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  1. Amazing. Can't even discuss the lake level with civility. Closed.
  2. Because (a) it is off topic and (b) your poor examples always seem to be from one side only. Edited again, post it again and you get suspended. If you have a further problem with this, PM me or another moderator. This refers to the last two posts by VG I deleted. Topic is CANADIANS and travel. Got it?
  3. Please review topic title and in particular note the word "Canadians." thank you.
  4. This is getting ugly so we'll close it.
  5. Manix has NOT gone out of business or announced it is closing. That is the current situation!
  6. Bottom line is SD are most assuredly not a sham or a ploy, they are one way someone can stay legal instead of risking driving on expired plates, while they are tourist or temporal. Rick's activities are accurately described by him and completely legal and it is incorrect to suggest it is some sort of formal business. He is not the only one who is available to provide this service on request. Since the sham and ploy claims have no merit and have been handled here, I think this thread is complete. Closed.
  7. Does anyone have anything else they want to offer on the topic?
  8. Who like to personally insult other posters, I think it is time we got beyond the crass insults and became much more erudite at it. Hence, when I saw this it occurred to me immediately this would be a great addition here. Enjoy! Ladies and Gentlemen, start your insults. Let's set to work on being impertinent motley-minded harpys!
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