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  1. With apologies to RickS that Pandemic Side Effects thread got so ugly I had to delete it. Unfortunately some of you proved Rick's point all too well. It could have been humorous and fun and seemed to start off that way. I can see a crack down on getting personal and nasty is needed here again. Consider this a warning.
  2. Since the topic is swimming in lake chapala, which people do quite regularly, and not a behavioral debate between members, which this thread has become, closed.
  3. This has little to do with Mexico other than the shared border. Closed.
  4. OK, enough. Descending into personalities. Closed.
  5. No it is not the point. On this board, if you don't like what someone else posts, the acceptable response here is to ignore the post, thread or poster or rebut the substance of what they posted.. You can also put a poster you like on ignore so you don't see their threads and posts at all. What is not acceptable is to personally call the other poster out. That is the job of board moderation, of which there are four active on this board. As you are new here, I am assuming you weren't fully aware of this. The owners of this board place a strong emphasis on civility and avoiding
  6. Elevator started a thread asking if anyone else is having trouble accessing the O'Rourke investment web page. For some reason his thread has a flaw that causes it to divert to the main Chapala com site. So I am putting this thread up for him and deleting the other.
  7. You're probably right although the thread went into immediate ad hom and personal attack and Rick posted a blatantly political and OT response dragging up American legislators. Because of that I concluded the thread was going to just be another one sided political ranting session from the usual suspects here. It headed in that direction almost immediately. Post it again if you want but be aware that source is not the most credible. Of course instead of just posting factual rebuttals to the contention that the vaccines aren't vaccines at all would have been too easy, it was much ea
  8. Let's keep this thread strictly fun and non political.
  9. Looks like the blackouts are abating and these threads are wandering. Closed.
  10. This thread just went blatantly U.S political. Edited and closed. Thank you Gringal for the reminder.
  11. Feel free to leave. I delete purely personal and snarky comments and don't always point out the obvious. I realize this has happened to you more than most here. You may want to reconsider your style of posting or you could just go to the board where it is much more acceptable than here.
  12. As this has descended into snark and personalities thanks to the usual suspects, closed.
  13. Finally a definitive, on topic response. Thank you very much, sir.
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