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  1. For those who do not like to read articles in total.. bottom line: FDA has issued warnings about a Mx hand sanitzier comapny that has used methanol alcohol in their hand sanitizer products. The name of the company is: Eskbiochem SA de CV in Mexico - contains wood methanol, a toxic substance that could ultimately result in death of absorbed through the skin or ingested. Here are a list of the hand sanitizers manufactured by Eskbiochem: All-Clean Hand Sanitizer (NDC: 74589-002-01) Esk Biochem Hand Sanitizer (NDC: 74589-007-01) CleanCare NoGerm Advanced Hand Sanitizer 75% Alcohol (NDC: 74589-008-04) The Good Gel Antibacterial Gel Hand Sanitizer (NDC: 74589-010-10) CleanCare NoGerm Advanced Hand Sanitizer 80% Alcohol (NDC: 74589-005-03) CleanCare NoGerm Advanced Hand Sanitizer 75% Alcohol (NDC: 74589-009-01) CleanCare NoGerm Advanced Hand Sanitizer 80% Alcohol (NDC: 74589-003-01) Saniderm Advanced Hand Sanitizer (NDC: 74589-001-01) “Consumers who have been exposed to hand sanitizer containing methanol should seek immediate treatment, which is critical for potential reversal of toxic effects of methanol poisoning,” the FDA wrote on June 19 . “Substantial methanol exposure can result in nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, permanent blindness, seizures, coma, permanent damage to the nervous system or death,” the report indicated. t
  2. If the blood is still visible on the side walk, it might be a good idea, if you can take a few pictures of the attack sight. I hope you get result with the complaint to authorities.. you might also frame your concern, that dog might attack an innocent chld or older prson, if there is not much concern expressed about another dog being injured / killed... which could be a possibility also.
  3. I do not know the current answer.. last I knew it was 2 per person.. BUT, I would find out the current information - if there is a limit of how many animals/dogs that one person can bring into Mexico..
  4. AMEN !!!!! Well said ... A California RN who lives here. A person who will not wear a mask and keep their distance from you, is showing YOU disrespect and cares little about your safety , well-being and health, as well as the community they live in and share with others.
  5. NBC news update - posted April 1st .. I will make it brief : Mnuchin reverses course, won't force seniors to file tax return for coronavirus stimulus check Americans.April 1, 2020, 8:19 PM CDT / Updated April 1, 2020, 8:33 PM CDT WASHINGTON — The Trump administration backtracked Wednesday evening on new rules for getting stimulus checks, saying Social Security recipients won't have to file a tax return to receive a payment. The move is a response to pressure from elderly Americans and senators to rescind guidance issued Monday that said seniors needed to file a return to get the checks of up to $1,200, even if they weren't ordinarily required to file taxes. "We want to ensure that our senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, and low-income Americans receive Economic Impact Payments quickly and without undue burden," said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. “Social Security recipients who are not typically required to file a tax return need to take no action, and will receive their payment directly to their bank account.” Treasury officials said the IRS will use existing SSA-1099 and RRB-1099 forms to make the payments to seniors. They'll get a direct deposit if there is a bank account on file; otherwise they'll receive a check in the mail. Do some research yourself, as this has been a 'fluid' situation, like everything going on now..
  6. Happy, I totally agree .. IF this was verified information - a true fact should include how the information was obtained and from what person in a responsible postion confirmed the case situation., Certainly the speaker of this information would gladly include all this info including who they are. Unless that is provided, it is an un-verified statement . The medical person, in authority, in the video certainly seems to be a more reliable believeable source, than an anonymous source .
  7. I am a health care professional. If you were ever in the situation 'in the front' lines you would understand the grave concern [ not hysteria ] we have when people willfully ignore health warnings and put others in danger, including those we expect to help us when we are sick. To put it mildly, that pisses me off. Look at Italy as an example..thus far 23 Doctors have died, and approx. 4,824 health workers have been infected by coronavirus, and who knows how many of them will die,, how can hospitals absorb all those sick individuals, and deicisions will have to be made about who gets a ventilator, etc.. To be quite blunt: You can always find a way to fix financial / economic problems, local and global. You can not fix Dead !
  8. To address this .. question : Why is there a run on toilet paper? As far as I have read, diarrhea is not one of the symptoms of the corona virus I was just watching the news at a major station from the East Coast. They were interviewing a physician who was on home 'isolation' awaiting her test results. She said that she started out with Gastro-Intestional symptoms first, and a few days later the body / respiratory sympoms followed. She said that about 50% of the CV cases involve GI symptoms. If GI symptoms are involved, it makes it doubly important to be delligent about good hand-washing.. otherwise you will be dealing with an E.Coli infection and the CV infection. They asked her if she had taken care of any + CV cases or person presenting with CV symptoms, she said No !
