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  1. Thread edited to get ti back on topic. Keep the focus on Mexico.
  2. Wrong section to post this Tony. We have a special section for car sales. Moved.
  3. moderator-2

    Food Safety

    I'll take that to indicate you think the thread is done. Closed.
  4. OK, point and counterpoint. Next poster either provide credible denial or substantiation to the OP. Thanks.
  5. And that should do it. Next time Mudgirl, PM your concern directly to the Mod. Don't start another thread like this unless you'd like to join the time out crowd.
  6. moderator-2

    Food Safety

    To clarify, that rules means that a regular member can't be on here in more than one persona at a time. You rather did hijack your own thread, Chillin. DO you wish to continue or request that it be closed? That is your right and option as the thread starter.
  7. I'm going to tell those of you who are attacking this member once again: Use the ignore feature and avoid any threads he may start if you don't care to read what he posts. Stop trying to suppress the rights of others to participate here within the rules.
  8. He's not selling anything. He's a local persona asking where to buy. We do that all the time in this thread. Let's knock off the vendetta against this member before I have to start taking action.
  9. We've got another circular argument going here, getting personal and dragging in other countries. Closed.
  10. His choice as I said. They can discuss politics to their heart's content and beat each other up and anyone else who doesn't subscribe to the group think as much as they like there. That is not what this board is about. It is good that board provides an alternative for those thus inclined.
  11. His choice. He wasn't permabanned and his suspension has expired.
  12. At request of the OP the thread has been cleaned of the personal chatter and is back on topic.
  13. References to OT political post removed. Perhaps some here don't remember when shakedowns of expat motorists by the Transitos and other cops were very common here. The rising corruption reported by Mexican authorities is of concern to us all. Carry on.
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