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  1. Due to a family illness in the States, my wife and I are having to return as soon as possible. The home is a semi furnished, 3 BR, long term lease in lower La Floresta, mid February. Any interested lessee(s) would need to be approved by the owner directly. If interested, please PM me.
  2. ComputerGuy, Thanks for your response. Yes, I have been in touch with many musicians here that are either currently playing in a band, or interested to start a band (but are only here for 4 to 6 months) or would like to, but can't for various other reasons such as availability, timing, etc. Additionally, finding drummers or bass players (that are not currently playing in a group) has also been a challenge and are difficult to find, or willing to play due to availability. Now that I am permanently here in the Ajijic and Chapala area, I can devote more of an effort into forming a group. The
  3. Thank you for your response JayBearII... I know Frances Drayden and have performed with him at El Bar Co and La Bodega. I do get his weekly emails that let me know what's happening on the music scene in the Chapala/Ajijic area. I've played at some of the jam band sessions at El Bar Co and usually play with Sergio Casas at La Bodega on Wednesday nights. I'm interested in starting a variety band to provide a wide range of genres to the folks here. Before coming to Mexico, I was the lead guitar in a fairly successful variety band called 'Euphoria' in South Carolina. I do not know Jimmy Ba
  4. Mainecoons, Thanks for your response. Mainly, I am trying to see if there are musicians (such as yourself) that want to start a variety band and play multiple genres. Back in the states, I played in a fairly successful variety band 'Euphoria' that was very popular with the masses that attended our gigs. We played everything from Alternative to Zydeco, and most everything in between (including Blue Grass). So far, I haven't heard such a band like this here. Anyway, that's what I'd like to start (if possible). My main love is Blues, but I can handle most anything that anyone wants to hea
  5. OK, thought I'd try it this way..... I'm an accomplished Blues, Rock, Contemporary, Country, guitarist (and bass player) with over 28 years of playing experience. I have my own pro equipment and transportation. I've been looking for an opportunity to play in a local Ajijic/Chapala band, but so far, no openings or responses to my previous posts (just lots of views - Thank You!). A little history: We moved here from the Bucerias / La Cruz area (near Puerto Vallarta) about 5 months ago. When we lived there, I was playing with 2 different bands about 2 nights a week. Since our move here, I
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