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  1. Edited to remove all the personal crap. Thanks to Alan for staying on topic.
  2. That's all any of you have to do. What I see here is an informative post followed by some pretty unpleasant personal attacks. Edited and moved to Mexico general. Some of you really should be ashamed of your personal nastiness.
  3. Look at the bottom of the main page. Chapala is listed as admin. Send him a PM.
  4. Updated information on this topic is readily available so we really don't need to post about it endlessly here. Closed. Don't open another.
  5. Anyone who wants to respond to the OP's request please send him a private mail.
  6. Let's watch the personal comments and stick to the topic. It is a relevant one, this virus is gradually showing up in more and more places. Check the news out of Italy this morning.
  7. We have a section for selling stuff. Please use it. Moved.
  8. Man it gets bad when y'all can't avoid discussing food without getting personal. Closed.
  9. Let's stay away from U.S. politics, please.
  10. We seem to have wandered far and wide here. My sympathies to the folks in Chapala, this mess on Hildalgo is really awful. Closed.
  11. No, no open season. Joy asked a question and it was answered. Closed.
  12. Deleted those last three posts, that got out of hand. Particularly you, Ficklepie. No mas.
  13. Let's stay on topic and avoid any further personal commentary. This is a general problem here and it doesn't hurt to revisit it periodically. For example in this thread there's some very good information on remote tank guages. Thanks and Feliz Año Nuevo folks.
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