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  1. Miguel, Thank you for your condolences. My husband Jay knew Javier for many years. We have attended the annual Harp Festival in Chapala almost every year, seen Javier with his music group in various settings /clubs many times , and totally enjoyed when Javier would bring the students to La Bodega to play. Some of the students are just so amazing - talented beyond their years. I knew when I selected Javier for the music books, they would have an excellent "home" . I will send you an e-mail with a Word document attachment listing the instruments and sound equipment that I have for sale. Jackie
  2. Tiny, thank you for your condolences. The website for advertising requires a photo(s) , which I do not have.. so will have to work on that. I was able to find a 'good home' for my husband's 148 music book with a local Mx. musician Javier Raygoza who teaches music to children and adults for free. He is also the person who is the organizer of the annual Harp Festival in Chapala. Thank you again for the help.
  3. My husband was a local musician, and unfortunately he died, and left behind some instruments I need to sell. They are : a Dobro, Yamaha fg375s, Peavy International fury bass, Carvin Cobalt 980, Takamine eg523sc - 12 string, Yamaha sa2100 . All instruments in good solid cases. I have had them examined and played by two local professional musicians to establish their working order / condition, and establish a reasonable asking price for the buyer and me as the seller, per a for sale website. I also have a lot of sound equipment to sell as well - too much to list. But if interested can send a list per a Word document. IF you are interested, please contact me and we can set up an appointment for you to look at the item you are interested in.
  4. 2:30 PM - Los Sabinos BP station still open - short lines . .. difficult to believe they still have gas since early this morning..
  5. The West BP/ La Canacita was closed today. However, yesterday a friend called me at 11A they had gas - went there ASAP . I was in line only 35 minutes, and able to fill. No limited. Posted price was 20.17 / Liter = $3.98 / gallon [ based on my intake of Liters and pesos paid math. ] There were long lines from the East and the West , very well organized by the station men, and people were polite waiting. Another friend called me at 2 PM or so, she was in line at that time .. so they pumped at least 3 hours yesterday.. The Pemex closest to Arileo was closed yesterday and today ..
  6. Gas station report: To and from Chapala :. Going at 12:30PM, coming back: 2:40PM East of / Near Arileo - Open with LONG line from the east well past La Cristina , one poor guy pushing his car, And the other long line - up that side road at the station up the mountain on BOTH trips.. stations at : La Canacita , Ajjic and Libermiento - closed on both trips …. ropes up , no cars at pumps, etc.. Coming into Chapala via Libermiento approach.. a LONG zig-zag-zig line on numerous streets in town - both trips ..
  7. Hi ! I would think the simplest and most accurate way to find out the information to answer your question, would be to contact Dr Leon himself.
  8. I had to make a mandatory trip tp Costco this morning.. dang cats and dogs want food.. I was worrying that there would be no deliveries of supplies.. but they got there.. happy for me and my large pet family. Was surprised how many people were shopping. And to add to excitement, there was work in the median area after the second tunnel .. was wondering if they were building another tunnel. So a little delay goin "in" [ to Costco ] but not on the way home.. just moving traffic to different lanes each trip .... 10AM trip: SJC - closed El Chante - two lines from the east and the west, at least 45-50 cars in each line and orderly - but gas station closed Going to Costco via Joco by pass .. the very first gas station on the left / mountain side, near an over pass: 45 - 50 cars in each line from the east and west, and station closed. The next gas station out in the middle of the highway on the right - closed. One station on the left past near interchange / intersection prior to the shopping mall on the left mall on the hill - station closed, but at least 45 cars waiting in line. all other gas station seen on the way to Costco - closed.... 1PM return trip : the last gas station prior to the Joco by pass, on the right near an over-pass: earlier with 2 long lines, now with: only one line of 45 cars from the west, and station open. El Chante.. only one line of about 35 car, but cones up indicating station closed.. All other stations seen previously as closed, were still closed on trip back.
  9. 12:30 PM trip .. NO gas at : Libermiento , Ajijic, BP at La Canacita / Los Sabinos, the one after that one mt. side before Arileo / SJC fish restaurants, [ there was a line there this 9:30A - none now ] and SJC .
  10. If you ask the question in your search engine : how does the government calculate your SS benefit, there are many sites that can possibly help you. This is one website: How Is Social Security Calculated? Find Your Benefits - TheStreet Cached Oct 3, 2018 - How does the government calculate Social Security benefits? ... formula to calculate just how much any given American gets in benefits. Factors ... In order to collect Social Security benefits you must have enough eligibility credits. ... For every $1,320 of reported income you earn in a year you get one credit.
  11. Focaccia is open, they are NOT closing ... ..A group of 8 people had lunch today at Focaccia's restaurant. Several people had their great salads, a few had a pasta dish and one person who had the fajitas - said it was very good. They are closed on Tuesdays.. and this one particular day - Sunday January 20th they will be closed , so they could attend a family event. Their normal hours are: 12 noon - 8:30PM : Monday , Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and Sunday 12 noon- 7:30PM cell # 332 165 4396
  12. Hi ! I saw your concerned posting.. and tried his home and cell # and got him just now [ 4:32P ] .. not sure how I got him when I called .. .. I just got off the phone with Alex.. let him you, you have posted a note on the webboard.... Told him what you had written. Alex said : yes, he IS picking you up as previously planned.. he mentioned when you book a ride with him you do not need to confirm.. Sorry you got nervous.. hope the trip goes uneventfully..
  13. There are medical supply places where you can rent tanks and concentrators. But you might think about looking into bringing down one of those small carry-around oxygen concentrators and bring it with you. I do not know how readily available they are here. If you still have insurance there now, possibly it would be covered as a current resident in the USA.
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