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  1. Google can get a good source for this question.. look at reliable medical sources for opinions .. one site - Cleveland Clinic which is a reliable source of info - essentially says - do not mix .. Do You Have to Get the Same COVID-19 Vaccine or Can You Mix Shots? – Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic
  2. Tingting, Thank your for your politeness and opinion. I will not get into a 'contest' with you, as we both have our own opinions. These five children live in my community.. even outside in the sunshine would not offer that much protection from possible exposure as they were so close. As you know living here for a long period of time as I have, a Mexican is not going to speak up about wearing a mask, especially to a non-Mexican. and if there is possibility about loosing some money he needs for his family. I do believe that we are our brother's keeper and need to speak up for
  3. Sorry I do not know how to edit this.. the sentences are dis-jointed..
  4. I am trying to write this without using an expletives .. and had to double up on high blood medicine. Today in San Juan Cosala around 1PM,,, There was a display of arrogance and stupidity in it's grand glory. A Mexican man [ no mask ] leading five horses down the street - coming from the West on Dominguillo . On each of
  5. I really loved Blue Bell when they were here .. they had the most wonder Cherry Vanilla and Pistachio ice cream. They were near the Glorietta on the Carretera in La Floresta. .. think they closed a short time after Blue Bell had major cases of Listeria in many US states, and a few deaths also in 2015 . A Federal court in Tx ordered Blue Bell [ main headquarters was in Texas ] to pay $17.25 million dollar in criminal penalties connected to the Listeria outbreak in 2015 .
  6. The 2020 Christmas show was canceled. If you Google: YouTube Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show, there are several videos that have snippets. However there is one from 2016 that runs about 21 minutes, that shows various parts of the show including the toy soldier Rockettes routine, among other parts of the show.. this is the most ' complete' video that I could find.. Enjoy. I had the pleasure of growing up in NYC and this was a big treat every year going to this show and the Easter show - also impressive..;
  7. Monday - Friday 10A - 2 PM and 4PM - 6PM Saturday, believe it's 10A 2PM The reason you can not get Memo on the phone is that his phone it not working . Telmex was doing some work on some lines near by his place about 2 -3 weeks ago, and ever since his phone has not worked. It has been reported, but no one has fixed the problem.
  8. I read the report from yesterday Nov 22nd , and then todays' total in : #IxtlahuacánDeLosMembrillos sumó cuatro casos nuevos y ahora tiene un acumulado de 573. Yesterday the total was listed at 369 accumulated case in that municipality.. The math does not seem correct, as there is a 204 case increase difference in one day .. maybe a typo? Hate to think the number today is correct, or we really are in deep trouble. Bisbee
  9. For those who do not like to read articles in total.. bottom line: FDA has issued warnings about a Mx hand sanitzier comapny that has used methanol alcohol in their hand sanitizer products. The name of the company is: Eskbiochem SA de CV in Mexico - contains wood methanol, a toxic substance that could ultimately result in death of absorbed through the skin or ingested. Here are a list of the hand sanitizers manufactured by Eskbiochem: All-Clean Hand Sanitizer (NDC: 74589-002-01) Esk Biochem Hand Sanitizer (NDC: 74589-007-01) CleanCare NoGerm Advanced H
  10. If the blood is still visible on the side walk, it might be a good idea, if you can take a few pictures of the attack sight. I hope you get result with the complaint to authorities.. you might also frame your concern, that dog might attack an innocent chld or older prson, if there is not much concern expressed about another dog being injured / killed... which could be a possibility also.
  11. I do not know the current answer.. last I knew it was 2 per person.. BUT, I would find out the current information - if there is a limit of how many animals/dogs that one person can bring into Mexico..
  12. AMEN !!!!! Well said ... A California RN who lives here. A person who will not wear a mask and keep their distance from you, is showing YOU disrespect and cares little about your safety , well-being and health, as well as the community they live in and share with others.
  13. NBC news update - posted April 1st .. I will make it brief : Mnuchin reverses course, won't force seniors to file tax return for coronavirus stimulus check Americans.April 1, 2020, 8:19 PM CDT / Updated April 1, 2020, 8:33 PM CDT WASHINGTON — The Trump administration backtracked Wednesday evening on new rules for getting stimulus checks, saying Social Security recipients won't have to file a tax return to receive a payment. The move is a response to pressure from elderly Americans and senators to rescind guidance issued Monday that said seniors needed to file a return to get the
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