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  1. I totally agree with consulting your Vet about reccomendations about pet food, as each animal is unique and possibly with specific nutitrional medical needs and restrictions. However, it does pay to be an educated consumer for your pet's food, as you are about your own food. The first thing is to read the lablels of food items. Knowing that the order is which they are listed is in the volume of that particular item in the food in the chain of ingredients. Staying aware of new information that comes out in the news is also helpful. There has been a push by many pet food companies to sell their new fad diet - grain free dog food. Yes, like human and pet food companies, they are in the business to sell you their products , and both industried thrive on fads. There have been several new official studies surrounding grain free dog food, and some cat foods also. Take the time and do some research yourself . Some valued studies have found a nutritional grain free dog food relationship to to Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM). - discuss this with your Vet. As for pet food labeling it helps to know what some of the ingredients they have listed and what they really mean. These are examples of what you might see on labeling : By-products (for example, chicken by-products or beef by-products): clean non-rendered "parts", other than meat, derived from slaughtered mammals. It includes, but is not limited to lungs, spleen, kidneys, brain, blood, bone, fatty tissue and stomachs and intestines freed of their contents. By-product meal is made of the waste material left over after the parts for human consumption have been removed . By-product meal can contain things like feet, bones, heads, feathers, beaks, etc. ! Chicken meal is made of only chicken muscle tissue, though the sources of that chicken can be questionable. Generic by-product meals do not identify the source of the meat. Some companies use vague and non-specific names like : Meat meal , Meat and bone meal , Meat by-product meal, or Animal by-product meal . This generic by product substace can contain: Road kill , Dead zoo animals , Dead on arrival poultry , Diseased and dying livestock , slaughter house waste, and euthanized pets from animal shelters . I know this is more than you want to know.. but our pets are our kids, and we want to provide them with the best food we can. So talk with your Vet, let time go by on fads foods to see if in the long-run what value [ or not ] they provide, and also read the pet food labels, and be an involved educated consumer.
  2. For all who have been following the adventures of Mr Black Kitty - his Mom sent a note to let us know. He arrived yesterday to his new home in Canada with his new parents. He was the perfect gentleman on the flight even though the plane was delayed for a while. He was given a Welcome to Canada ! greeting upon his arrival and compliments to his new parents for doing such a good deed. At this time, he does not have a name decided upon.. a family decision will be made soon. His Mom wished to thank all who posted on the webboard and wished him well, and special thanks to Barb, Vet Memo and Jackie for the extra help in making this adventure have a happy beginning.
  3. On the poster that you put up, include a photo and contact info ... put posters up up near the area where he was found , in addition to Vets and groomers who might recognize him.. This might help.. not exactly - found dog.. but the person will get the idea ... my Spanish is not wonderful, so used a computer translator.. hope this helps .. Glad you took him in to keep him safe while you search for his owner.. if he could have found his way home on his own, he would be there . He encontrado un perro pequeño. ¿Este perro te pertenece? [ I have found a small dog. Does this dog belong to you ? ]
  4. I do not read the board for topics the way that you described [ Some of us...search and read the board by using the topic "unread content". ] so I learned something - thank you. Possibly the Moderator(s) do not read it that way either - I don't know. Maybe drop them a PM to let them know what is occuring ?? Possibly they do not know it is happening ?? I have several times in the past sent a PM to them, when we have had puppy sales people posting their wares on the board , and they have addressed the situation.
  5. A happy ending to the story and a new beginning to a life that started out rough. .. the little black kitten will go north with his newly found parents..
  6. The little black kitten will be returing North with his new found parents .. and the start of a new good life together.
  7. A happy beginning for all concerned .. the little black kitten will be going North with his new parents this coming week..
  8. I totally agree with Xena , bring all the pet's health records. You never know if that informaion has flowed down to the actual people who are there when the pets come through Customs. Or how that person understands the rules, or what kind of a mood they are in, etc.. When I am meeting people coming into Guad airport with their pet, and I have always asked Vet Lena to meet me there to avoid any sort of 'mis-underatndings' that delays the pet getting through Customs. One time a dog had been chewing on the crate door due to nervousnes [ I guess ] during the flight, the dog's gums were a bit red and irritated, and they were going to hold up the dog in some kind of quarentine. Our Vet had a spirited discussion with them about the situation, and the dog left the airport without further delay or any kind of extra fee needed to be paid. I looked up the small Vet fee for coming to the airport as an investment to eliminated the nonsense / BS that can occur. And I make sure that the pet crate is listed as 'baggage', not cargo .. one person coming in was told the crate needed to be listed as 'cargo ' The flight was a late arrival , the Guad. Aduna was not open, the people came out through Customs, but the pet crate went to a seperate building at the airport until the next morning - the poor dog stayed in the crate without water - food for more than 20 plus hours, until the dog got 'bailed out' of the Aduna late the next morning because the owners paid extra fees to move the process along..
