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  1. thegogulskis : and bless your big fat _ _ _ also. Tingting : 15 years fruitcake, call me a liar to my face. I do not control titles here.
  2. LUVSDOGS. One question: why would you go to a body shop for an oil pan problem? Shop at Super Lake for furniture?
  3. Amazing ! I have used Raul for 15 years. Car, SUV, golf cart. I have also sent a few friends there. Nothing but good results. I have a sense that you and/or your insurance company may be the problem. Better you go elsewhere. He will not miss you.
  4. Walmart here, what a disgrace. For the second time this year items that I bought and paid for were not placed in my shopping cart. Not only does Walmart cheat on their posted prices, the baggers help themselves to small items. Walmart Supercenters in the US are some of my favorite places to shop. A warning to all - watch the baggers like a hawk, they will steal from you.
  5. Jack Slade


    Have they closed, Looked deserted the other day.
  6. Great job, you guys are so smart! What's next, Mexican beef burritos at Tim Hortons? I am going to split my time between Ontario and Bagdad.
  7. Jack Slade

    La taverna

    The rude action of the owners does not surprise me at all. They also serve meals made with spoiled and or rotten ingredients. Had my first and last dinner there the other day and became very ill just a couple of hours later. DINERS BEWARE !!!
  8. Although E speaks little English, his son Daniel does. He has also been heavily involved in the restoration work on the island.
  9. After returning home Tuesday after shopping at Walmart my wife decided to examine the sales receipt. There were 5 items charged and paid for that we did not receive. She immediately called Walmart and gave them the pertinent information : time of the sale and the number of the cashier line used. She was told that they would examine the surveillance video and that she should call again in 1/2 hour. When she called again she was told that we should come in right away for a refund. When we arrived, less than an hour later, the person she had spoken to had gone off duty. A little dweeb, who had no name tag, would only identify himself as raphael (refused to give me his last name), said that he had examined the video and that we had not shopped there that day.It took every ounce of self control within me to keep from strangling the little weasel. I will take up our issue with Walmart management. I send this out only as a heads up to all: watch the cashiers and baggers carefully. They are no to be trusted.
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