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  1. The best solution is to keep scorpions out of the house. I learned this after three stings. All door bottoms need to sealed with (sweeps), (weather stripping), (folded towels), etc. If you have roof openings, like a fireplace, screen the openings. Any wall openings need to be sealed. Some cats are good at killing scorpions, they clench their paws and punch them to death.
  2. Please suggest local plants/vines (No Bougainvillea) to cover my structure. I want to convert this into an Arbor. The structure is 8 feet tall x 15 feet wide. It was originally a carport. Thanks, Jack
  3. I agree, about Robert's. Good work, fair price.
  5. There are new ways to bring money into Mexico. If you cash a check at a local Bank, their exchange rate costs you approximately 7.5 % of each dollar you import. ($350 dollars for $5000 imported.) I noticed the exchange rate for one bank was 17.13 vs the listed rate of 18.53 Using an ATM costs me about 2 1/2 percent. There are now companies that cut out the middle man and save you a lot. The company I used is TransferWise, Inc. They give you the middle exchange rate, as listed, and charge less than 1% to do the transaction. There other companies that do the same thing, but I chose
  6. I made 3 trips to Joco Emissions. Each time, they couldn't administer test. Last time, they indicated they were out of business. This occured last week. Had to go to Chapala.
  7. Almost all computers sold in Mexico are single Language. Which means that they can't be changed to English simply. Take it to Benno's and have them install new English operating system. About 500 pesos.
  8. Pleasant suprise at the Avocado Club, tonight. New Group called "The Nobodies", gave a great performance of popular rock and roll. I don't like the group's name, but...... They were definitely danceable. It's nice to see some new music fare, in Ajijic. Jack H.
  9. My girlfriend and I were crossing at that intersection with a green light. A driver ran thru the red light. I yelled at him and used a few choice words. He slammed on his brakes, came back and berated me, for being in Mexico and not speaking the language. Moral.....Enjoy the weather, spend your money and shut up.
  10. My friend want's her son to bring her U.S. plated car for his use while visiting. She has a permanente visa. He will have a Tourist visa. Is this possible? Jack Harris
  11. TOTALLY DISGUSTING. Killing an animal for no valid reason.
  12. If you don't have 220 V service at the meter, you can't have 220 V service in the house.
  13. Perhaps, this is to show how well foreigners are treated versus Trump's policies. A nice photo-op, but maybe misguided. " If you put the government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand."
  14. Has anybody (U.S. Citizen) driven a Mexican Plated Vehicle into the U.S.? If so, did they encounter any problems? Thanks
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