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  1. There are medical supply places where you can rent tanks and concentrators. But you might think about looking into bringing down one of those small carry-around oxygen concentrators and bring it with you. I do not know how readily available they are here. If you still have insurance there now, possibly it would be covered as a current resident in the USA.
  2. You might consider this suggestion .. set up a group of people if you want as an in-formal organization or as individuals who want to help, and DONATE cat and dog FOOD on some kind of consistent regular basis .. This will give an immediate benefit to the animals that Pape has there, AND it will give him some immediate financial relief in his food bills for his animals . This will allow Pepe to take care of his business 'better' with other bills, with the foods bill costs being decreased by donated food. I have 9 large rescue dogs, and many cats.. and I know what pet food bills are, and I know Pepe would appreciate this kind of assistance with his food bill .
  3. Thank you to our moderator for understanding the purpose of this forum - support for our local non-profit organizations and it's so many volunteers, who give so generously of their time and their money to help the abandoned and abused animals in our community. Those who wish to profit from breeding & selling their wares, can utilized paid ads in various outlets. Thank you again for helping our community.
  4. It was pointed out in two separate / different posts regarding the table walking Dashunds dogs at Viva Mexico , that the owner Augustin was not present at the time of the incident being spoken about, thus he could not have addressed the problem. The two cited scenarios referred to – the Dashunds and the unruly Great Dane, appear to show a “need” on the part of the owners to show off ,. with an attitude of : “ Aren’t they cute ? “ and “ I have done such a good thing by rescuing this poor dog" I believe if these same folks were exposed to an unruly child doing similar behavior like , walking on the table or howling, they would be outraged and become quite verbal about their displeasure about this behavior. I am not an anti-dog person, as I own several rescued dogs myself . I believe that as a dog owner, this carries a responsibility to care for your dogs , as well as make the experience with other people and their dogs a positive one, especially out of their home … otherwise it gives other dog owners a bad reputation. Some restaurants may extent a courtesy of allowing a dog, possibly two, to dine with their owners in an outdoor part of their restaurant. However, it is the dog’s owners responsibility to use good common sense, manners , respect for the others who are dining in that same area, not put undue work on the staff to clean up after the dog and dog-owner AND not dishonor or disrespect the courtesy that the restaurant owner has extended for this privilege.. it is not a right. .
  5. Angus, Thank you ! Loud music in the background during the call, but made the reservation.. Thank you again..
  6. Has any one had any luck contacting M&J via the cell # listed ?? . have tried calling now 8 times in the last 2 hours and keep getting a Sp. language message and no answer. Would like to make reservations for a group to have lunch tomorrow, but having no luck. Really do not want to have to drive there from SJC to do this.. Are they closed on Thursday .. thus no answer ?
  7. First, I do not know anyone who has been named as a caregiver in the above posts and have no positive or negative opinions about their caregiver skills and abilities. I am speaking in general terms as a licensed professional Registered Nurse from California and NYC . Being a paid a caregiver requires specific skills and temperament . Having a person taking care of someone you love and cherish, especially someone who might have dementia and be vulnerable, you must do thorough a ‘back ground check’ of that caregiver’s past employment . This check should include ‘validation’ of their work - places & dates, and several personal references, be either here in Mexico or NOB. One glowing reference is not sufficient. If a caregiver is not willing or able to provide specifics about their past work [ with proof ] , for me - this a red flag. As we all know, as some people age they have a greater sense of trust in others, which makes then vulnerable by a kind speaking and ‘sweet’ person who is offering them help or assistance . As a nurse I have encountered too many cases of elder abuse – I am not exclusively talking about physical abuse, although that sadly does occur including over-medicating to sedate an individual.. There is also financial abuse. A caregiver can gain the confidence of their client / patient and then gain access to their bank account, credit cards, etc.. Many a relative NOB or a local long time friend after the death of that person has found such a situation. As harsh as that may sound, it does happen - it HAS happened here locally . There are agencies in the north to report elder abuse, I am not sure what agency functions in that role here in Mexico, but there must be. . If a local person is a paid caregiver and a non-Mexican, they need to be a Permanente [ giving them the legal right to work for pay ] or specifically have a valid work permit if on a Visa or a Temporal.. Yes, it does take ‘ work ‘ to verify that the hired caregiver is who he/ she says they are and have the right skills and abilities to do this work. People I know do many references checks [ not just one ] on a pet sitter... certainly a caregiver who is entrusted to be responsible for the life and well being of a loved relative / friend/ human being should get the same effort to verify they will be well cared for by the proposed caregiver. Sorry this is such along post, but I think this is a very important topic.. we need to protect our friends and loved ones. [ sorry I can not get the sentences to line up correctly ]
  8. Just encountered new Topes .. just put in - who knows if they will paint then or put up signage. There was a police truck parked lake side in the shade near where they were being installed, so assume they are "legal topes" . There are two sets, of 2 -4 in each set across the lane .. .. located right before and after the Pemex station that is a little East of the SJC fish restaurants. I was going west and encountered them.. assume there are sets going east as well..
  9. On the poster as well, would add that she is spayed .. so no one gets the idea about keeping her for breeding. If there are kids in the area tell them ..[ not sure about H.C. ] kids see everything. .. stop the garbage men - hand them a flyer.. , delivery folks, etc.. and gardeners.. they also see everything.
  10. Besides a reliable good place for breakfasts , or a meeting places for many groups, etc...... The Canadian and American Thanksgiving buffets and Christmas meals will be totally missed . They were the place to go for these holidays.. excellent food at reasonable prices. Sadly, the close of an era ..