  9. Please add to this list; Operacion Amor - spay/ neuter- Chapala Municipality [ they are on Facebook ] operacion.amor@yahoo.com or Cameron Peters at zo-onna@hotmail.com .
  10. There have been some recent news reports about the effectiveness of checking a person's termperature as they de-board / board a plane. . The opinon at this time, is that is is NOT an effective screening tool. This is a very brief summary of those statememts: While the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has screened more than 30,000 passengers in the past month, not a single US coronavirus case has been caught by airport temperature checks, according to a CNN investigation . Earlier this month, British researchers published a study showing that temperature checks will fail to detect a coronavirus infection nearly half the time. At least one country has found airport temperature checks so unhelpful that it decided not to do them during the novel coronavirus outbreak. Israel used them in previous years for Ebola, SARS and H1N1, but found that they didn't work. "It is ineffective and inefficient," said Dr. Itamar Grotto, associate director general of Israel's Ministry of Health. Grotto said the problem is that a normal temperature gives "false assurance." Passengers with normal temperatures could still be in the incubation period, which means they're infected, but have yet to develop a fever. In addition, a small number of patients with the novel coronavirus don't have fever, according to published studies. Some experts are convinced that for these reasons, temperature checks at airports are useless. "I don't think airport temperature checks have any major effect on stopping or even slowing down transmission," said Michael Osterholm, an epidemiologist and professor at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health. "We just don't have any good data to support that."
  11. I understand your feeling of " more needs to be done ".. It comes down to reality and economics .. it costs money. The medicines for the surgery are not cheap .. suture material costs $, and etc ... You also have to have the people volunteers, to inform people about the clinics, staff the clinics themselves, etc.. If you have a certain amount of donated money, that equals a certain number of surgeries that can be done. Hard cruel facts ...
  12. There are two separate sterlization organizations in place, one for each seperate municipality- Chapala and Joco. For Chapala is: Operacion Amor, and for Joco is: Tails of Mexico. The only 'divison' for this sterlization service is the boundry of the municipality, not the name of the city - township within the municipality. If you have been here for a while, you will see the difference of how things looked in the cat and dogs populations as compared to a few years ago. These two groups are totally funded by donations and fund raising events, and staffed by volunteers and paid Vets who specialize in sterilzation surgeries, etc... The programs are limited by the amount of donation funding, which impacts / determines how many sterlizations clinics can be done as well as how many surgieries can be accomplished. The other factor is how many people volunteer to participate in the programs. There are educational components associated with each organization - care and respect of pets, the need /purpose of sterilzations, etc.. Those who have been here for a while, and involved in the organizations in varying degrees have seen that over time this educational portion of each organization has shown slow but positive increments of success ... ... there have been more male dogs and cats bringing brought into these clinics for surgeries than is past years.. So yes, organize the feeding program , but also help the groups that need and appreciate your financial support to continue to do this needed service for Mexican Nationals of limited financial means, who do love and care about their pets , but have limited physical access or financial access to a Vet for this type of pet care.
  13. I saw this article, and discussed it with a few people who are involved with animals rescue, sterilizations clinics, and etc.. thought it was a noble idea.. However, more than one person mentioned that in past years about unknown SOBs who have put out poison randomly ..[ they were not caught as far as I am aware ] and this might give them a greater opportunity to carry out their hateful sadistic acts.. I am not being negative in saying this or bringing this up , but there needs to be some kind of safeguards for the protection of the dogs eating at these feeding stations.
  14. It has been interesting reading the comments about this new addition to Ajijic,. The topic of no customer parking has been mention, but, no one has addressed how are the many different product delivery trucks going to deal with Colon's narrow street . As it is you need a shoe-horn to get into a parking space, if you are lucky enough to find one in a radius of several blocks. including down at the malecon on a very busy day. Stores on the Carretera have a difficult time getting things delivered, and the maneuvering at the OXXO that has parking there presents a problem for delivery trucks and customer parking many times. This should be interesting.
