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  1. Foot Neuropathy can be cause by several things, for example ' vascular / circulation, diabetes,  etc.. It would  be advisable to find out  what  is the cause for this  condition first,  and then see the 'appropriate' medical person to deal with the cause.  Possibly  your family   doctor would the  the first person  to see. 

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  2. I do not very often post on this webboatd   for several reasons .. mainly because  of the snarky attitudes and comments, sometimes ‘attacks’  made by others when they express their opinion or describe their particular experiences within  the   topic  being discussed such as this one, which is different than another  persons opinion / experience .    I feel that many people feel the same way, and do not want to expose  themselves  to this behavior when they post  on this or any  other board.. so many people remain ’silent’ .

     As to this topic, I fortunately have not had to use any of the two urgent care facilities mentioned in this topic.    As a friend to several people who have had to use these services, their experiences are unique like they are and the circumstances that they were dealing with.   Within the last two months, two different  friends  have  had  medical  situations  and utilized the services of  RMC.  One friend  had  a  medical  emergency in the early hours of  a Sunday morning and frightened about the seriousness of  the problem  and arrived at the ER. The guard seeing that this person have limited mobility assisted her inside, and she was seen immediately by the ER doctor on duty. The doctor  actually listened to what the person  said,  [ sometimes this  is a rare trait ]  asked questioned to obtain more [ valuable ] information , answered questions and  explained what the treatment plan was to be done . She  returned home, with follow-up care instructions, a way to contact the  treating ER doctor if there  should be  any further questions to be answered, etc.. In summary  the  care  was appropriate and very good , did not require  a bank loan to pay the  bill,  and the  person felt if they had an emergency again  the future  they would return to this 24 hour care facility.  The other person, who has in the past been hospitalized in the States [ so  has a point of reference about  in-patient care treatment standards  ]  was an inpatient at this facility for a week of medical treatment, and said that the care as excellent, from nursing staff  and physician care, and if  circumstances should  ever occur  again and needed to be hospitalized locally would return to this facility.

    Now. these two people had positive experiences with RMC, possibly someone else has not.   That  however  does not make their personal experience and opinion  invalid.       It is their experience,   as  you  have had   your  own experience under  your set of circumstances   forming your opinion.  

    I listen to the person who is expressing their own  unique personal experience and set of circumstances,  ask questions   to better understand each unique situation , consider the   source,  think,    and form       my own opinion as  to who  to see and where to go if I need medical care, which I  have done.

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  3. Hi !

    I can not speak  from  personal experience about El Chante .. but I  can about  SJC.

    If you like rockets, bombs, fireworks,  fire crackers in celebration of every Virgen that ever walked the earth in Mexico, as well as other happy holidays. you will love it here.        After all these years I have gotten used to  it , actually   enjoy the happiness that is shared,, but my dogs  still have not adjusted  to it yet.  Have a friend who lives in that  very particular area you are speaking of.. a short time ago   a large water pipe broke causing a semi-river going down the street.. notices made to the appropriate authorities  were made  a few times - nothing done after many ! weeks .. finally private citizens  paid some  workers  to fix the broken  pipe and part of the damage to the road that the water caused..   I am not being negative, just  giving you some factual information.. Welcome to Mexico !


  4. Lakeside Shoppers  were informed about the  Jan 1st   no IVA on pet foods, but , when they did shopping there at Costco   Costco would not budget about not taxing their pet food purchases. The Shoppers  are trying to stay on top of the problem, as it presents a problem for them also, which they did not create. The  Shoppers can not absorb the cost of the IVA  tax  themselves , and offered two choices   yes,  bring my delivery and I will pay the IVA [ demanded by Costco ] on this  order , or ,  cancel  the order . Hopefully  the pet food sellers  will  become aware of the law and follow it ...  

    Within  the new  law there is a mechanism available to the seller to recover the taxes [ from the govt ] they paid when they bought the pet food they have for sale..                     of course it may be  work to get that accomplished, so possibly it may be  easier to say they were not aware of the law, and keep taxing the customer until they sell all of that  pet food supply  they paid IVA on.  And thinking when they buy a new supply, the seller will not be charged the IVA, and then [ hopefully ] will not charge the customer the IVA because the customer is  not aware of the law, and does not speaks up  if charged an IVA on their pet food purchase.  

