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  1. All I can say about this thread is "oh, brother." Closed.
  2. My comment was addressed to all of you. You can argue and disagree here but you can't get personal. That is the point. This has been difficult for some of you to assimilate. You have another local board where you can get personally unpleasant. I recommend those of you who can't resist engaging in personalities to do it there. If you have any other concerns, PM me.
  3. You can call a spade a spade all you want here but you can't call another poster a spade. Got it?
  4. If you see he is the thread starter you do not have to open up the thread. Also this board has an ignore feature, enabling you to ignore all posts and threads by a poster you don't like. In the future please use either of these options and don't post something like this. Problem solved!
  5. I am forewarning everyone who posts here that ANY personal attacks on the OP will earn an immediate time out.
  6. Sorry but a topic entitled "U.S health care" is obviously political and this one is. Closed.
  7. It is a violation of board rules and you've been around here plenty long enough to know it. Enjoy your time out.
  8. This thread is out of control ugly. It seems some of you will never learn to simply tell someone when they are wrong and why without getting very personally nasty. And Herman you are very, very wrong in some of your attitudes and ideas. You are setting yourself up for some hard times here. Closed.
  9. I think he has a very good point here. The Ojo only comes out monthly, anything posted here could very well sell a lot faster. Maybe what advertisers need to do is to immediately edit out their ad if the item sells.
  10. Difference was you got pretty nasty with a specific poster here in a personal way. That may be OK on TOB but it isn't here. Don't do it again. You know about that word "assume" when broken down into its component parts?
  11. Too political folks. Do not start another one of these threads.
  12. Reciclaje Ajijic (the recycling group) The committee met with our Presidente on Tuesday and reports that he is enthusiastically supporting the efforts of the group. This is a pilot project, started in Ajijic, but of course we would all like to see it spread to include the whole of our municipio. But we need time and volunteers to sort what we already have at the centre. We get a little bit done and then a truck delivers twice as much. Please consider coming this Saturday, between 9:00 and 2:00, to help with this task. We are trying to get ahead - so that we can reorganize the building. And to get bags that are now outside, unsorted, into the building and sorted.. Think rainy season! The centre is the old barracks building in West Ajijic. The bus stops there and the return bus stops right across the road. If you are driving, and know someone who needs a ride, please consider sharing a car. We would especially like to see young people. Even kids can sort plastic. It's best to wear firm soled shoes. For stomping plastic bottles! And because there is broken glass around. Feel free to contact me if you need more info. Thank you. Linda Ball 365-3587 lindaball2001(at)yahoo(dot)com
  13. To my knowledge we have neither a "Brickette" nor a Pedro here and if I get the idea the latter Pedro of infamy is here under a new handle his stay will be short. Not only has this thread totally diverged from the OP's request, it has degenerated into a personal pissing match. Closed.
  14. moderator-2


    We're not going to be discussing this topic here, much too political and incendiary. Closed.
  15. Why don't y'all just give the OP what he asked for? Very good comment Ferret. Words to the wise.
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