  3. This has turned into another personal pissing match courtesy of the usual suspects. Closed.
  4. Since we are no longer discussing the topic and the sniping has started, closed.
  5. Well since it was about an outage that is no longer happening, at least for the moment, the thread is no longer germane. Closed.
  6. You guys know better than to go full bore political here. Closed.
  7. Of course you are. Please accept our condolences.
  8. Oatsie, you surely have been here long enough to know these food posts go in La Cocina. Moved.
  9. I think this has gone far enough. As always it is important to research carefully when choosing medical providers. Prior to the opening of SA Hospital, emergency services were pretty sketchy here. This is no longer the case thanks to the SA folks and others.
  10. With apologies to the OP, this thread has gone way off topic and been politicized. Closed.
  11. Virgo "lady" removed from this thread and given a month's time out for the unmitigated nastiness. I should have cracked down on this problem sooner, apologies.
  12. Let's stick to the topic of golf carts on local streets here. Last time I looked at a golf cart going by, Putin wasn't driving it. Thanks.
  13. I'm beginning to think I need to set up a separate area of this board just for you two guys to go at each other for the entertainment of the rest of us. Maybe I should take a poll to determine the level of interest. Closed.
  14. Too bad you couldn't just leave it with Alan's excellent post and for one resist making things personal.
  15. Mostly cartoons and humor. Will look in there for covid stuff and delete. Went back a few pages there and looked. No covid stuff. Some was deleted earlier.
  16. All covid threads will be moving to the new section. Do not post about covid in this section, please, starting now. Thank you.
  17. Go to the entry page and click on "staff." Pick one of us and send a message direct. As noted, for most issues, like an abusive poster, contact one of us Mods. If you are having a problem with the board's function, contact Admin.
  18. I think you sent it to Admin and Admin referred it to me, regarding that very abusive post by a member that seems to have a real problem getting personal and nasty with those who disagree with her. That individual was given a time out by me to think about it. I see another post like the one you most assuredly should have had a problem with and that person will be gone for good here. Mods don't and cannot read every single post here. Please, if you have a problem, contact me or Mod 5 with enough information for us to find the problem post or posts and deal with them. Save Admin for the big issues that we can't deal with on the Mod level.
  19. We're not turning this into another covid obsession thread, Ibarra, Virgo Lady, Kiko.
  20. I did not remove either the Poll thread or the Pothole thread. I doubt Pete did either. That probably means Admin did. Sorry to disappoint there Mudgirl.
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