    This  no IVA tax only applies to pet food, not other  pet items like kitty litter, which will continue to be taxed,  like toilet paper, etc.. . 

  5. Sadly, I add this information.   A friend died this week in a hospital in Guad. 

    I recommended the services  of Funeraria Chapala  - 179 Morelos , Chapala.  376 765 5789  ( 331 454 4094 )  to  the family.   I used  their services  Feb 2018. 

    The family contacted  that funeral parlor ..  they brought back the deceased from Guad,   provided the cremation  services,  and brought them  all the  paperwork                     to their home, along   with  the ashes - within less than 48 hours.  .. [ Cremation  Certificate - need for transport out of Mexico, death certificates in both Spanish                and English  and SS notified  via the American Consulate when the agent met with them ].  

    The total bill was 14,500 pesos. .. the same price I paid 2/14/2018 ,  and the same professional agent - Arturo [ whose name I could not recall when I did my previous posting ]   

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  6. I had to  use  end of life services,  and used Funeraria Chapala  - 179 Morelos , Chapala.  376 765 5789  ( 331 454 4094 )

    As you go into Chapala, go straight through  the light, past the fountain, and a few blocks on the left.. it has a parking lot.

    The gentleman I dealt with , spoke sufficient  English,  and came  late on a Sunday night, within an hour of  the call .

    Papers needed are:  a  passport and Immigration card.  That night  a photo  was taken of these papers, so I did not have to make copies for them.                                                I am sorry to  say I do not remember the gentleman's name, and can't   find his business card.                                                                                                                                    He told what he was going to do, what time he would be at my house for each of the two days, and was there on time as he said he would there. 

    The next day, I received  the ashes in a respectable 'container', along with several copies of the death certificates in Spanish.                                                                              And a 'certificate'  of Cremation  if plans were to take  ashes north/out of Mexico. This was  not a prepaid  situation, and I paid the day I received the ashes. 

    The agent went to Guad  the following   day to the American Consulate  with the paperwork they needed,  so Social Security would be notified,                                                 and  he brought back  several death certificates in English [ a letter from the Am Consulate accompanied the 20 certified copies )  .

    The staff  there handled a most  emotional situation  in a calm and professional manner.



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  7. I do not have a source of oxygen.

    But, my suggestion is that if you can not have O2 in your house within 2- 3  hours, with your level  that low,[ you stated 83 - 87 )

      I would go to the Ajijic Clinic / Hospital..  they can monitor your O2 Sat level and provide oxygen and support  you until  you get oxygen in your household.

    You will be in a room, and not a hall.  and they will not empty your wallet. 

  8. I do not join many discussions here because  of the snarky remarks that many times come out... but  will  give it another try.

    Curiosity got me the other day, wondering about people who do not want to be vaccinated. I do realize this is a personal choice, etc..

    And the question came to mind:  Do people who  do not want a vaccination for themselves, - do they vaccinate their family pet ?  [ and why ? ]  . 

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  9. Went  today - Wednesday .. took about an hour to get there.. travel time depends  on your location on the lake, traffic and route, etc..

    Today arrived at 11:20 AM .. yes long lines, but did not seem any longer than on first shot  trip. 

    # 622  was marked on windshiled upon  arrival ..

    I surmise that there were 621 cars  ahead of me   when I  arrived [ at 11:20AM ] .

    Still very efficiently run..  after the 20 minute after shot   wait period, was a bit over an hour for the whole process. I think this  is pretty good considering  staff people and  volunteers knew what they were doing, were polite and friendly, and you stayed in your car.

    Previous first shot- April 15th  - done on a Thursday.. arrived about the same time.  car marked upon arrival that  day # 520 ..

    Again, am guessing that  today there  were more cars  there ahead of me  than on  the first shot trip at the approx.  the same  arrival time. 

    Good luck tomorrow  David77  .. would suggest, if possible, get there before 11AM, or earlier if you can ..

