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  1. I would NOT recommend buying from Café Grano. Unless you want to get only 350 grams when they claim to be selling you 500. (The pre-packaged stuff they sell is 454 g -- the bulk coffee they like to screw you.) That being said, if you can't make a great, flavorful cup of coffee from the Chiapas medium roast they sell there, you're doing it wrong. I make the world's best cup of coffee, each morning, with a pourover.
  2. As an aside, SLR cameras never have polarizing filters built in. SLR cameras use multiple lenses, to which one can optionally attach any filter, including a polarizer, though the average shooter never will. The color differences between cameras are a result of how the software in the camera or how the photographer post-processes the shots.
  3. That's definitely not true. lol Everyone is still using corn tortillas.
  4. The Semanario de la Laguna reported a month ago that it's going to be a pawn shop: http://semanariolaguna.com/22933/
  5. Bus stop to Guadalajara is located here: https://www.google.com.mx/maps/@20.3013948,-103.262596,3a,42.7y,208.92h,84.14t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sG5h1fYfcayrlgr4jHewoYA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en
  6. Thank God gas prices are going up! Makes people realize what a limited natural resource this stuff is. Now if only the US would hike up their prices, there's a chance we'll all be alive in 50 years. Oh wait, forgot most people on this board will be dead by then anyway, so who cares about the environment.
  7. Those who don't give the baggers should most definitely not be respected. You are not giving a tip. You are providing them with their salary. Morally you are obliged to tip them.
  8. Yeah, the problem in the first place is that the foreigners here are supporting the corporate exploitation of humans by shopping at WalMart, a worse offense than shopping at one in the US. Do you think they'd be able to hire baggers at US Walmarts and not pay them? Of course not. But here in Mexico they will, because they can get away with it. Monica, you already have your pension, I'm guessing. Obviously the old 80-year-old ladies bagging crap for free don't. If you want to talk about being fair, then don't shop at one of the worst corporations in the world, doing all they can to exploit Mexico's labor laws, or lack thereof.
  9. Please read more accurately. The photo is from Jan 15 2015. This story was posted 12 hours ago.
  10. sunshine59, can you post the video on some place such as YouTube?
  11. Castillos have started on the dot at 10:00 this year except for the first night, which started 15 minutes later. It's all over by 10:15, so don't be late.
  12. Chapala celebrated the Día de la Revolución on Friday. Ajijic's parade starts tomorrow (Sunday the 20th) after 9 a.m.
  13. If you voted for Trump, your neighbors think you are a racist bigot. Please try explaining all this to them. Oh, maybe learn Spanish first, too. Or just go back to the US where you're wanted.
  14. Totally disagree. Millions? We give ourselves waaaay too much credit for the economy in this town. This place would be just fine without us, perhaps even better. With all the Mexicans arriving to visit family from NOB, their pockets full of dollars, the local politicos don't care about a few cheap gringos leaving town for a week in November.
  15. ficklepie

    Number 4

    Hahaha. "Unknown prsn" with 3 posts? Wow, so... you work for Four or are the owner? And you're trying to hide your identity and make comments? And say things like "you were never on our list." Hmmm, does making only 15,000 pesos a night instead of your min 50,000 for weeks (months?) have anything to do with you going out of business?
  16. I've never really seen El Buen Fin advertised in Ajijic. Your best bet would, of course, be Guadalajara, followed by the big box stores in Chapala, such as Coppel, Soriana, Elektra or Muebles America.
  17. Edited by moderator to remove political libel. I suppose it was too much to expect that we could just have fun with this topic. Closed.
  18. Now that I can get on board with! Footballers don't involve innocent animals being stabbed to death like a living pin cushion. I don't really care if the OP requested non-judgement. I'm judging you, and on this particular thread, not another that no one will read, because the animals have no voice.
  19. This is a disgusting part of the unique culture in one part of Mexico. How many of you would call this acceptable behavior, just because it happens here and is "culture"? This is OK, then, in your opinion? The culture argument only goes so far.
  20. And many Mexicans call it sick and disgusting and say it shouldn't be a part of the culture. Why support it by going?
  21. Stabbing helpless animals to death for spectator sport is a poor definition of "culture."
  22. Nice videos. The pigs were a separate deal, not part of the DOTD celebrations: http://izq.mx/noticias/17/08/2016/tlaquepaque-presenta-tocinarte-una-exhibicion-de-arte-contemporaneo-en-gran-formato/
  23. https://www.google.com.mx/search?q=ajijic+fish&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwieuajrgtHPAhUT0IMKHbDGAK4Q_AUICCgB#tbm=isch&q=ajijic+pez&imgrc=PlBZH-3P5mVt5M%3A
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