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  1. After thinking about it further, I realized Johnny was handed a big suspension for a lot less of a personal attack than yours, Alex. This is over the top and libelous. You have earned yourself an extended time out to contemplate how to post without personally attacking those who disagree with you.
  2. This was put in the wrong place. For sale items go in the section created exclusively for them.
  3. All the personal garbage deleted and closed as the person has been found.
  4. Enough with the personal comments Angus. Bobby please check your mailbox. Too political. Closed.
  5. Some of you just can't resist getting personal. Closed.
  6. Very simple how not to get a time out or ban here. Don't engage in personalities or personal attacks. Address topics not other posters. Don't use the big cuss words. All that is required is when you disagree, don't be disagreeable. Remember this is a site sponsored by a prominent local real estate company. Ya can't sell or rent your houses here. They don't want a lot of crime posting. There are plenty of alternatives for that including Facebook and Insidelakeside.com Use those resources for that topic. We mods try to walk a fine line between cracking down on every snipe versus letting things get to the point where it is just personalities and intolerance for different opinions. We aren't perfect. You want perfect, die and go to heaven.
  7. Dishes, dishes who has the dishes? He's been given some time to think about not trolling threads like this. And frankly some need to think about how easily they take the bait. Lot of troll feeding here. Closed.
  8. This has gotten way too personal. Can't understand why some don't just use the ignore feature of this board. Closed. A time out issued to JIT but frankly the way some of you take the bait and reply in kind you're lucky he's the only one getting the suspension at this point.
  9. Very sorry to hear of this and I regret we can't share information on this board, not my call. Go to www.insidelakeside.com or the Lake Chapala Crime facebook page.
  10. https://www.informador.mx/jalisco/Regresan-las-filas-a-gasolineras-tras-rumor-de-escasez-20190202-0012.html
  11. This thread has gotten very long and continues to wander despite repeated requests to stay on topic. It seems gas is reasonably available locally though it will be interesting to see if things tighten up over the long weekend. Closed but start a new one if the local gasoline lines return.
  12. Per request of the OP I will continue to restrict this thread to ONLY timely reports of local gasoline availability. Thanks for your cooperation.
  13. We have a classified section for this sort of thing. Please use it. Moved.
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