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  1. For those of you who think and plan ahead, there is a way that you can organize yourself to provide information to others about the care of your pets in the event you are no longer able to do this because of illness, or your death. Years ago when Anita's Animals was a rescue shelter and had a website, I wrote a short notice and provided a form called; GodParents to help with the planning for the future care of your family pet when needed. Lucky Dog has this organizational aide on their website under heading "Miscellaneous Information" - it is called: Pet Caregiver – Who Will Care For Your Pet If You Can’t? . Google: Lucky Dog , then Misc Info, then Pet Caregiver, and then click on " Pet Care " - the form will come up and you can use this to help organize the information, BEFORE something unexpected might occur. It is similar to packing your parachute before you take off, rather than scrambling [ or someone else ] doing this when there is a problem with the plane.. Without sounding too preachy, when you take a pet into your family, it is your obligation to take care of that pet during it's whole life, whether you yourself are on earth or elsewhere. I know people love their pets .. this is to help with organizing needed information, and ensure that in the event you are no longer are able to do that, you have taken care of that obligation while you are able to and provide for your beloved family pet.
  2. I was straining my brain to remember this.. I was thinking it was some kind of alternative emergency "plan" geared to ex-pats.. .. so I resorted to Mr Google .. there are many posts on the webboard, dated October 23, 2014 about this proposed plan, that I think did not take off. I Googled " ' First Response ' Ajijic Mexico " , and the many posts about this topic on this webboard will be available to read" .. such as: Report post Posted October 23, 2014 I hope I'm not speaking out of turn here but I have gone to an informaitonal meeting about First Response and the following is some of the information in their brochure: First Response is an an emergency room to be located at Lakeside with its own two ambulances. It will be staffed by emergency and ICU bilingual doctors 24/7. It is a members' only group limited to a maximum of 600 members. You pay a membership fee and a monthly fee. All pre-existing conditions and ages accepted. They will have diagnostic equipment, including 12 minute blood chemistry equipment (6th in all of Mexico.) There are other features, some of which are your medical records computerized, a medical advocate in case of hospitalization, your home location mapped into their system (I think there is some kind of beacon installed on your house,) black widow/brown recluse/scorpion/rattlesnake antidotes in stock, a pharmacy that will sell you your medications monthly at best prices (you pay, of course, but supposedly better prices than any pharmacy.) Their stated goals are: Give members peace of mind. Avoid unnecessary hospitalization. Speed up vital diagnostics and treatment Keep members healthy. Save members money. It will be located in Riberas, across the street from the Animal Shelter, where the dog shelter used to be. Planned opening is December 1. If interested you need to contact veterinarian Hector Ladron de Guevara at the vet clinic next to the Animal Shelter to be invited to an informational meeting. The meetings are very small groups so you can ask all your questions,
  3. Last week I stopped by La Ceiba to get two salads to go. They have a choice of 3 salads: a pear and Roquefort cheese. I opted for the chicken Cesar - which was very good. The dressing was good, chunks of grilled chicken, fresh parmesan, fresh lettuce and home made croutons. I also tried the Campestre salad - Fresh lettuce, a large portion of sliced zucchini, sprouts, sliced onion, a few tomatoes, and several thinly slices of ham stuffed with cheese inside . I would have these two choices again. Yesterday I ate there with some friends. I had the shrimp with garlic sauce... it was enough garlic without over-powering the flavor of the shrimp. There were 12 large shrimp with this dish [ and no tails on the shrimp, which I find 'unnecessary' ] . They were cooked correctly - pink, tender and not 'tough' like I have had at some other restaurants. The dish was listed to be accompanied by rice and a salad. However the staff were very accommodating, and allowed the diners to substitute the rice for roasted potatoes or freshly made [ when ordered ] sweet potato chips. Those who order the s/p chips were very pleased. There were a few choices as to how you wanted the shrimp. I'll be back.. when you can please all the diners [ 8 ] at the same table, that speaks well of the restaurant. Good staff service and accommodating, food was very good, , wide enough menu choices, and prices very reasonable. The only down side is limited parking in front of the restaurant if there are many people. I parked across the road , in the shade of the trees on the Carretera.