  15. I am posting this for someone else.. please contact that person, not me as the Op.. If you are able and willing to help, please do so.. otherwise please keep your personal opinions about the situation to yourself.. I do not know about the person's personal circumstances, nor do you , as they are personal to this person. I write this note as this happens may times when a person asks for assistance, and mainly gets criticized, etc. rather than helpful ideas or suggestions.. I know most people are thoughful and kind hearted about another person's personal private circumstances, others not so much. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi folks, Last year a handsome, personality plus cat adopted me. He tried my neighbor first, and that didn't work out as she has a ton of cats and dogs. It didn't take long for this smart cat to figure out I was a soft touch. Unfortunately , I have an old cat who wants nothing to do with him, my place is on the market, and I cannot take him with me when I leave in six weeks or so. I have two options--find him a home or put him down. Really, I don't want to do the latter. His name is Boomerang (because he kept coming back to my door with this eager look on his face). He answers to Boom or Boomer. He is feline lukemia free, sterilized, and has had shots with paper health certificate from his vet. He's a bright and playful boy, affectionate, he understands no, out, foodsie, rolly over, no bite, and how to open a sliding screen door. He is litter box trained, but is happy to pee and poop outside. He will sleep outside in a protected area with plenty of water if he has to and keep your property free of mice. He wants human affection, is talkative, and seems to really like women. He comes with a month's supply of dry food and his own cat carrier. His temporary human can be reached at slickrock39 at yahoo.com
  16. I totally agree with consulting your Vet about reccomendations about pet food, as each animal is unique and possibly with specific nutitrional medical needs and restrictions. However, it does pay to be an educated consumer for your pet's food, as you are about your own food. The first thing is to read the lablels of food items. Knowing that the order is which they are listed is in the volume of that particular item in the food in the chain of ingredients. Staying aware of new information that comes out in the news is also helpful. There has been a push by many pet food companies to sell their new fad diet - grain free dog food. Yes, like human and pet food companies, they are in the business to sell you their products , and both industried thrive on fads. There have been several new official studies surrounding grain free dog food, and some cat foods also. Take the time and do some research yourself . Some valued studies have found a nutritional grain free dog food relationship to to Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM). - discuss this with your Vet. As for pet food labeling it helps to know what some of the ingredients they have listed and what they really mean. These are examples of what you might see on labeling : By-products (for example, chicken by-products or beef by-products): clean non-rendered "parts", other than meat, derived from slaughtered mammals. It includes, but is not limited to lungs, spleen, kidneys, brain, blood, bone, fatty tissue and stomachs and intestines freed of their contents. By-product meal is made of the waste material left over after the parts for human consumption have been removed . By-product meal can contain things like feet, bones, heads, feathers, beaks, etc. ! Chicken meal is made of only chicken muscle tissue, though the sources of that chicken can be questionable. Generic by-product meals do not identify the source of the meat. Some companies use vague and non-specific names like : Meat meal , Meat and bone meal , Meat by-product meal, or Animal by-product meal . This generic by product substace can contain: Road kill , Dead zoo animals , Dead on arrival poultry , Diseased and dying livestock , slaughter house waste, and euthanized pets from animal shelters . I know this is more than you want to know.. but our pets are our kids, and we want to provide them with the best food we can. So talk with your Vet, let time go by on fads foods to see if in the long-run what value [ or not ] they provide, and also read the pet food labels, and be an involved educated consumer.
  17. For all who have been following the adventures of Mr Black Kitty - his Mom sent a note to let us know. He arrived yesterday to his new home in Canada with his new parents. He was the perfect gentleman on the flight even though the plane was delayed for a while. He was given a Welcome to Canada ! greeting upon his arrival and compliments to his new parents for doing such a good deed. At this time, he does not have a name decided upon.. a family decision will be made soon. His Mom wished to thank all who posted on the webboard and wished him well, and special thanks to Barb, Vet Memo and Jackie for the extra help in making this adventure have a happy beginning.
  18. On the poster that you put up, include a photo and contact info ... put posters up up near the area where he was found , in addition to Vets and groomers who might recognize him.. This might help.. not exactly - found dog.. but the person will get the idea ... my Spanish is not wonderful, so used a computer translator.. hope this helps .. Glad you took him in to keep him safe while you search for his owner.. if he could have found his way home on his own, he would be there . He encontrado un perro pequeño. ¿Este perro te pertenece? [ I have found a small dog. Does this dog belong to you ? ]
  19. I do not read the board for topics the way that you described [ Some of us...search and read the board by using the topic "unread content". ] so I learned something - thank you. Possibly the Moderator(s) do not read it that way either - I don't know. Maybe drop them a PM to let them know what is occuring ?? Possibly they do not know it is happening ?? I have several times in the past sent a PM to them, when we have had puppy sales people posting their wares on the board , and they have addressed the situation.
  20. A happy ending to the story and a new beginning to a life that started out rough. .. the little black kitten will go north with his newly found parents..
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