  9. Besides liking particular foods that only comes in a can, like Bushes' baked beans, etc.. having a supply of canned food, is a very practical thing. If you have ever lived in an area or situation that a natural disaster ocurred [ earthquake, hurricane, tornado, etc ..] occurred, or a ' man-made 'disaster ' [ ie. trucking strikes - yes that happens ] you will know the value of having non-perishible foods on hand in your pantry. I lived in CA and near the Loma Pietra [ good sized ] earthquake when it occurred. Roads were destroyed, some bridges down, massive power outages , many gas pumps not working in a large surrounding area, etc.. that meant no perisible food deliveries, no power to refrigerate , no going to the local grocey store or larger food stores, etc.. Banks were closed , no ATMs working - a good reason to keep some money in the household for these type of situations. I am not a militant survivalist , I just try to be smart , plan ahead and try to be prepared . If you think it can not happen here.. just look across the lake to Mt Garcia, and know how this lake was created.. and it's 'cousin' in Colima who gets a bit pesky at times.. I was here when that 'water'event' hit SJC, my canned food pantry provided food for many people when the church had a feeding program for those who lost their ability to feed themselves / family for a few days. I prefer to be the "ant" and not the 'grasshopper' , in time of these kind of situations.
  10. I do not know that there are " the best" pet charities. There are two dog shelters: The Ranch and Lucky Dog. There is one cat shelter run by LFA with an associated pet food store, There are two spay / neuter organizations - one at each end of the lake, due to two different municipalities they must engage in their work . The purpose of these two organizations is to provide free spay/neuter services for those Mexican Nationals who may not have the financial means for this and/ or have physical access to a Vet for these services. They also do education at these clinics about respect for animals, and also do vaccinations. They are staffed by volunteers, and have fund raisers and accept donations as the surgical supplies are not inexpensive. Due to their on-going work at lakeside there really is less unwanted puppies and kittens as to compared to years ago - I know this from my 13 years of fostering kittens and puppies that were found tossed in the garbage, or worse, etc.. . And through education there has actually been an increase of male dogs and cats being brought to the clinics by their owners - that is also an improvement. Many Mexicans really do love their pets, but due to economics, have to make decisions about their human family's financial needs or sterlization for their pets. These two organizations do take this burden off the 'bread-winner' in the family , and in general it helps the community at lakeside . As soon as I can get the current /accurate contact information for these two groups, I will add it to this posting. I will not engage in a 'debate' as to who is more deserving of these spay / neutering services.. an ex-pat living on a pension or a Mexican family whose bread-winner is earning 50 - 75 pesos / an hour, 5 and 1/2 days/week, and supporting their family. The programs were set up for Mexican Nationals. The belief is, if there is less unwanted kittens / puppies being born, it is a benefit to all involved who care about the pet over-population, including the local shelters . Many of the volunteers who give their time to these s/p groups, volunteer at both organizations when they have a sterlization clinic,, as well volunteering at the two dog shelters. I am not naive to think this will deal with the 'dumping' of dogs in particular, but it will slow down the unwanted births / pet over-pupulation. These two group although seperated by official municipality lines, they help each other with the same goal. Chapala, East end of the Lake - Operacion Amor : Cameron Peters<zo-onna@hotmail.com>, Jocotopec, West end of the lake: Tails of Mexico - Susan Watkins : <susan_watkins@outlook.com> or tailsofmexico@hotmail.com
  11. Like Mt Mama , I know Vivien, she has lived here for many years and very involved with dogs and she is not a novice or amateur in this area of whether to take a dog in or not.... she would not 'take in' a dog if it were not indicated. She has checked out the found area, and there are no 'lost' posters in the area... . Vivien has already put up 'found' posters as well as checking local Vet in hopes some Vet would recognize this dog. What is of good cause for concern, this dog has had recent surgery with sticthes intact and a potential for infection if she were out there on her own trying to survive... Quite honestly, it is a bit of a romatic notion that all lost dogs can find their way home, like in the Lassie movies.. Somedogs , as bright as we think they are, just can not do that, as much as we would hope that our lost dog would make a bee-line back home.. I had one get out.. lost for days.. even though she had had walks around where she lived, once she was out on her own, her homing GPS sklls were nil...she was terrified, running in a scattered way , trying to hide from unknown scary things, dealing with weather unprotected from rain/thunder/lightening, and etc.. someone did find my girl, take her in and and because she had a collar and ID tag on, the person called me and she returned home .. and for that I was and am thankful. With no ID on this dog, it is a challenge to find it's owner, but Vivien is working very hard to make this re-union happen.
  12. Vivien, I have made a few phones to Vet ..got no's from: Luis, Memo, Berenice, Pet Care in Riberas, and 'don't think so' from Pepe. and the person who answered the cell # at the Ladron office was not in the office when I spoke to her - would have to check records tomorrow.. This may help you some from driving around tomorrow.. but possibly located the spay Vet. - . Hector Ramize Hernandez [ 331 007 0524 ] . He said he has done a surgery on a female Shepperd. I explained a search was on to find the dog's owner. as it was found but had no collar or ID tag... I asked him if he had records - info about the owner, he said he did not . I told him if the owner comes in to talk with him about the female surgery, I asked him to have the owner call The Ranch, as I did not have your phone number - sorry did not think to say look at the webboard . Good Luck.
  13. I am sure you have already thought of this and are checking.. take her picture to local Vets and see if they did the surgery and can direct you to her owner. Thank you for caring about her, and trying to locate her owners.
  14. Yes, it looks like the same individual.. different name.. a PM sent to Mod . Part of the problem and more the solution.. people need to stop buying these puppies , as the shelters are full of pups and dogs in need of a home.. when the profit is removed, the 'breeder' if that is the term, will get the idea. Quite a while back at one of the Wednesday tianguis there was a man walking up and down the street holding up puppies for sale. Someone said to him , which was then translated into Spanish for him , and themany of the people standing around him so he / they would understand what was being said: Get a job and stop being a Pimp for your dog. There was alot of laughter and applause , and he left and never came back on any other Wed. selling his puppies.. maybe this applies here.
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