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  1. For sale stuff goes in the classivied. Moved
  2. Well since it has been determined that WalMart is allowing over 60 shoppers in, this thread has served its purpose. And of course per usual and the usual suspects turn to posting personal commentary and snark. Closed.
  3. Since this has degenerated into a personal pissing contest, it is closed.
  4. Since a few of you actually did answer the OP's question, we'll leave it at that. As usual the same people could not resist descending into snark and personalities. Closed.
  5. This is the correct forum for a local organization to request a donation. This is not an event which would be posted elsewhere. I have a why not for you: Why not try being less snarky? If you don't want to help out, just ignore the thread.
  6. Creative and entertaining though it is, please knock off the personal sniping and stick to the topic. Gracias!
  7. You two need to carry on this personal pissing match by PM.
  8. Looks like there is no other discussion of the traffic light at Walmart. Hope we get a fix soon, that is pure craziness right now. Closed.
  9. Is there any further discussion of the topic? Looks like this thread is descending into snark and personalities.
  10. Amazing. Can't even discuss the lake level with civility. Closed.
  11. Because (a) it is off topic and (b) your poor examples always seem to be from one side only. Edited again, post it again and you get suspended. If you have a further problem with this, PM me or another moderator. This refers to the last two posts by VG I deleted. Topic is CANADIANS and travel. Got it?
  12. Please review topic title and in particular note the word "Canadians." thank you.
  13. This is getting ugly so we'll close it.
  14. Manix has NOT gone out of business or announced it is closing. That is the current situation!
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