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  1. Deleted those last three posts, that got out of hand. Particularly you, Ficklepie. No mas.
  2. Let's stay on topic and avoid any further personal commentary. This is a general problem here and it doesn't hurt to revisit it periodically. For example in this thread there's some very good information on remote tank guages. Thanks and Feliz Año Nuevo folks.
  3. moderator-2


    Please do not put posts like this in the Announcements section. They belong in La Cocina. Moved.
  4. Then the appropriate action is to just ignore the thread. See how easy that is?
  5. On TOB this question was answered with a simple "nope." Let's try this and skip the editorializing. Not everyone is aware of previous discussions. There has been no update to this situation since a few months ago when it was announced the program would resume in GDL in January.
  6. Looks like we've run out of things to post about the topic and have ended up posting about each other. Closed. P.S. We know who he is and he knows now how not to get kicked off here. Happy ending.
  7. This particular topic has been discussed thoroughly in the past and has nothing to do with a food or restaurant review. Closed at the request of the thread starter.
  8. We've been advised our hosting service will be updating the software beginning at 9PM on Friday. There may be outages and/or slowdowns. When posting a thread or response PLEASE do not hit the enter bar more than once. Here are the details: In an effort to improve uptime and stability, we will be upgrading your web hosting server's hardware! Here are some of the benefits of the upgrade: All solid-state drive(SSD) backed storage. This means much faster access and write times for data. Moving to Intel(R) Xeon(R) E5 processors vs existing AMD. The scheduled maintenance will begin on Fri, Oct 18 and your server may experience intermittent downtime starting at 9 PM CDT. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  9. At this point in time the only remedy is to lock or delete as they appear. Agree it is a nuisance. It is very easy to start new threads. Folks, please do not drag up old threads whose topics may only be peripherally germane and whose information is definitely dated.
  10. All I can say about this thread is "oh, brother." Closed.
  11. My comment was addressed to all of you. You can argue and disagree here but you can't get personal. That is the point. This has been difficult for some of you to assimilate. You have another local board where you can get personally unpleasant. I recommend those of you who can't resist engaging in personalities to do it there. If you have any other concerns, PM me.
  12. You can call a spade a spade all you want here but you can't call another poster a spade. Got it?
  13. If you see he is the thread starter you do not have to open up the thread. Also this board has an ignore feature, enabling you to ignore all posts and threads by a poster you don't like. In the future please use either of these options and don't post something like this. Problem solved!
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