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  1. Since moderators can't change passwords I've directed him to contact "Chapala" by email. Not sure what happened but it will get straightened out.
  2. moderator-2

    the highest honor?

    We'll leave this debate to the Mexicans.
  3. I think your message box is full so I am posting this here.  Please empty your message box.

    You can make your point without getting personal.  If the information posted by someone here is incorrect, just post correct information, show why it is correct and leave it at that.

    Our citrus tree had this and nothing worked.  So we did take it out.  A search of the literature reveals this is often if not usually required.

    Please be less caustic and personal.  Thanks.

  4. moderator-2

    Why was Estillo thread locked ?

    This has been sufficiently aired. Closed.
  5. Too much politics. Seems to bring out the worst in some. Closed.
  6. As this is a formal event for the entire community moved to the events announcements section.
  7. moderator-2

    Mandarina plague

    Knock off the personal bickering, thanks.
  8. moderator-2

    Pancho's Grand soft Opening

    No, moderator isn't a friend or even acquaintance of Pancho and yes this thread probably belongs in La Cocina so I am moving it. Speaking personally, I've noticed the community benefits from increased competition and choice in the retail sector. Truthfully, we hardly ever patronized SuperLake and probably won't be a big user of this store either. We've developed a system of buying Mexican and supplementing that with trips to Costco and annually NOB.
  9. moderator-2

    New 2018 Jalisco Driving Guide

    Pinned as an ongoing reference. Thanks Spencer!
  10. I decided to move this to Charitable and other events. Seems more relevant and will be on the first page much longer. Please post these there from now on, thanks. And I'll be watching for rude and inappropriate responses. These posts are informational and if you don't like them, don't click on them.
  11. moderator-2

    Log in issue

    Don't have one. A kumputar expert I are not. CG can you help us here?
  12. moderator-2

    Chapala Web Board URL Not Secure

    That should work. Make sure you delete old bookmarks.
  13. moderator-2

    Log in issue

    Check the address of the link to here on that computer and make sure it starts with "https" not "http." If it does, delete the bookmark and reinstall it.
  14. Should work fine. Try a test post first and if it goes in then do the rest. You can delete the test post as the thread starter.
  15. moderator-2

    Chapala Web Board URL Not Secure

    I'm getting secure on Chrome. Delete previous bookmarks and cookies.