  4. In San Juan Cosala - : Jose Teleservicios Calverio. [ 387 ] 761-0379. Carretera Chapala-Jocotepec # 43-A . 4.5 blocks into San Juan on left, between del Cardenal and Iturbide.. [ thanks Computer Guy , who previously posted this info in November ]
  5. I started this post for one purpose only , and have now asked one of the Moderators to close the post . From the initial post it has gone so far afield from where it started, to the point where some people make it look like three year olds having a pissing contest about who is right or wrong about IMMS / SP coverage, freedom of speech , writing skills and etc.. . This was not the topic of this initial post. IF IMMS / SP health coverage was an important topic for educational purposes and that person(s) wanted to inform others, , another thread should have been started with this topic, and not hi-jack this initial posting . I rarely post on this webboard , and seeing how this topic ran amuck, reinforces why I do not post often. I believe I am not the only person who utilizes this board who must feel as frustrated as I am right now when a topic goes totally off-tilt when there is no reason for that to happen. It is always a personal choice to help another person in any given situation. Many people have contacted me and offered help for this family, and that is appreciated. The Moderator may not like what and how I have expressed myself , and delete my posting, that is fine.
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen - The purpose of this post was to ask for help for a Mexican family, without posting a whole lot of personal information about the situation. As a FYI the person is in an IMMS hospital. However , there are always expenses involved for families when a person is ill, is hospitalized and needing surgery, with needed follow up aftercare and those associated expenses.. Alan, thank you for the specific coverage information. Bontepar, I am happy for your wonderful foresight and financial situation to take advantage of the Mexican health care system to take care of your health needs. Not all Mexican Nationals are as fortunate as you financially . Reading the post, your options were to help or not help or by pass the posting, and avoid a back and forth [ snarky ] exchange about who is right or wrong about the health care system, which ultimately dilutes the purpose of the initial post., . . Help if you like, or ………………...
  7. Several of you may know of, or have used the services of the small appliance / TV repair shop in SJC. This is a long established three generation family shop, and it is the son Jesus, whose wife is hospitalized and in need of urgent surgery. As we all know medical - hospital expenses and after-care are expensive and have to be paid out of pocket. Several local people have started a collection to help this family in need. If you would like to help, please send me a PM, and I can direct you to the person organizing this effort. You can also stop by the shop and offer a donation , etc.. Your kindness and help is appreciated ! This matter is serious, and I ask that people be respectful by making posting that are helpful and not frivolous, as sometimes happens with other posts.
  8. 2:30 PM - Los Sabinos BP station still open - short lines . .. difficult to believe they still have gas since early this morning..
  9. The West BP/ La Canacita was closed today. However, yesterday a friend called me at 11A they had gas - went there ASAP . I was in line only 35 minutes, and able to fill. No limited. Posted price was 20.17 / Liter = $3.98 / gallon [ based on my intake of Liters and pesos paid math. ] There were long lines from the East and the West , very well organized by the station men, and people were polite waiting. Another friend called me at 2 PM or so, she was in line at that time .. so they pumped at least 3 hours yesterday.. The Pemex closest to Arileo was closed yesterday and today ..
  10. Gas station report: To and from Chapala :. Going at 12:30PM, coming back: 2:40PM East of / Near Arileo - Open with LONG line from the east well past La Cristina , one poor guy pushing his car, And the other long line - up that side road at the station up the mountain on BOTH trips.. stations at : La Canacita , Ajjic and Libermiento - closed on both trips …. ropes up , no cars at pumps, etc.. Coming into Chapala via Libermiento approach.. a LONG zig-zag-zig line on numerous streets in town - both trips ..
  11. Hi ! I would think the simplest and most accurate way to find out the information to answer your question, would be to contact Dr Leon himself.
  12. I had to make a mandatory trip tp Costco this morning.. dang cats and dogs want food.. I was worrying that there would be no deliveries of supplies.. but they got there.. happy for me and my large pet family. Was surprised how many people were shopping. And to add to excitement, there was work in the median area after the second tunnel .. was wondering if they were building another tunnel. So a little delay goin "in" [ to Costco ] but not on the way home.. just moving traffic to different lanes each trip .... 10AM trip: SJC - closed El Chante - two lines from the east and the west, at least 45-50 cars in each line and orderly - but gas station closed Going to Costco via Joco by pass .. the very first gas station on the left / mountain side, near an over pass: 45 - 50 cars in each line from the east and west, and station closed. The next gas station out in the middle of the highway on the right - closed. One station on the left past near interchange / intersection prior to the shopping mall on the left mall on the hill - station closed, but at least 45 cars waiting in line. all other gas station seen on the way to Costco - closed.... 1PM return trip : the last gas station prior to the Joco by pass, on the right near an over-pass: earlier with 2 long lines, now with: only one line of 45 cars from the west, and station open. El Chante.. only one line of about 35 car, but cones up indicating station closed.. All other stations seen previously as closed, were still closed on trip back.
  13. 12:30 PM trip .. NO gas at : Libermiento , Ajijic, BP at La Canacita / Los Sabinos, the one after that one mt. side before Arileo / SJC fish restaurants, [ there was a line there this 9:30A - none now ] and SJC .
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