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  1. Because that thread was disrupted and turned political by just several people. In hindsight I should have just deleted it as soon as it appeared. Questions regarding moderation are to be directed by PM to me or others, or Admin Chapala. Closed.
  2. This thread isn't going anywhere useful. Closed.
  3. No, they went full political partisan by shifting from a discussion about an unelected bureaucrat with no real medical experience treating live people to dredging up a widely quoted out of context statement by a partisan politician and then compounded it by playing the ever so tiresome race card. It will be interesting what you all have to say if the current administration shows said bureaucrat to the door. Will you be complaining about it? Somehow I doubt it. Closed thanks to Gringal and Bisbee.
  4. Sounds like everything OK now so we'll close here.
  5. Thread and OP thoroughly discussed. Warning issued to Virgo lady for being snarky and unhelpful. Charlene it is always better to ignore posters who want to be unpleasant and unhelpful. If it really gets out of hand report it to a moderator and we will deal with it. Thread closed.
  6. As this thread was mine and has gone off track I am closing it. Remember, you can contact me or another moderator and ask for a thread you've started to be closed.
  7. I've also heard from regular border crossers that by car things are pretty porous as you suggest. However Mostly Lost's post was correct and not irrelevant to this thread. And your comment was churlish and unnecessary. Knock it off.
  8. Always the same suspects with the personal crap. Pretty soon we are going to be about 6 members fewer here Anyone who doubts what happens in Texas affects Mexico should take a couple minutes and read up on the many thousands of Mexicans along that border who hold dual citizenships and who cross into Texas, or vice versa, daily for purposes of work or commerce or education. Covid has been allowed to cause great economic hardship to many of these people and massively disrupt the border economies on both sides. And I see Andy has disrupted yet another thread with his personal at
  9. It becomes political when some people use a thread about Canadians getting vaccines to post derogatory comments about someone else's country which results in my getting complaints from members. I wasn't even following that thread until I started to get complaints about it. And not from "Texas buddies" either. Your opening post, "mudgirl", proved that the complaints were warranted. That is exactly what was going on in that thread. This board is about Mexico, not a forum for ugly Canadians to bash the U.S. constantly or vice versa. Andy I deleted your post because it was a direct v
  10. Edited to remove political content. Post will remain since Mexico is very affected by what goes on in Texas, with which it shares much of its border.
  11. I can't believe a thread about a power outage would turn into a two page pissing contest. But then again, yes I can. Closed.
  12. In the past people have posted beach rentals here. I would think you could post an out of town rental in the classified section of this board, not in this section. Air BnB gets great results I am told. However no for sale listings, please.
  13. Hoolia, we have a section for restaurant news. You can post menus, notices of events or special dishes, hours, that sort of thing. Moved
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