  11. CCW - I hope you will enjoy your visit with us in February - your concern per your note was not about the exchange rate but use of Mexican money, and being familiar with the various coins and paper money.. - I hope this attachment will help you [ hopefully I have successfully attached it ] Getting Used to Mexican Currency - Focus On Mexico - www.focusonmexico.com/getting-used-mexican-currency/ The first time I ever laid eyes on Mexican money I said, “Oh look! It's like Monopoly money!” I can assure you, while it is pretty, it spends just like real money! If you're not used to dealing in more than one currency, it can feel daunting at first to convert from your home currency to pesos quickly and confidently. I've seen many ... ..
  12. There may be 'formal rules' about who to tip or not, but I keep in mind it is the holiday Many times a small gesture of kindness, good will and thank you ! , like some home baked cookies or whatever, goes a long way into the future .. and believe me you will be remembered as a person who stood out from others showing your appreciation for their work and help. Remembering when I worked and someone gave me a small 'gift', that simple act of recognition made a mark on my memory and heart..
  13. Sad to say, since I have been here, I have seen 3 separate incidences of a dog coming off a roof - do not know the cause, but two resulted in deaths, and the 3rd may as well have been dead with the all internal and limb injuries that occurred. The idea of a decorative railing seems like a good idea, or ?? plexi-glass although that is a lot more expensive I believe. If it was me, I value my dog's safety over a grand view. .
  14. Mt. Mama - thanks for the reminder and the link about the bone treats. Dog owners should also be aware about the extreme dangers of rawhide bones / chews . I stopped using them in 1969 after some research then showed that the companies used arsenic to soft the hides to make them easier for the dogs to chew, and put the hide in various shapes . Although arsenic might be considered ' organic', it is not a good thing.. it can and does accumulate in the body and there were many reported deaths from this - autopsies done on the dead animals showed this was the cause of death. China was at the top of the list for this processing system, although I think it is still a common practice by other companies, even now. I was watching a TV commercial with a well know ' animal expert' promoting his dog treats.. in the commercial he ' just discovered ! ' saying that his dog almost choked to death on the a raw hide chew. I said to myself: " what a revelation ", but using other words, which I cannot write here .... you are an expert, you dumb #@$ , and etc.. ... not only is there a chocking potential, there is a potential for a bowel obstruction, which might require surgery IF recognized early enough, or cause a terrible death Please educate yourself about what you give your dogs as treats.. it may save their life.
  15. Casa Miau is located in Joco.. this is the contact information: Anita Murray <casamiau at outlook.com>, I have altered the address by removing the @ to avoid spamming.. so replace the 'at ' with the standard @ in the address.
  16. Thanks to all the volunteers for their hard work and the supporting donors ! What a great benefit for our community and our cats and dogs.
  17. SJC town = Internet - yes [ thank goodness ] , but constant busy signal on land line phone, started about 4 hours ago .. don't know about Raquet Club .
  18. For adoption: A sad start with hopefully a new home in her future . This is a 7.5 kilo female poodle-something mix ??? .. she is tri-color, [ white/tan/grayish ], fur is a tight curl like a poodle, she looks like a little teddy bear. She was rescued by a person who saw her as she was being thrown out of a car window on a highway . The rescue person had two options - rescue the dog and get her to safety, or chase after the sob who did it. The person stopped and got her to safety and brought her to Vet. Mayra Ibarra in Chapala. Hopefully Karma will catch up to the sob who did this. Thankfully she was not injured. Since being with Mayra, she has been de-wormed, vaccinated and spayed. Currently she is staying with other dogs and a cat, and she gets along well with her temporary pet family. She is friendly and happy with new people, is about one year old, is not a 'yapper' , not 'hyper', and is a smart little girl. You can call Vet Mayra at her cell 333 195 4877 to see her. Mayra's office is in Chapala , #441 Zargoza [ Zargoza is a one way street, she is a block before the CFE office ] . Sorry, do not have a picture at the moment.. working on that.
  19. IF you can't find a sheep skin, you might think about a heating pad, kept on low,.. so there is warmth but no harm to her fragile skin. IF you want one and can't find one ,contact me, I can help with that.
  20. If you have not already done this, check with Vet Pepe Magana .. he is a little west on the Carretera from Maskaras clinic [ lakeside also, next to the cement company ] . He might recognize them.. also check with the folks at the clinic and pharmacy.. I wish them a safe return to their family.
  21. Doris was given legal authority by Anita S. [ in Germany] to act on her behalf in regard to the care of the animals and all matters for the shelter. This was a monumental undertaking to assume, which was compounded by the H-of-a-mess left behind by the TT upon their departure. What took Anita almost two decades to build, was disassembled in about three weeks. Dr H. Ladron was very instrumental and offered very helpful support and guidance to Doris in finding a new shelter for the remaining un-adopted dogs. A thorough process was followed prior to their transfer, again with the help of Vet H. Lardon. The dogs were moved to FRIDA A.C. shelter in Tlajamulco . A reminder: cats are still available for adoption, while a search goes on for a new place for them.
  22. There have been several cat adoptions in the last few weeks , including a 'guy' , now named "Tuffy" who had been with Anita for a few years. He now lives in California, with his Mexican lady cat friend also from Anita's when she was adopted a few years ago. They are both bilingual and having a good time together in their home. I believe at this time there are 45 cats left for adoption. Again, in case it was not read in my previous post.. these cats will remain at the shelter, and not killed . They will be individually examined by a Vet, records updated re vaccinations, sterilizations, etc.. like the dogs were processed.. and a place will be found for them .
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