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  10. Tingting,  Thank  your for your politeness and opinion.  I will not get into a  'contest'  with you, as we both have our own opinions. 

    These five children live in my community..  even outside in the sunshine would not offer that much protection  from possible exposure as they were  so close.  As you know living here for a long period of time as I have,  a Mexican is not going to speak up about wearing a mask, especially to a non-Mexican. and  if there is possibility about loosing some money he needs for his family.  I do believe that we are our  brother's keeper  and need to speak up for those who can not or will not, when something is not right. .         I have  fellow nurse friends north who are putting their lives on the line for others, one has already died from Covid , taking care of people including those who will not wear masks. If we do not speak up, then we agree with what is happening. 

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  11. I am trying to write this without using an expletives .. and had to  double  up on high blood medicine.

    Today in San Juan Cosala  around 1PM,,,  There was a display of arrogance and stupidity  in it's grand glory.                                                                                                                                   

    A  Mexican man [ no mask ] leading five horses down the street - coming from the West on Dominguillo .                                                                                                                                     On each of the horses was an American woman [ no mask ] and sitting immediately behind her was a youngish boy [ no mask  ].. they were back [ hers ] to front [ the boy ]  .        Someone inquired politely in  the neighborhood  why  the women were not wearing  mask.  The  reply was - we are six feet a part .                                                                                             

     It was pointed put that the young boy  sitting right behind each woman on her horse was not  6 feet apart.                                                                                                                                    Again  the reply was -  we are six feet apart [ meaning the horses were six feet part.]   

    They said that they were visiting for Christmas.. which means that they were in two airports, possibly three in among a crowd of people,  on at least one plane ,                                              using at least two  modes of transport  to and from each airport,  most likely did not  stay at 'home' for several days after their arrival, wherever they are staying                                     here in Mexico  on this    'sharing'   holiday visit.

    I understand  the Mexican man's need to earn a living,  but one has to believe that these woman have  read or listened  to the news of what is happening to thousands of people each day in the US  in this pandemic .. and they act like taking safety precautions for themselves  and others would be a wise and intelligent thing to do.                                                Apparently not...  so they now have potentially exposed  people in the community of SJC  to a possible uptick of case because of their care-free attitude, lack of caring and intelligence..    I just shake my head in wonder trying to understand what goes through some people's minds. 

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  12. I  really  loved Blue Bell when they were here  .. they  had the most wonder Cherry Vanilla and Pistachio  ice cream.    They were near the Glorietta  on the Carretera                 in La Floresta. ..  think they closed a short time after Blue Bell had major cases of Listeria in many US states,  and a few deaths also in  2015 .                                                        A Federal  court in Tx  ordered Blue Bell [ main headquarters was in Texas ] to pay $17.25  million dollar  in criminal penalties connected to the Listeria  outbreak in 2015 .

  13. The 2020   Christmas show was canceled.

    If you Google:  YouTube Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show, there are several videos that have  snippets.

      However there is one from 2016 that runs about 21 minutes, that shows various parts of the  show including the toy soldier Rockettes routine,                                                among other parts of the show.. this is the most ' complete'   video that  I could find..  Enjoy.

    I had the  pleasure of growing up in  NYC  and this  was a big treat every year going to this show and the Easter show - also impressive..;

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  14. Monday - Friday  10A  - 2 PM  and 4PM - 6PM

    Saturday, believe it's 10A   2PM

    The reason you can not get Memo on the phone is that  his phone it not working  .                                                                                                                                                               Telmex was doing some work on some lines  near by his place about 2 -3 weeks ago, and ever since his phone has not worked.                                                                           It has been reported,  but no one has fixed the problem. 

  15. I read the report from yesterday Nov 22nd   , and then todays'  total in : #IxtlahuacánDeLosMembrillos sumó cuatro casos nuevos y ahora tiene un acumulado de 573.                                                                                                                       Yesterday the  total was listed at 369 accumulated case in that municipality..

    The math does not seem correct, as there is a 204 case increase difference in one day ..   maybe a typo?                                        Hate to think  the number today is correct, or we really are in deep trouble. 

    Bisbee Gal,  Thank you for taking  the time and effort  for doing these  update postings - it is appreciated. 

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