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  1. thegogulskis : and bless your big fat _ _ _ also. Tingting : 15 years fruitcake, call me a liar to my face. I do not control titles here.
  2. LUVSDOGS. One question: why would you go to a body shop for an oil pan problem? Shop at Super Lake for furniture?
  3. Amazing ! I have used Raul for 15 years. Car, SUV, golf cart. I have also sent a few friends there. Nothing but good results. I have a sense that you and/or your insurance company may be the problem. Better you go elsewhere. He will not miss you.
  4. Walmart here, what a disgrace. For the second time this year items that I bought and paid for were not placed in my shopping cart. Not only does Walmart cheat on their posted prices, the baggers help themselves to small items. Walmart Supercenters in the US are some of my favorite places to shop. A warning to all - watch the baggers like a hawk, they will steal from you.
  5. Jack Slade


    Have they closed, Looked deserted the other day.
  6. Great job, you guys are so smart! What's next, Mexican beef burritos at Tim Hortons? I am going to split my time between Ontario and Bagdad.
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