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  1. It's too bad all of us can't put this reminder so politely and effectively. Let's remember we don't live in the big city here but it is nearby if we need that level of care. Thanks to bmh for the reminder just how good we have it here compared to much if not most of Mexico.
  2. Banned from posting. Can still read the threads, just can't post on any of them. Looks like thread has run its course. Closed.
  3. I would definitely PM More Liana on this board, she lives there and really knows the territory.
  4. Another thread killed with childish arguing and name calling. Closed. JIT restricted from further posting. GH given a time out.
  5. Had to delete all the personal attacks. Note the post that started the chain of attacks did not personally attack anyone. Some of us really need to learn how not to get personal when they don't like the opinion or posts of others. What is missing here are alternative suggestions for someone who has a sinus condition that causes congestion when eating.
  6. I asked you all to keep the irrelevant U.S politics out of this thread. Closed.
  7. And I edited the thread to remove the rest of the not relevant political commentary. RVing is practically non existent in Mexico. The people using this place are very likely to be from the U.S. and Canada.
  8. Old thread and question has been answered. No Lexus dealers here, closest thing is Toyota. Lexus not sold in Mexico. Not a good idea to bring one here long term. Edited to remove the back and forth BS and closed.
  9. We added a for sale section to this board specifically so you all could advertise stuff like this here. Please use it. Moved.
  10. As this is no longer a restaurant review but is now a dogs in restaurant thread I am closing it. The board's owners do appreciate how the topic of dogs in restaurants really build the site traffic. However, if you guys want, start a thread on that topic once again and as long as it doesn't get personal and unpleasant we'll let 'er roll. Angus, that last post doesn't meet either the personal or unpleasant standard.
  11. Did you find the cat? Let's stick to that topic. Let's remember threads like this are for the express purpose of helping folks find their lost pets and if one has nothing at all to contribute to the search, please refrain from posting comments you may consider droll but others find distracting.
  12. After thinking about it further, I realized Johnny was handed a big suspension for a lot less of a personal attack than yours, Alex. This is over the top and libelous. You have earned yourself an extended time out to contemplate how to post without personally attacking those who disagree with you.
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